Lenovo increases reporting efficiency by 95% across the enterprise

Lenovo is a global technology company with over 55,000 employees across the world and customers in 160+ countries. With Tableau, Lenovo’s Analytics BI & Visualization team created a flexible sales dashboard that departments can adapt for ad-hoc analyses, leading to a 95% improvement in efficiency across 28 countries. The e-commerce teams analyze customer engagement metrics to craft a better online experience—leading to better brand perception and increased revenue. Human resources consolidated 100+ static reports into a set of strategic dashboards, encouraging a data-driven approach to reach team milestones. With approximately 3,000 active Tableau users in 15 business units and more than 10,000+ users accessing Tableau dashboards, Santhosh Nair, Head of Analytics BI & Visualization explains how “real-time decision-making is empowering stakeholders to drive business decisions faster.”

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