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How companies are using AI to deliver personalised customer experience, become agile

How companies are using AI to deliver personalised customer experience, become agile

The traditional methods of doing business are passé. In the present day and age, companies have to refrain from complex workflows, and adopt an agile environment, where processes are flexible as well as competitive.

In order to transform into the businesses of tomorrow, i.e. Cognitive Enterprises, companies have to rethink strategic workflows and scale up, so that humans and machine learn continuously.

Such an intelligent workflow is possible, if companies orchestrate interactions between smart machines and even smarter humans across the organisations.

For instance, organisations can provide customers with personalised experience by using cognitive technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence and analytics. AI can help companies to analyse mood of the customers by assessing their e-mails, tweets, reviews, sentiments, etc., and derive a deep understanding about the customers. Employees can then use the data to cater to ever-evolving demands of the customers and give them a personal touch.

AI can augment employee decisions, help them interpret what customer wants and handheld them in building brand value and trust, which comes from face-to-face interaction than the virtual one.

Here, digital advisors can become more like coaches to employees. This kind of intelligent analysis can happen across different sectors including, but not limited to health, FMCG, retail, etc.

Once companies start seeing the benefit from having changed their approach for better customer engagement, they will also begin to replicate the same model in day-to-day operations.

Organizations will be able to detect everything happening around them, from the movement of a person or a piece of equipment, to inventory turns or downed power lines through AI, automation, machine learning in tandem with Internet of Things (IoT). Using the data, employees will respond with accuracy and speed, making workflows agile and intelligent.

A substantial opportunity is present for organizations to shape and lead a complete overhaul of the value chain by working together to create entirely new workflows – the next great wave of business change and the new backbone of business. Schedule a consultation with an IBM Expert that can help you get started on this journey.