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  • Expect choppy to positive session

    Expect choppy to positive session   

    31 Jul 2015, 8.35 am  |  Source:

    In trade today, on the Nifty and the Sensex expect some sort of choppiness with a slightly positive bias is what the cues are suggesting. From the glo...

  • Expiry today, Nifty may consolidate between 8300-8400

    Expiry today, Nifty may consolidate between 8300-8400   

    30 Jul 2015, 8.28 am  |  Source:

    There could be some positive consolidation between 8300-8400 band....

  • Explaining the FII selling

    Explaining the FII selling   

    29 Jul 2015, 8.29 am  |  Source:

    Only worry for the bulls is the way the Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs) have started to sell now in the market for last couple of days. ...

  • Market meltdown may continue

    Market meltdown may continue   

    28 Jul 2015, 8.15 am  |  Source:

    Premarket set up today is not looking good but that is something that we have been warning for the last three-four days....

  • Nifty at crucial juncture

    Nifty at crucial juncture   

    27 Jul 2015, 8.20 am  |  Source:

    This is your pre market set up for a brand new week and honestly the bulls couldn’t have asked for a worst start; three or four negative headwinds t...

  • Data bearish, will Nifty hold 8500?

    Data bearish, will Nifty hold 8500?   

    24 Jul 2015, 8.32 am  |  Source:

    Today if you have an up day then again the market texture may well again shift in favour of the bulls but if today you have a negative day and you man...

  • Volatility to stay

    Volatility to stay   

    23 Jul 2015, 8.13 am  |  Source:

    It is unlikely that you would have a big follow up to yesterday’s rally. The market right now is going through phases where it will look good on day...

  • Has market reversed trend?

    Has market reversed trend?   

    22 Jul 2015, 8.28 am  |  Source:

    Infosys was the only bright spot in an otherwise dull market, in an otherwise weak earning scenario....

  • Time to book profit?

    Time to book profit?   

    20 Jul 2015, 8.30 am  |  Source:

    At this point in time the bulls are in control, the market is bullish, the trend is up but this market is now vulnerable to any kind of steep fall....

  • Trend is your friend

    Trend is your friend   

    17 Jul 2015, 8.33 am  |  Source:

    The trend is on the way up, make no mistake about that. You could argue about complacency, you could argue about delivery based buying being missing. ...

  • Judgement day for Nifty

    Judgement day for Nifty   

    16 Jul 2015, 8.38 am  |  Source:

    The way to play this market is on the long side. Make no mistake this market is decisively bullish; the data is decisively bullish....

  • Bulls have the upper hand

    Bulls have the upper hand   

    15 Jul 2015, 8.27 am  |  Source:

    At this point in time the common sense is that a market which is refusing to go down wants to go up....

  • Sell on rally trade intact

    Sell on rally trade intact   

    10 Jul 2015, 8.23 am  |  Source:

    We are in a range of 8,000-8,500. We have visited the upper end of the range and we are not able to cross that and a slow grind towards the lower end ...

  • Bears back in the game

    Bears back in the game   

    09 Jul 2015, 8.48 am  |  Source:

    In an uptrending market, if the market opens gap down and sustains that gap and closes at the low point of the day that is a trend reversal for the ma...

  • Stay out of market

    Stay out of market   

    08 Jul 2015, 8.31 am  |  Source:

    Let the market take out the next 50-100 points after 8,500, let the Nifty take out 8,550-8,600 because the upside for this market would be huge once t...

  • No Nifty trade today

    No Nifty trade today   

    07 Jul 2015, 8.35 am  |  Source:

    It is much more difficult call this morning than it was yesterday morning. All I am going to say today is that the chance to take long positions or th...

  • Here`s a wrap of July 6 market trading action

    Here's a wrap of July 6 market trading action   

    06 Jul 2015, 7.19 pm  |  Source:

    CNBC-TV18's Nigel D'Souza wraps up the days market trading action....

  • No panic seen in market

    No panic seen in market    

    06 Jul 2015, 8.36 am  |  Source:

    My sense is that the market may close in the green today or at least make a move to be in the green today....

  • Can Nifty cross 8500?

    Can Nifty cross 8500?   

    02 Jul 2015, 8.49 am  |  Source:

    It is a market which is right now in a mood to react only to positive news and is buying any kind of dips....

  • Nifty ends at 8453 after a good trading session

    Nifty ends at 8453 after a good trading session   

    01 Jul 2015, 8.05 pm  |  Source:

    Today was a splendid day’s trade. We saw broad based buying, the entire market did well. At the end of the day the Sensex crossed 28,000 mark on a c...

  • Is market immune to Greece?

    Is market immune to Greece?   

    01 Jul 2015, 8.39 am  |  Source:

    For market Greece will be noise factor all through this week. Once that is over the market would focus back on domestic earnings which is something wh...

  • Expect sharp move; 8180-8200 firm support

    Expect sharp move; 8180-8200 firm support   

    30 Jun 2015, 8.25 am  |  Source:

    Yesterday’s sharp rally though established one point that this market has firm support at 8,180-8,200 at least that is one mark which the bulls woul...

  • Will Greece derail Indian market recovery?

    Will Greece derail Indian market recovery?   

    29 Jun 2015, 8.25 am  |  Source:

    Today could be a rough day because you will have a gap down and after that there will be attempts to recover or there is a good chance that recovery g...

  • July series outlook

    July series outlook   

    26 Jun 2015, 9.03 am  |  Source:

    This is a start of a new series, July series. June series was very volatile. It was an important series it may well have established a bit of a bottom...

  • Nifty: Expiry at 8400?

    Nifty: Expiry at 8400?   

    25 Jun 2015, 8.32 am  |  Source:

    It has been that kind of a series where you don't know what to say much about the expiry day. Yesterday the Greece issue clearly acted as a bit of an ...

  • Can Nifty take out 8400?

    Can Nifty take out 8400?   

    24 Jun 2015, 8.52 am  |  Source:

    The foreign institutional investors (FII) data in cash market is still something which you have to take with the pinch of salt because the kind of vol...

  • Here`s how market performed on June 22

    Here's how market performed on June 22   

    22 Jun 2015, 6.06 pm  |  Source:

    CNBC-TV18's Nigel D'Souza wraps up June 22nd equity market trading action....

  • Tracking expiry cues

    Tracking expiry cues   

    22 Jun 2015, 8.29 am  |  Source:

    The near-term, the last three-four days clearly would tell you that the bulls have the momentum but if you were to extend the timeline a bit and go ev...

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