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B-Schools in 2012
By Premchand Palety, Chief Executive C fore

For Indian B-Schools , the crowding out process is going on at a rapid pace. B-Schools in private sector that were set up with prime objective of making money and without systems that help in growth of intellectual capital and industry interface have been shut down or are on the verge of closing down.Such schools are increasingly finding it difficult to attract students or to place their graduates. At the same time institutes with best in breed systems and processes are consolidating their position.

In terms of publications in A grade international journals or revenue from consultancy projects and MDPs , there is big wide gap between top 20 and the rest and the gap has widened in last three years. While the average number of papers published in A grade international journals was 38 for the top 20, it was less than one for the next 50 in last academic year.Theaverage revenue from MDPs for top 20 was Rs 12.7 crores , the average of the rest was Rs 7.3 lakhs.

In the last academic year IIM B attained the numerouno position in terms of publications in refereed international journals , revenue from MDPs and exchange programmes with top foreign B-Schools.IIM A is number one in terms of revenue from consultancy and in incubating startups.The overall track record of B-Schools in promoting entrepreneurship however remains poor .Hardly ten B-Schools have effective incubation centres in their campus.

The new IIMs are struggling to attract faculty and also to build their infrastructure. The silver lining though has been better than expected placements.In IIM Ranchi for example the average salary offered has been Rs 13 lakh, not bad when compared to Rs 16.4 lakhs offered in IIMA.

This year’s surprise has been IMI in New Delhi which has moved up the ranks from 15 last year to 7 this year.Led by Dr PritamSingh , the former director of IIM Lucknow and MDI , this institute has been able to attract some of the best faculty in different areas.

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