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clean energy How the green industry is shaping up in 2019

Consumers today are increasingly becoming sensitive towards the environment, embracing eco-friendly products with lower carbon footprints. A global

smart development Smart Cities: The future of urban development

The concept of smart cities in India focuses on the use of technology which allows the governance setups to achieve more with less, thereby, reducing

mobility Sustainable transport as a key ingredient of green business models

A great push for Green Mobility has come in the form of seven SDG targets, the Paris Agreement under the UNFCCC, and the related NDCs.

clean energy 8 reasons why clean energy is important

India finds itself in a comfortable boat. As of July 31, 2019, renewable energy sources accounted for 22% of the total power capacity.

smart development 11 innovations that are driving smart cities in India

June 2014 marked the unveiling of the Indian government’s aggressive plan to build 100 smart cities in India. Driven by the Ministry of Urban

mobility 5 mobility trends that are shaping the future of transport

The proliferation and impact of alternative modes of mobility and their success will also depend on the adaptability of the market and key governance

smart development The road to `zero defect, zero effect’ is circular

India’s time for a `circular economy’ has come. This has to be brought about through strict enforcement, strong people’s participation and

food and forest India needs to re-think at least five policies in respect of waste management

If the government is serious about Swachh Bharat, it should appoint a globally acknowledged third party inspection agency like SGS . Let the agency

green industry Responsible Banking: Financing the Future

Accounting for over two-thirds of financing, the banking system has been the largest financier of an ever-growing global economy. Adopting a

clean energy India has the right talk but not the right action

India has the ability of wiping out its balance of payments, making India cleaner, making Indians healthier if only it adopts rooftop solar and waste

green industry Fueling sustainable development goals with financial instruments

As per the United Nations, annual financing of USD 5-7 trillion will be needed to meet the SDGs, the bulk of which is to come from the private sector

clean energy There are the 5 major sources of greenhouse gas emissions

The several impacts of a warming climate can be seen from melting ice caps to sea-level rise and extreme weather