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Here’s how SMBs can drive productivity without any additional hiring

Through upgraded digital technologies, SMBs can drive productivity by offering ease of work and removing demographic challenges.

Here’s how SMBs can drive productivity without any additional hiring

Small and medium businesses (SMBs) have a considerable impact on employment generation in India. Employees are a lifeline of these businesses and every company wants to promote an inclusive culture where employees feel more valued. And ultimately more productive to their personal and the company’s growth.

SMBs constantly look at bringing skilled workforce under its fold to drive innovation and get quality results on time. Apart from fresh hiring, SMBs believe in creating a conducive environment and growth opportunities for its employees, to maximise the potential of their current workforce as opposed to investing in new people.

In this backdrop, companies look at megatrends in their sectors and enable their employees to learn and adapt. Speaking of which, one of the popular trends of 2018 in the SMB sector is upgrading tech to strengthen employee productivity and help them in building stronger networks.

Through upgraded digital technologies, SMBs can drive productivity by offering ease of work and removing demographic challenges.

  • SMBs have to be
  • digital-first to
  • drive growth_

To build this kind of environment, the first step is to refresh old software and hardware, especially personal computers (PCs). Tech is making advancements faster than before and old PCs or even laptops may not provide multiple and newer options. Also, multi-tasking on outdated PCs becomes quite challenging as they reboot, become slow and take time to open heavy files, which can hamper productivity.

With new and upgraded PCs, especially that are built with refreshed Intel’s 8th Gen i5 processors, SMBs can foster employee productivity.

Here’s how:

Remote working: The 9am-5pm working-hour culture is becoming a thing of the past in large conglomerates and SMBs should now start following suit. With remote working and flexible working hours, you can save an employee’s commuting time and give him/her comfort of work. You can issue them updated laptops with upgraded processors so as to make work smoother for them and drive more productivity. The idea is to make an employee more invested in their work.

Tele-communicating: You don’t have to send your employees to different locations for first round of meetings, which bear huge costs. Through tele-communicating and video conferencing, employees can break demographic barriers and reach out to potential clients. They can even share screens with clients to give presentations and even show videos. For a clear and smooth video conferencing, PCs older than five years can really not perform. Imagine, what if an old PC reboots in the middle of a video conference? Truly, embarrassing. Tip: Upgrade the processor.

File sharing platforms/ cloud storage: You don’t have to be in office to share files via pendrive or hard disk. Employees can easily use multiple file-sharing software or even store bulky files in cloud for accessing. They can use tools such as WeTransfer and Google Drive that work well on refreshed PCs and keep the work going.

Upskilling: Upgrading talent pool with latest skills is also important for SMBs, who’re looking to maximise the productivity of their employees. This is possible with various online courses, tutorials and reference books, which you can multi-task with your work, only through refreshed PCs/laptops.

Analysis: Through digital tools, employees can reach out to a wider audience, giving them more exposure. They can get tools to gauge their audience, analyse opportunity and explore untapped potential without physically moving out of office. For instance, Google Analytics can give employees a deep dive on audience and reach.

All that it takes: Outdated PCs lead to downtime and lead to more water-cooler conversations. Refreshed PCs can save time and make employees more productive even when they sit at home. Work-from-home option leads to less leaves.

If you’re looking at upgrading tech right away, the 8th Gen Intel Core i5 processor makes a workday lightning fast, responsive, saves time and money. You can change how your employees work by changing your PCs.

You can change your PC to change how your employees work.



With a new PC you can, increase productivity, streamline operations?