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25 Feb 2013 - 14:00hrs hrs

Ajay Jain |


What do stars foretell?

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Ajay Jain: Hellow every body
naren_dhankar: Is Tata Steel good buy at CMP?
Ajay Jain: You need to buy for some time
kt636: sir, Good Noon, Can i invest in silver right now for 1 year ..?
Ajay Jain: I think this is not right time to invest in silver
aakash2001: As per stars do you forsee correction in residential real estate prices in mumbai?
Ajay Jain: I think this is time for Low cost housing sector.
naren_dhankar: Sir, with market gone down in last 2/3 weeks..is it a buing oppurtunity? any Large cap stock for 3/5 yrs time horzon?
Ajay Jain: For Investment one need to wait N watch
dineshchampi: good afternoon ajay ji any posibility post budget infra& metal share perform
Ajay Jain: Dinesh ji , I shall not bet
jyotibi: sir is it right time to buy crude or wait for further correction?
Ajay Jain: i think wait
vallabhgroup: What is your predictions for budget ?
Ajay Jain: i shall update through my artical
jvj2007: kindly guide for jindal steel future
Ajay Jain: exit
rushinmehta12: sir what about Gold, is it rite time 2 buy?
Ajay Jain: For Investment you may buy gold for next 6 months. not for trading for short term trading
arugan: My DOB 03.11.1972 , 5.50 PM. Can i invest in shares. Current dasa is guru and running sade sani , kanya rasi. Pls advise. My horizon is long term of 2 - 5 yrs
Ajay Jain: for few seconds it is not posssiable to analysis 5 year predictions
aakash2001: if one needs to buy house whether one should wait for lower prices or this is right time to buy?
Ajay Jain: you may buy House right now .
vallabhgroup: Where can the Nifty be on 28th Feb 2013
Ajay Jain: Nifty is highly voltile. better keep away, trade in sellected sector and stocks as per our articals
jyotibi: dear sir what do you think about sugar sectorcan they perform going forward as cycle of industry changes.. ? do you expect investment cycle to start soon??
Ajay Jain: Sugar stocks are highly volatile . Is should be bought on recommendations only
jyotibi: from when will equity mkt will be in comfortable zone and when should one invest for long term?
Ajay Jain: just wait N watch
arugan: can we invest in delta corp for 2 - 3 yrs
Ajay Jain: Not now
mnsaggar: good afternoon sir, is it right time to buy adani power
Ajay Jain: Not yet
vallabhgroup: Where the nifty is proejcted to close on this settlement?
Ajay Jain: I had already replied
naren_dhankar: how is Punjan and Sindh Bank for LT perspective?
Ajay Jain: Good stock for investment . but wait for buying
kc.business.007: Hi Sir, please suggest 2 good picks for next 3-6 months. Thanks and Regards.
Ajay Jain: Hpcl for 6 months delvery
talatibharat: DOB 23.10.1963 , 7.10 PM. Can i invest in shares., DHANU rasi. Pls advise. My horizon is long term of 2 - 5 yrs,WHICH SCRIP SUITEBLE,? CAN I JOB WITH SH BRKER?
Ajay Jain: banking , eaducatios, public sector unites are good for you.
vallabhgroup: What is the prediction for Silver for today, next week and next month ? Will your prediction for 62000 silver in March/April hold?
Ajay Jain: right now it showing positive sign but i shall book profit in silver at this time
armaan1991: Dear sir plz help me out i have got stuck in silver buy 57200 n gold 2 30400,, will i get any chnce to exit this week....plz help me out sir
Ajay Jain: week ? difficuilt
pranshubansal17: Hello Sir, Your views on Cairn India. Can it cross 320 before expiry? Please advice
Ajay Jain: Cairn India is expected to show highest volatility. I shall advise you to keep away
teacher278: respected sir, pls guide for crude trend this week?
Ajay Jain: Avoid trading in crude oil . it is riskey
Ajay Jain: Thanks for being with me in chat. See you next week same time. Mean time visit astromoneyguru.com for daily predictions