Which DATA SUPERHERO are you?

Data is the new oil and organisations are doing everything to get best insights into heap loads of data pouring in from all sides and use it to drive growth and upscale businesses. If you want to see where your organisation stands in data analytics trajectory, use this calculator, answer some crucial questions on data analytics, and get to know which data superhero you are.

Tableau's BI trends for 2019

Tableau's BI trends for 2019

Watch how Tableau helped Preetham Shanbhag in Financial Planning and Analytics

Watch how Tableau helped Preetham Shanbhag in Financial Planning and Analytics

Watch how Tableau helped Lenovo in Analytics

Watch how Tableau helped Lenovo in Analytics

Watch how Palo Alto Networks are using IT analytics to drive Employee success

Hear from Steve Januario, how data can accelerate innovation and keep the organization smoothly running.

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"With Tableau, we gained efficiencies by 95%. People are spending a lot more time doing their true job rather than just churning out reports."

- Santhosh Nair, Head of Analytics, BI & Visualization, Lenovo India

"I can tell you that easily it runs into 10,000-20,000 man hours in terms of productivity generated because of the automation and standardization you get out of Tableau. But more than that, to me it's the business value - and you cannot really put a price on it."

- Preetham Shanbhag, Senior Director, Financial Planning & Analysis, Operations and Transformation, Honeywell India

"If not for Tableau, we would have been forced to stick with creating complex warehouses and churning data to produce reports and tabular spreadsheets. This would have hampered our ability to make quick decision using real-time insights."

- Arup Choudhury, CIO, Eveready India

"We measure the success of this software in terms of 'Eureka' moments that it brings. And there have already been plenty of those with Tableau."

- Venkatesh Natarajan, Vice President, IT, Ashok Leyland

"Tableau Server is connected to various data sources and serves as an intermediate and secure interface for different departments in accessing their data."

- Hon'ble Chief Minister of Govt. of Rajasthan

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