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Understanding the ABC of Debt funds

27-12-2011| Source:Moneycontrol.com

With so many options in debt funds available in market today, it becomes very important to understand them before investing. Financial advisor Anil Rego explains the Debt funds and its varied form

Investing in small savings schemes? Think twice!

03-12-2011| Source:Moneycontrol.com

. This form of debt investment in mutual fund schemes gives extra security to your investment, said Anil Rego, CEO and founder, Rights Horizons.A back-of-the-envelop calculation suggests that an FMP offers 9

Why are bonds the true friend in a volatile market?

02-12-2011| Source:CNBC-TV18

By Anil RegoBonds aren't as complex as they may seem. Despite the numerous titles used to describe them fixed-income securities, debt instruments, credit securities, etc. bonds are nothing more

Children's education: Make it a financially viable dream!

21-11-2011| Source:Moneycontrol.com

By Anil RegoThe parents of this generation are more aware of the financial implication of providing world class education to their children. Often, parents dream of sending their children abroad

Choosing funds by Marketcap: Which cap will you put on?

09-11-2011| Source:Moneycontrol.com

Ignorance is not always Bliss! Many of us do not give importance to Market cap while choosing an equity funds which later most likely impacts our returns. Financial advisor Anil Rego enlightens

Strike Gold: ETF is the way!

08-11-2011| Source:Moneycontrol.com

By Anil RegoWith gold prices running at an all time high, Gold ETFs seems to have caught the fancy of the investor. Ironically, it is because of  the rising prices that it might not be the best

RBI policy review: Did they do right?

04-10-2011| Source:Moneycontrol.com

By Anil RegoThere was a whole lot of suspense and speculation surrounding the latest RBI policy review, but yet again on the September 16, 2011, the RBI did not bat an eyelid and hiked the rates

Exchange Traded Funds: An easier way to invest!

22-09-2011| Source:Moneycontrol.com

Exchange traded funds are easy to manage products that can be perceived for long term as well as short term investment. For the better understanding of ETF, financial advisor Anil Rego provides a

Contrarian Investing: Avoid the herd mentality!

14-09-2011| Source:Moneycontrol.com

By: Anil Rego, CEO and Founder of Right HorizonsInvesting is often perceived a hazardous pursuit. However, it need not be so hard if one applies common sense, hard work, consistency

How home loan buyers can benefit from the base rate

27-08-2011| Source:Moneycontrol.com

. It is mostly customers ignorance that prevented them from taking advantage of it, banks argued.According to Anil Rego, chief executive officer and founder of Right Horizons, a financial advisory firm based

Investing in real estate in India

25-08-2011| Source:Moneycontrol.com

By Anil Rego, chief executive officer and founder, Right HorizonsThe promise of real estate in IndiaProperty Investments in India have normally been a gold mine for most investors. The growth

History repeats itself: The investor's dilemma

16-08-2011| Source:Moneycontrol.com

By: Anil Rego, founder, Right HorizonsTo invest or not to invest; remains the prime question on every investors mind. Funnily enough, investors historically do not mind buying equities when

Monthly Income Plans: New flavor of the season!

03-08-2011| Source:Moneycontrol.com

term Provides upside at controlled risk; equity exposure is capped-Anil RegoThe author is CEO & Founder of Right Horizons. He can be reached at anilrego@righthorizons.com

Auto industry outlook: It's a long drive, avoid short cuts

28-07-2011| Source:Moneycontrol.com

By Anil Rego, Right HorizonsThe automobile industry in Indiathe tenth largest in the world with an annual production of approximately 2 million unitsis expected to become one of the major global

What's new for your portfolio? Check out Real Estate Funds

14-07-2011| Source:Moneycontrol.com

By Anil Rego, CEO and founder, Right Horizons Most of us are used to having real estate as a physical asset without viewing it as an investment in our portfolio.  In fact, for most of us

Guide to pick right ETF

08-07-2011| Source:Moneycontrol.com

Exchange traded funds (ETF) have caught the fancy of investors, typically due to the low cost and recent track record of decent returns. With the increasing popularity of ETF, Financial advisor Anil

Guide to pick the right ETF

02-07-2011| Source:Moneycontrol.com

By Anil Rego, Right HorizonsExchange traded funds (ETF) have caught the fancy of investors, typically due to the low cost and recent track record of decent returns. Most of the features of ETF match

Should Index funds be part of your portfolio?

31-05-2011| Source:Moneycontrol.com

% of the overall portfolio in Index funds. Hope this bit helps you choose your index funds prudently and at the same time ensure that you are not overweight on this type of funds.-Anil RegoThe author is CEO &

क्या आपका एमएफ पोर्टफोलियो डाइवर्सिफाइड है!


कितने फंड और किस फंड हाउस में पैसा लगाना चाहिए इससे जुड़ी अहम जानकारी से हम आपको रूबरु करा रहे हैं।

Are SIPs the best way to create wealth?

20-04-2011| Source:Moneycontrol.com

By Anil Rego, Founder, Right HorizonsWe all have heard of the saying Little drops of water make the mighty ocean. Just like little drops of water can make the mighty ocean in the long run, A

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