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Where is the rupee heading next year?


2005 was the year when the rupee reversed its three-year long appreciating trend, and started falling. In a poll of money market participants, 70% said that the Fed would raise rates by another 50

Rupee likely to open weak against dollar


The rupee is likely to weaken against the US dollar today because of corporate dollar demand and due to the greenback's gains against the euro and yen.

Rupee hits a low of Rs 46.12


The rupee has slipped as dollar rose against euro despite ECB rate hike. It has hit a low of Rs 46.12 per USD.

Two more Fed rate hikes coming up? UBS says yes


Head Asia Pacific Economics at UBS Jonathan Anderson says that they are expecting at least two more Fed rate hikes and Fed fund rates are likely to move up to 4.5%-4.75%.

Dollar strength affecting the rupee: Ashit Parekh


According to Ashit Parekh Head Of Forex, Indusind Bank the rupee is facing a lot of pressure thanks to the strengthening dollar

Rupee expected to remain steady: HSBC


Chief Economist-Asia Pacific at HSBC Arup Raha says that rising Fed rates and high oil prices are a major concern. While the rupee is expected to remain steady, dollar is structurally weak

Rupee downturn will see IT stocks soaring


With the Indian rupee touching Rs 46 to the dollar On November 8, speaking to Moneycontrol analysts said that IT companies will benefit from this depreciating rupee. They gave their stock picks

Rising global dollar demand to pressurise rupee: IFC


market. USD is still stronger against euro and yen. And if the global dollar demand keeps going up, then that will put pressure on the rupee.

Dollar, euro strength against yen behind rupee slide


Sanjeev Bajaj of Bank of America believes that the fall in the rupee is on account of dollar and euro strengh versus yen. He also adds that pressure from corporate and inter-bank market also hit

Rupee hits new 1-year low at 45.68/$


The rupee has hit a new one year low at 45.68 to the dollar. Ajay Mahajan of Yes Bank says that global factors and the euro-dollar trade are affecting the rupee today.

Weak rupee good for margins: Infosys


TV Mohandas Pai, CFO, Infosys, thinks that the depreciation in rupee is good for the company's margins and has made the environment more benign.

Aztec Software in position to gain from rupee depreciation


Rajesh Jain of Pranav Securities is in a position to milk the gains from rupee depreciation vis a vis dollar and the Euro.

Money calls: Anand, Sharma


local factors.Subramaniam Sharma, Greenback Forex Services: The rupee is expected to open slightly stronger today, due to weakening of dollar against the euro and pound. It could move up to Rs 43

Money calls: Vaidya, Thanawala


%, will likely add to sentiment. The 10 year paper is expected to trade in a 4-5 bps range.Manis Thanawala, Greenback Forex Services: The rupee is expected to open strong today below Rs 43.50. With the euro also

IT bigwigs long term prospect good: Expert


In terms of valuations, IT analyst Harit Shah prefers the IT bigwigs. In the long term, the business prospects of these companies is pretty good, he says.

Rupee ends at a 6-year high


The rupee gained and closed at Rs 43.23 against its previous close of Rs 43.52 to the dollar. The rupee gained on the China Central Bank's announcement that Yaun will be no longer pegged

Re may move to Rs 44-44.5 by Oct: ICICI Sec


A Prasanna of ICICI Securities believes that India's strong growth picture is strengthening the rupee. The rupee can move to Rs 44-44.5 against the dollar by October end, he says.

Rupee closes weak on back of dollar sales


The rupee weakened and closed today at Rs 43.54 against its previous close of Rs 43.48 to the dollar.

Bonds slip while rupee inches up


Bonds slipped while Rupee inched up. Rupee strengthened as dollar slipped further against the euro.

Rupee to be in 43.25-43.85 range: Pan


Indranil Pan of Kotak Mahindra Bank feels that the rupee will trade in a range of Rs 43.25 to Rs 43.85 against the dollar in the medium term.

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