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02 Sep - 10:00 hrs

Sharmila Joshi | sharmilajoshi.com


What is a good investment right now?

Chat Transcript

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guest: can we purchase IOC at today`s CMP
Gaurang Shah: Would prefer BPCL for investment
whatsupji: Dear Sir, JayantAgro: CMP:118, Mcap:177cr,PE:4.7,div rs3/- ROCE:19.45%,ROE:22.61%, 3yrs CAGR Sales: 21.49%,3 yrs CAGR inNet Profits: 43.88% EV to Sales: 0.29 EV to EBIDTA: 4.78 ---------------------- 7 yrs 588% increase in profits and 335% increase in sales = Consolidated Sales/NP/dividend numbers. March 2007 Sales 462.49Cr Net Profit: 6.76Cr Div:1.25 March 2014 Sales: 1,550Cr NProfit: 39.75cr Div: 3/= uniquely placed as india produces 80% of worlds castor oil.. what is future of Jayant Agro?
Gaurang Shah: Your pointers are right but since this is related to argo commodity I dont thinks there can be sustainable upside sell on rallys
guest: Hello, I would like to know what would be a good level to but RIL. Thanks
Gaurang Shah: Can buy @ 1150 on dips but a lot would depend on gas price revision today is the AGM need to see what is the business plan
guest: Sir, Indiabulls securities. Dividend yield of 16%. Is the broking businesss a good one to enter
Gaurang Shah: cant comment on this
guest: what is the target for HPCL and IOC
Gaurang Shah: Can see 15% upside with 6 to 12 months view lot will depend on freeing controlled price regime on diesel would prefer BPCL as an investment idea
guest: you mean @ 1050 & I am looking to buy RIL for a long term. As per your reply you don`t seem to be bullish on RIL. Am I right?
Gaurang Shah: Yes sorry that was a typing error can buy at 1050 & as I said a lot will depend on gas price revision in this sector would perfer ONGC/OIL & Cairn
guest: i have bought hcc 90000 share @ 20.shall i hold or book profit. i can hold it for another one year till that what is the target.
Gaurang Shah: This is a huge qty my advice will be to book profits second never over expose to one sector / stock like this you are lucky to make profits.
guest: sir is tata steel a good buy for a time frame of 3 months
Gaurang Shah: 3 months is very short term pl keep a view to 8 to 12 months can see levls of 635 & 650
guest: sir should i buy nifty ce 7700 today
Gaurang Shah: Yes we have given our view to buy Nifty 7600 & 7700 call yesterday.Can buy it with a SL of 7565 advice to buy on dips to 7600 levels on spot
guest: automobile corp of goa. shd i hold it or sell. 100 shares
Gaurang Shah: Hold not a very liquid counter but very good on fundamentls.Revival in auto visible good for auto anci stocks
guest: Whats your view on Stocks like Strides Arcolab Ltd for 1 year period
Gaurang Shah: can see levels of 775/830 good stock to be invested in Pharma
guest: Sir, i have bought 100 shares of vatech wabag @1200. can i hold?
Gaurang Shah: Pl hold gr8 co.
guest: Follow up to the RIL question what would be a good investment buy? you seem to be bullish on the OMC`s/ oil/coal PSU`s but they have ran up a lot! are they a good buy still? Could you suggest a something with entry levels for a longer term investment. Thank you
Gaurang Shah: Well you can use dips to buy like we have seen in the recent times.OMC-BPCL on dips at 560 or lower/OIL exporation-ONGC on dips 410 or lower or Cairn India on dips 350 or lower
Gaurang Shah: Pl sell or keep a profitable SL of 11.85
guest: sir iam holding 1000 shares of 3i infotech@ 11.25. can i hold or exit?
Gaurang Shah: Pl sell or keep a profitable SL of 11.85
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