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22 Nov - 03:00 hrs

Sunil Jain | VP-Equity Research, Nirmal Bang


Which midcap stocks to invest in now?

Chat Transcript

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xeknab: Which midcap stocks to invest in now?
Sunil Jain: The mid cap stock to invest are Indoco Ramedies, Escorts, CCL Product, Aegis Logistic,DCB
guest: Is Dabur good for Medium Term Investment.
Sunil Jain: Yes, company is consistently showing resonable growth and has sound Financials. Its a good long term investment.
guest: How is MRF for the long term ?
Sunil Jain: MRF looks positive for long term. Though prices has increased substentially in near term. One can look for some correction may be to Rs.15500 to Buy MRF
guest: i have union bank rs 145
Sunil Jain: I feel you may shift it to Bank of India. I feel BOI will bounce back faster then UBI.
guest: What are your views on suven life science, long term, pls let me know few good mid cap stocks for long term investment...
Sunil Jain: The stock has run up substentially since last 6 month. I feel company will not be able to mentain its last Quarter result in comming period as it was driven by one of order. I feel one should exit the stock.
guest: Hi Sunil, what is your view on Aurobindo Pharma over the next 3-6 months?
Sunil Jain: Aurobindo Pharma Look good with 3-6 month view. But because of recent runup I will recommend to buy on correction may be around Rs.245
guest: Can buy Indusind Bank at current level?
Sunil Jain: I feel correct level will be Rs.385
guest: How do u see the HDIL for Short term ?
Sunil Jain: Sell HDIL SL Rs.46 Target Rs.42.5
guest: what is your opinion on Idea cellular for long term
Sunil Jain: Idea looks positive from long term prespective. the core business is improving, only hurdel is pricing for spectrum. once that hurdle is out than stock will perform consistently
guest: Is Tata Power is good for long term??
Sunil Jain: I feel one should avoid Tata Power till the problem of its selling price of power from Mundra power plant is resolved.
asharafn: I am holding gitanjali 100 shares @ 62,what to sir
Sunil Jain: Sell
guest: Can i Invest for six months India cement
Sunil Jain: Yes you can invest in Indian cement for near term and for six month as well. Indian Cement is out performing other Cement stock even after poor result. There seems to be some development. You can BUY Indian Cement at current price With SL of Rs.54
guest: i brought LT at 984 what i do sir please advice above LT
Sunil Jain: Hold LT and Average around Rs.925 Outlook is positive
krishna0706: what about uco bank buy at @78
Sunil Jain: I feel valuation of very constly as compared to its peer. You shold sell the stock.
abrahmbhatt_8: Should I invest in south indian bank?
Sunil Jain: I feel if you want to invest in small private bank than you may invest in DCB.
Sunil Jain: Current industry environment is not favourable for both these companies. I feel one should not go for there stock.
abrahmbhatt_8: What is your view on RPOWER for 1 Year?
Sunil Jain: Avoid, I do not see any meaning full recovery in performance of this company
guest: sir should i invest in lic hsg for 1 year? what is your target?
Sunil Jain: I feel financial stock will continue to remain under presur in near term because of Interest rate tightening. I feel LIC Housing will see some more correction. so avoid right now
Sunil Jain: Indoco Ramedies, Britannia, Astral Poly, Alembic Pharma, Escorts
Sunil Jain: Thanks
moderator: Thank you Mr. Jain for sharing your views. Thank you to all the participants for posting their queries. If you have any suggestions about this chat you can send an e-mail to feedback@moneycontrol.com

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