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| 18 Feb 2013 - 14:00hrshrs

What do stars foretell?


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Ajay Jain: hellow every body
priyankkothari9: respected sir, pranam!!! which share is better for 1 year investment... uco bank or indian overseas bank. thanks & regards
Ajay Jain: both stock are good. priyank ji
vallabhgroup: Generally, you ask for trade in stocks rather than Nifty. However, today and on Friday, you have recommended for Nifty. Should one shift to Nifty as overall even good stocks have been showing divergent and volatile trends?
Ajay Jain: i do give call in nifty. check 100% correct levels have given through articals
raja3kb: Now when index will cross 20k?
Ajay Jain: have patience, it will cross
pintupatra: Sir, your views on Crompton Greaves pls.
Ajay Jain: avoid this stock for timebeing
pardeepbholi: sir what is future of cairn for one month positive or negative
Ajay Jain: i think right now cairn india looks positive today for
karanpeswani88: Hello Sir, Surya Pharmaceutical Limited is better for 6 months - 1 year investment.
Ajay Jain: I donot follow this stock
tlaxman29: whats ur view on crude for today and thi week
Ajay Jain: right now looking weak, but can bouance back also any time in coming days
pradeeposho2003: any good stock till budget?
Ajay Jain: Cairn India looking positive for few days
tushar2309: Sir, whats your view on crude..????
Ajay Jain: I have given my view on crude oil
paryankbhatt_20: having sksmicro @Rs.162 300 Qty what to do pls advice me and arshya internation also having 250 qty Rs.150
Ajay Jain: Better tp go for front line stok
raja3kb: Future of Kingfisher Airlines?
Ajay Jain: Not very bright
vallabhgroup: Cairn India is not performing as per expectations. Similarly, predictions for USD and Gold are not going correct.
Ajay Jain: Crude oil, gold have achived our target. now on correction phase. follow our regular advise and when tahget achived book profit for swing trading.
sachin@02: sir dont you think valuations of all other sector except psu banks, infra, capital,oil, power and steel are very expensive and sensex or nifty to rise these sectors must perform ..
Ajay Jain: you may be right
teacher278: Respected sir, Pls give ur view on crude oil for two days time? ve or -ve
Ajay Jain: I have already express my view of crude oil
naveen_p: HI Sir Ur views on silver for short term
Ajay Jain: highly volatile
sammin22: sir my DOB 22-09-1975,12.25 non, trading in equities/commodities good for me?careerwise/tradewise..also which sectors for me.Kindly advice sir,pls,
Ajay Jain: you may keep eyes on Metal stock for time being
profitport: Good Day Sir! Would like to know your views on Unity Infra, Dena Bank and Reliance Industries please... thanks !
Ajay Jain: RIL is looking good
pintupatra: Sir, good stock in this point for 6 months good return pls.
Ajay Jain: for 6 months time period , wait for investment . this is not the right time for investment
Ajay Jain: Nifty is base on front line stocks and major downward move is seen in mid and small cap stock
jyotibi: sir sugar stocks are high beta stocks not reccomned for trading but whether it will perform in 2013 ? should on buy on dips?
Ajay Jain: today this will perform better
pradeeposho2003: sir will hpcl reach 345 - 350 in 3 months time?
Ajay Jain: today Hpcl looks positive
jyotibi: sir stocks have corrected very sharply but nifty has not corrected ,is it in bear mkt tone.
Ajay Jain: Nifty is base on front line stocks while major corrections has been taken place in mid cap and small cap.
naveen_p: Hi Sir Is Cairn good for investment at 310 for long term, or shall wait for more correction
Ajay Jain: This is for long term investment means 4-7 year investment. This is not for trading
pranshubansal17: Hello Sir.. Do you think any rally is coming in the market before budget on 28 Feb? The midcaps are going down every day, so do you think nifty may also go down anytime soon.. Thanks in advance for your advice
Ajay Jain: I will bet on Mid cap stock right now
paryankbhatt_20: having sksmicro @Rs.162 300 Qty what to do pls advice me
Ajay Jain: avoid this stock
tlaxman29: sir whats ur view on base metals
Ajay Jain: positive for time being
paryankbhatt_20: having sksmicro @Rs.162 300 Qty what to do pls advice me and arshya internation also having 250 qty Rs.150 please advice for good stock bcaz i loose money lots in this market
Ajay Jain: i have already advised on this
sachin@02: dear sir what do you think about capital goods sector and infra can they perform going forward as cycle of industry changes.. ? do you expect investment cycle to start soon??
Ajay Jain: Cycle of Industries will start shortely within 2 years.
Ajay Jain: Thanks for being with me in chat . see you next week same time. you may follow me at also for daily predictions on stock and commodity good luck Happy trading