Experts help investors in Hyderabad understand nuances of investing in commodities

There is no perfect way one can invest to generate stable returns. Every investor has a different understanding of various asset classes and a varying risk appetite according to which they park their funds.


In order to invest and achieve certain financial goals, investors should gain knowledge about investment tools that interest them and take necessary steps as per their understanding.


Investors can look at a mix of various asset classes such as equities, mutual funds, FDs, commodities and more to build a stable portfolio.


To gain more understanding about commodities as an asset class, MCX IPF along with Moneycontrol organised ‘Commodity ki Baatein’, in Hyderabad where a panel of experts gave insights into various commodities and their characteristics.


Panellists Chittaranjan Rege - Head-Base Metals, MCX; Paresh Shah - Whole time Director of PCS Securities Ltd & PCS Commodities Pvt Ltd; Ramesh Varakhedkar - Director, Karvy Comtrade Ltd; and Chanda Venkatesh - Managing Director, Capsgold Private Limited explained how does the commodity derivatives market work, the ecosystem of commodities, futures and options contract amongst other contextual topics.


The panel, moderated by Moneycontrol editor Santosh Nair, spoke about different commodities such as silver, gold, crude etc, and discussed factors that impact commodity prices, key specifications, futures and options contracts, do’s and don’ts etc.


Experts said “Commodities can prove to be one of the productive investment avenues and new and existing traders, investors, etc., should learn more about hedging, specific products, dynamics and basic discipline.”


‘Commodity ki Baatein’ is a pan-India initiative to educate investors on the commodity derivatives market and give insights about investing.

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