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20 Feb 2013 - 14:00hrs hrs

Abhishek Goenka | Founder & CEO


Rupee and cross currency movement

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iimimutualfund: what is your view on JPYUSA & effect on INR perse
Abhishek Goenka: USDJPY bullish target it to 95 levels
jksingh2612: Next one-two month, what will be the treand for Dolller & Rupess ?
Abhishek Goenka: For Medium & long term we are bullish on USDINR
jksingh2612: When you expeted that Doller will reach near to Rupess 55 or 56.
Abhishek Goenka: We expect the range of 53 - 55 levels in USDINR till march quarter.
pavanreddyg: Sir how get rupee vs dollar information last 10 years
Abhishek Goenka: You can refer authentic sites like RBI, World bank to get the relevant information.
anandp84: what is the range for USD?
Abhishek Goenka: We expect USDINR to be in the range of 53 - 55 levels till March
Abhishek Goenka: We are Bullish on Dollar as said in earlier chat as well. We target DXY to 81 levels for near term and 84 levels for Medium term. EURUSD Bearish with the target of 1.31 levels.
nishem: Dear Mr. Abhishek, I wish you will be fine. Kindly let me know your view on USD/INR in short term (10-15 days, budget impact) and medium term (1-3 months)?
Abhishek Goenka: Hi, USDINR for next 15 days you can expect the range of 53.80 - 54.50 levels. Medium term ( 3 months)- 55+ levels.
rajeshjerome: Sir, if it go down from current level (54.20) of February series how much it will go?
Abhishek Goenka: In best scenario, we can see 53.60 - 53.80 levels
nishem: How much budget can impact the USD/INR? Upto which level it can go?
Abhishek Goenka: Most of the measures to be announced are already discounted in the market, even if govt is able to announce a decent budget the dip in USDINR would be short lived. Max to max we can see 53.60 levels

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