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19 Feb 2013 - 16:00hrs hrs

Deven Choksey |


What's the outlook for the market?

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vishaljain002: Sir, I am holding 2000 shares of Dishman Pharma purchased at the rate of Rs 187/-per share. Once again, this stock has crashed to 82/- levels. Will this scrip reach those levels again? Please advice regarding the target and timeframe. Will I be able to recover my investment in this scrip or should I book my losses? Thanks.
Deven Choksey: you may hold on, but dnt avg it.
wiseinvestor77: Sir, I am holding 1000 shares of Jaiprakash Associates purchased at the rate of Rs 103/-per share. Please advice regarding the target and timeframe. I am willing to hold this stock for the long term. Thanks.
Deven Choksey: Hold on
ramehta999: Devenbhai..entry level for JP Asso and Sterlite Ind?
Deven Choksey: 71,99.
gab-indian: future of BHEL.... is it the right time to enter?
Deven Choksey: one can start ccumulating with small qty
pnjkrishnan: Sir Entry level for M & M Financial & AB Nova, pls inform, thanks
Deven Choksey: M&m you may enter around 850 levels & AB nuvo arnd 965.
ghegde: Hi Deven, HINDALCO holding @125, what is the price I can exit in 2013?
Deven Choksey: you may add, once it breaks 114...135+ levels possible
vishaljain002: Sir, I am holding 1000 shares of Somany Ceramics purchased at the rate of Rs 105/-per share. The scrip has now fallen to Rs 70/- levels. Please advice regarding the target and timeframe. I am willing to hold this stock for the long term. Thanks.
Deven Choksey: levels above 67.5 are safe for bulls, you may hold on as long as ths levels are protected.
shreeji_rsj: sir i hold 1000 shares of ivrcl infra @ 45 now what could i do
Deven Choksey: Don`t avg, you may hold on.
ghegde: What is view on BHEL? Good to buy below 200, if it goes there?
Deven Choksey: Yes it is
divya_1980: i want to invest in suprajit engineering ,shanti gears for long term....plz advise
Deven Choksey: Very dry volume counters, accumulate with very small qty.
RAJANSWA: I have Punj Lloyd shares with me.please tell me about the future of punj Lloyd.
Deven Choksey: Hold on, 61-63 lvls possible
ramehta999: Deven Bhai...at What rate to buy Alla Bank, IDFC and Adani Port?
Deven Choksey: Albak around 138, IDFC around 155 and adani port around 143.
pinakin1711: hi deven whats your take on ing vysys bank
Deven Choksey: Bias remains positive...
mani5556: Sir, mcnall bharat at what levels would you advice to enter for short term?
Deven Choksey: No any significant reversal yet.
gab-indian: I am holding Edserv Softsystems at Rs. 15.90 .....currently it is at Rs. 6.40 ... Pl. advise???
Deven Choksey: Still there is No any significant reversal, Don`t avg.
divya_1980: can i invest in FUTURE VENTURES for long term
Deven Choksey: i don`t see any clarity, also very dry volume counters. for long term you may accumulate PSU midcap banks.
pnjkrishnan: Sir Your short term view on CHOLAMANDALAM FINANCE ( NEW BANK LICEN ) EID PARRY ( SUGAR DE CONTROL ) pls advise one can buy @ CMP, thanks
Deven Choksey: accumulate EID parry

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