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Why Ireland is an emerging investment destination for Indians?

Why Ireland is an emerging investment destination for Indians?

It has often been said that there is no history without geography.  Ireland is the most westerly landmass of Europe, separated from Britain on the east by the Irish Sea and the USA to the west by the Atlantic Ocean. While Ireland is a dynamic, lively and modern country with a young population and a successful, technologically-orientated economy, it also remains a country steeped in culture and tradition where music, conversation and making friends matters.  It was the last developing nation in Europe until recent years and the only European country colonised.   Today it is the number one fastest growing economy in the Eurozone and sixth in the world. It is home to Europe’s youngest and most educated population. Sound familiar? then welcome to Ireland….

Culture - Visiting or living in Ireland gives you a chance to become completely immersed in its culture and traditions, its charm and its people. It is steeped in history, from ancient man to early Christians, Stone Age art, monasteries, castles and fortresses, all which can be still seen throughout the land today.  Entwined in this rich history is Irelands fascinating mythology and folklore crossing over to the dramatic realms of saints and scholars. Ireland’s history of conquest and colonization, of famine and mass emigration, and of resistance, rebellion, and civil war etched its literature with a series of ruptures and revivals. World renowned writers such as W.B Yeats, Oscar Wilde, George Bernard Shaw, Bram Stoker and James Joyce all contributed in their own right in helping Ireland take its seat amongst the nations of the earth.

Lifestyle - Modern Ireland has been a quick and dramatic story, emerging full of opportunity where dreams are being realised.   Recently ranked fourth place in the top 10 places to live worldwide by the Human Development Index (UN, 2018) and now only sits behind Norway, Switzerland and Australia. The UN analysed three categories – long and healthy lifestyle, access to knowledge and a decent standard of living.

Dublin, Irelands capital is a particularly popular city to live and has been named as the second-best city in the world to live by consultancy firm ECA International. Their study, compared 450 places for “liveability” which took into consideration factors such as climate, housing, social life, safety, air quality, and health services.  Quality of life has improved faster in Ireland than anywhere else in the world over the past years, jumping 13 places between 2012 and 2017.  In fact, Irish live more than 13 years longer that Indians per UN stats.

Business - Ireland is a small highly globalised economy, with a large exporting sector and a significant number of multinational corporations, which boast some phenomenal stats in the technology and research arena, earning its title as the Silicon Valley of Europe.   What many of the readers might now be aware is that the value of American investment in Ireland of $165 billion, is actually greater than the corresponding investment into Brazil, Russia, China and India combined.

Over 1,000 giants in ICT, Social Media, Pharmaceuticals and Finance have made Ireland the hub of the European operations, with names such as Google, HP, Apple, IBM, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pfizer, GSK and Genzyme.  Over 30 world leading Indian companies have established a base in Ireland including Wockhardt, HCL, Infosys, Zomato and Crompton Greaves.

Education - In addition to its economic performance, the quality of the Irish education system is a big contributor to the increased demand of investment immigration to Ireland. Every child in Ireland currently on an investor visa is entitled to free, state-run primary and post-primary education. Ireland’s schools and universities, rank in the top ten globally.  For a small city, Dublin has one of the highest concentrations of Fortune 500 companies in the world, hence, there is a very strong argument for career development in Ireland.  All of these companies have excellent graduate programs, scholarships and active recruitment campaigns where employers have ranked graduates from Ireland number one in Europe.

Ireland presently is home to over 4,000 Indian students, with 90% pursuing their postgraduate degrees.  It is experiencing rapid growth with its guarantee of a 24 month stay back post-graduation.  According to Education Ireland “All of Ireland’s universities are ranked in the top 5% globally and Ireland’s Institutes of Technology are renowned for their close links with industry and their highly employable graduates,” said Barry O’Driscoll, Senior Education Advisor. As more and more students are opting for this beautiful country, Ireland is offering more scholarships to its international students. “There are about 200 merit-based scholarships on offer directly from the HEIs, ranging from 10% to 50% fee waivers, across all disciplines,” informed O’Driscoll.

All of these factors – standard of living, education, people and culture, alongside a beautiful country both in soul and soil, add considerably to Ireland’s attractiveness as a destination for immigration investment. This is very much evidenced in the sharp rise in demand in 2018, where the applications number soared, rising to 420 from 5 in 2012.  Are you ready to understand more on Ireland as your choice for investment?

For more information, contact our Delhi based Senior Irish Advisor– Linda Sweeney