Capital markets, index investing, PPF. Here’s how you can invest in 30s

Capital markets, index investing, PPF. Here’s how you can invest in 30s

Hoarding money in your bank accounts will not generate the kind of returns you will earn by investing in other instruments such as FDs, bonds, stocks, mutual funds, etc.

Investing is important for those who want to lead a stress-free future. Once you start investing, it is important to imbibe financial discipline, stay invested for longer period of time, monitor the progress, evaluate the returns and make financial decisions accordingly.

The importance of investing increases when a person enters 30s as responsibilities are bound to increase henceforth. But, even income increases, giving the power to save and invest more.

Here are few options where people in 30s can start investing for a stress-free future:


1. Capital markets: Want to invest in the stock market but haven’t got around to it? Just do it already. The only way most people have any hope of creating real wealth is by investing in stocks and mutual funds. The benchmark NIFTY index has returned approximately 28% in January 31, 2018; the traditional saving rates were at a decadal low of around 7%.


2. Index investing: One of the lucrative investment options in index investing. These funds purchase all the stocks in the same proportion in a particular index. They incur lower expenses and work well when markets are efficient. A good index fund should form a part of your investment. NIFTY50 ETF is getting popular and has emerged as an easier way to invest in index. Diversification is the key.

3. PPF: Public Provident Fund is said to be the safest investment option. It is risk free, the interest earned is tax-free and the minimum annual investment amount is Rs 500. The lock-in period is 15 years and you can earn compound interest from this account.


4. Real estate: Investing in real estate is an age-old practice. People invest in real estate as they invest in gold. Real estate is always considered as an asset class and it is advisable to stay invested for a longer period of time for larger gains. Although the government has made investing in real estate easier, it is still considered to be a cumbersome process.