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  • Wait for Mount 10K, ITC will drag market today

    Wait for Mount 10K, ITC will drag market today   

    For 10,000 we will have to wait, ITC will drag the market today by at least 50-70 points, could be even more. The stock has 7.5 percent weight in the index, there is a good chance for ITC de-rating 10 percent and that would mean 7...

    18 Jul 2017, 8.36 am  |  Source:

  • Buy on dips

    Buy on dips   

    This is a market where buy on dips has worked out like a charm and you are going to do that, you don’t chase momentum, you buy dips in this market and the market will again give you a dip.

    17 Jul 2017, 9.15 am  |  Source:

  • Cautious around 10k

    Cautious around 10k   

    When stock futures shorts cover, that is a bit of a problem for the market because the market needs a trigger to correct but when that trigger happens, because there are no shorts, the market does not have enough covering.

    14 Jul 2017, 8.42 am  |  Source:

  • Bulls in control

    Bulls in control   

    The Nifty may not have made a massive move, but the way the individual stocks moved, the way the Bank Nifty moved, this is a market in complete and total control of the bulls and the move towards 10,000 is happening rather swiftly...

    13 Jul 2017, 8.50 am  |  Source:

  • Template intact, buy the dips

    Template intact, buy the dips   

    Template intact, buy the dips

    11 Jul 2017, 8.10 am  |  Source:

  • Focus on stocks

    Focus on stocks   

    My sense is that the first hour low is respected then I see a lot of short covering in the second half of trade today purely because global cues are good.

    10 Jul 2017, 8.22 am  |  Source:

  • Wait for first hour low today

    Wait for first hour low today   

    The market yesterday made a bit of a near-term double top. That theory would be out of the window if you take out all-time high. If not then the first hour low is not respected today, the market could have a bit of a trend day on ...

    07 Jul 2017, 8.32 am  |  Source:

  • Focus on NBFC

    Focus on NBFC   

    If 9,600 holds then midcap should outperform and that is where you should focus on today. Once again it is a buy on dips market now and you have to buy the dips.

    06 Jul 2017, 8.14 am  |  Source: CNBC-TV18

  • Focus on stocks

    Focus on stocks   

    Today again would be a test because once again Asian markets are down a bit. But what Friday and Monday has done is it has established a very beautiful and sacrosanct support at 9,450.

    05 Jul 2017, 8.16 am  |  Source:

  • Market may hit all-time high

    Market may hit all-time high   

    There is a good chance that the market hits all time high pretty soon once again.

    04 Jul 2017, 8.09 am  |  Source:

  • 9550 key level to cross

    9550 key level to cross   

    I think Friday’s low now is sacrosanct. If Friday’s low is taken out then the market clearly has some problem. If not, then the market moves on.

    03 Jul 2017, 8.38 am  |  Source:

  • Roller coaster ride likely

    Roller coaster ride likely   

    First day of new series and looks like we are in for a bit of a bad start. The SGX Nifty is indicating 40 point downtick and that would be lucky if we do that because the global markets are in a bit of a tailspin right now.

    30 Jun 2017, 8.25 am  |  Source:

  • Bulls may launch an attack today

    Bulls may launch an attack today  

    I think the risk reward is extremely favourable for the bulls today because global cues are also looking supportive and expiry at times can induce short covering and there are shorts in system. So everything is pointing towards a ...

    29 Jun 2017, 8.41 am  |  Source:

  • Trade with caution

    Trade with caution  

    Market recovered almost 40 percent of the lost ground on the Nifty and about one-third of the lost ground on the Bank Nifty.

    28 Jun 2017, 8.20 am  |  Source:

  • Start of crucial expiry week

    Start of crucial expiry week   

    Start of expiry week, three days to go, so today is going to be the test of the market.

    27 Jun 2017, 8.11 am  |  Source:

  • Buy on dips

    Buy on dips   

    Yesterday was a disappointment for the bulls, you could blame it on the weekly expiry, you could do whatever, you can paint whatever you want to but yesterday was a disappointment for the market.

    23 Jun 2017, 8.22 am  |  Source:

  • Consolidation may continue

    Consolidation may continue   


    22 Jun 2017, 8.34 am  |  Source:

  • See rangebound movement

    See rangebound movement   

    The Indian market continue to consolidate, Monday was a breakout session for our markets on the benchmark indices but yesterday, the market ended pretty flat at least at the Nifty and the Sensex level.

    21 Jun 2017, 8.19 am  |  Source:

  • Don’t chase momentum

    Don’t chase momentum   

    The breakout was always going to be a matter of ‘when’ and not ‘if’ and that is what happened yesterday. Issue is that the breakout was yesterday and the market rewarded for buying the consolation and dip.

    20 Jun 2017, 8.25 am  |  Source:

  • Breakout possible today

    Breakout possible today   


    19 Jun 2017, 8.38 am  |  Source:

  • Risk-reward favours longs

    Risk-reward favours longs   

    The risk reward right now is in your favour if you were to create long positions.

    16 Jun 2017, 8.25 am  |  Source:

  • First hour low crucial

    First hour low crucial   

    After having seen a 100 point correction already on the Nifty, risk reward becomes extremely favourable for you.

    15 Jun 2017, 8.15 am  |  Source:

  • Breakout Possible

    Breakout Possible   

    My sense is that in the first half, you don't break yesterday's low convincingly in that case this market is ready to give a breakout.

    14 Jun 2017, 8.24 am  |  Source:

  • Buy on dips may continue

    Buy on dips may continue   

    The market has given you an opportunity to again accumulate some stocks and today’s SGX Nifty is indicating that you still haven’t missed out.

    13 Jun 2017, 8.21 am  |  Source:

  • Trade today if you love volatility

    Trade today if you love volatility   


    12 Jun 2017, 8.19 am  |  Source:

  • Trade light today

    Trade light today   

    Over the last few days, the markets clearly are giving you sectoral moves and the sectoral trends are clear by 10 am and in that case, it works for you if you were to take some good sector calls and work accordingly.

    09 Jun 2017, 8.13 am  |  Source:

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