Innovation & Impact: 4 startups that impressed jurors at LevelNXT programme

Innovation & Impact: 4 startups that impressed jurors at LevelNXT programme

Entrepreneurs who stood out and impressed jurors at the LevelNXT programme by PwC and FICCI, supported by CNBC-TV18 through their innovative ideas and products are getting mentored by industry leaders who are helping them to scale-up.

The experts are giving these 10 startups opportunities to scale-up by opening up access to markets, funding and more, so that these owners can unlock future potential and expand their footprints to other cities in India and across the globe.

In the second episode of three-part series, we bring you stories of four startups, their innovative products and why the judges selected them through a three-level screening process.

Nanoclean Global, New Delhi

When Tushar Vyas and Prateek Sharma, Co-founders of Nanoclean Global, started Nanoclean, their idea was simple—providing people the right to breathe clean air.

They developed Nasofilters, a patch when pasted at the bottom on the nose, filters air and protects people from air pollution. The nano fibre technology helps filtering out the PM 25 particle, reducing the risks of respiratory problems.

Using the same technology, the startup owners developed more than five products that helps in purifying air indoors, in four-wheelers, etc. At present, the products are available in India and more than 30 countries such as Australia and New Zealand, and through LevelNXT mentorship, the co-founders plan to increase their infrastructure.

“With this programme, we not only want to create the largest manufacturing facility of nano fibres across the globe, but also build a world-class R&D infrastructure and testing facility,” said Vyas.

The low-cost nasofilters are indeed Made in India and needed in India

Aspartika Biotech, Bengaluru

Srinivas BV, Director & CEO, Aspartika Biotech is creating wealth from waste, literally. He is converting agri-waste into value added products that can supplement human and animal nutrition industry through clean tech process.

Aspartika Biotech treats leftover silk pupae, which are big source of protein and fats, and makes products such as Omega III fatty acids.

Through sophisticated technology, the startup generates Omega III fatty acids as well fats for poultry industry. “Five years down the line, we see ourselves as major Omega III fatty acid producer across the globe with a lot of collaborations,” said Srinivas.

Sciative Solutions, Mumbai

Sciative is a blend of science and creativity where Co-founders Anshu Jalora and Vijeta Soni are providing AI-powered price automation tech solutions to companies in multiple industries.

“We have elements of data engineering, where we collect all the different data that are being generated within and outside the company but relevant to the business. The next module is data science module where we apply our propriety price optimisation algorithms and demand forecasting algorithms, which help us figure out how customers’ willingness to pay varies for the same product in different markets at different points of time in different competitive scenario. Third is data visualisation and transfer of insights into the system,” said Jalora.

LevelNXT helped the startup immensely and through the programme they were able to sign-up its first Fortune 500 client.

WEGOT Utility Solutions, Chennai

How much water do you consume daily? Well, WEGOT can tell you the exact amount which is necessary for water conservation.

Abilash Haridass and Vijay Krishna, Co-founders of WEGOT Utility Solutions, have built a revolutionary product that tracks water usage in real time, informs about leakages, etc. They have developed a machine, which is connected with an app through which you can see water usage and even pay bills.

“Before we installed the system in a society, they were buying 110 tanker loads. The month after they installed the system, it came down to 70 tanker loads,” said Krishna.

Through LevelNXT programme, the co-founders got assurance that they were on the right path. At present, they are present in three cities and plan to expand to eight and save five billion litres of water this year.

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