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Leading indicators

Statistics that are considered to predict future economic activity.


Ratio between the amount of money on the account (deposit) and offered funds. For instance, you have USD 100. 1:1 leverage will provide you with another USD 100 in addition to your hundred. 1:10 would give you USD 1,000 etc.


The London Inter-Bank Offered Rate. Banks use LIBOR when borrowing from another bank.

LIBOR (London Interbank Offered Rate)

Average weighted interest rate on interbank loans provided by banks, that participate in the London interbank market and offer funds in different currencies for different time periods (from 1 day to 1 year). The British Banking Association has been putting rates on record since 1985.

Limit order

An order to execute a transaction at a specified price (the limit) or better. A limit order to buy would be at the limit or lower, and a limit order to sell would be at the limit or higher.


The closing of an existing position through the execution of an offsetting transaction.


Refers to the relationship between transaction size and price movements. For example, a market is "liquid" if large transactions can occur with only minimal price changes.

Locked positions

Positions opened for buying and selling one and the same tool with the same volume.

Long position

Open position to buy.


Exchange transactions unit.

Low price

The minimal price of a certain security for a certain period of time.

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