Chat Transcript

| 24 Mar - 10:00hrs

Will precious metals get dearer?


Astha Jain | Sr Commodity Analyst, Hem Securities

guest: Has gold lost its glory?
Astha Jain: For this year,gold is expected to have downward US interest rate is expected to go up hence this will have an adverse impact on Gold prices...Gold is expected to move down till 24800 level and once this important support is broken then gold will fall further from here....
guest: Whats your view on Agri for the year?
Astha Jain: Currently in Agri commodities Turmeric is looking seen in upward momentum while Jeera ,Chana is looking down...For the whole year how monsoon turn up will decide the prices for rest of commodities...
guest: Which is the best metal commodity to trade?
Astha Jain: FOr perspective of 3-4 trading session zinc is looking best metal to trade for price target of Rs 132...
guest: What are the support and resistance levels for copper?
Astha Jain: For Copper MCX April Future,important support levels are 375/365 while it has important resistance has 392/398 levels....
guest: should i invest in silver now? when can we expect the silver market to go up?
Astha Jain: Silver can move upto 39200 in short term hence one can buy at dips at 37000 with stop loss of 35500
guest: Can silver cross 40000 in near term?
Astha Jain: In Short term silver can move upto 39200 if this resistance breaks then it can touch 40000 also...
guest: crude level april
Astha Jain: Currently Crude April is looking weak for price target of Rs 2760
sweta1742: Can you suggest - Current market give option for Buying Gold or Silver?
Astha Jain: Silver is looking better option to invest rather than Gold...Possible Price Target is 39200 in short term
guest: how is lead looking for 3 months?
Astha Jain: For three months perspective lead is looking down
guest: Can crude oil see 60$ per barrel in near term?
Astha Jain: In Near term,WTI Crude is looking down...It has important support at 45$... if its break then it can fall further to $40