How Indian Enterprises Can Lead and Drive Business Growth

India has seen a surge of interest in data analytics and business intelligence (BI) in the past few years. According to Gartner1, the revenue for this industry in India is forecast to reach $287M in 2018, a 20.93% growth over the last 2 years.

Organizations are increasingly looking out for opportunities to leverage data. Data is omnipresent and the depth of knowledge it offers is only limited by the quality of analytics applied. So, in this world of data overload, how can organizations in India leverage data to drive business growth?

Anand Ekambaram, Country Manager, Tableau India says, “Business growth is highly dependent on the decisions an organization makes. It is not just about the decisions that leaders make at an executive level, but it is also about the decisions that are made at an employee-level on a daily basis. Successful organizations rely on insights from their data to make decisions and the key to making sound data-driven decisions is asking the right questions.

To succeed in a data-driven world, enterprises not only need to invest in cutting edge BI & analytics solutions but also empower their workforce to leverage these tools by building a culture of analytics within their organization.”

Over the years, data analytics has evolved significantly. Traditional BI, sees IT analyzing the data and report findings to the business. In this approach, the business received answers but didn’t always understand how these answers were derived. Many questions were left unanswered, and analysis was drawn out over long periods of time.

However, data analytics solutions available today are changing the way people see and understand their data. Tableau, a global leader in the field of data analytics, are leading the shift to a modern approach to business intelligence, where the business can put the power of data into the hands of everyone, with a self-service platform.

 “Tableau is empowering users to adopt and be self-reliant when it comes to analytics – driving this cultural change within an organization is what sets Tableau apart from other tools in the market.

Data is most valuable in the hands of everyone, but we don’t just stop at giving them the platform alone. We work with core users within organizations who then become the champions that drive the culture of analytics within their organization”, says Mr. Ekambaram.

A number of Indian enterprises still use legacy systems to analyze their data, but more companies are seeing the value of self-service analytics and the need to shift to a modern BI platform for quicker analysis and decision making that has a larger impact in a fast evolving digital era. Companies like Lenovo, Marico, Honeywell, Ashok Leyland are some companies that are adopting the modern approach to BI by investing in smart analytics solutions like Tableau that can be deployed at scale.

Honeywell, for instance, deployed Tableau at scale, making it accessible to 9,000 users companywide. This helped them save 10,000-20,000 man hours in productivity because of the automation and standardization that Tableau enabled.

They key to their success was identifying the right data sources, partnering with an intelligent, scalable solution like Tableau and empowering their people to use the tool by driving the culture of analytics organization-wide.

“At an enterprise level, the culture to drive decisions based on data and not instinct will change how businesses grow – and at tableau we are happy to be a part of this journey”, says Mr. Ekambaram.

1Gartner Says India Business Intelligence and Analytics Software Revenue to Reach $245 Million in 2017

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