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22 Nov - 01:00 hrs

Parag Doctor | Head - Trading Strategies, LKP


Smart trading strategies

Chat Transcript

moderator: Hi everyone! Welcome to this chat session on moneycontrol.com. Today`s chat is with Mr. Doctor, who will join us at 1:00 pm.
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santhoshkoroth: Is it the right time to buy sun pharma ?
Parag Doctor: Sun Pharma can be bought for longer term investment with stop loss of 525 and target of 675.It is a good defensive bet.
guest: sir,your view on IDFC bought at 107?
Parag Doctor: Hold IDFC with stop loss of 90 and add to it above 115
guest: i want to know about India Infoline. Whats the future of this stocks.
Parag Doctor: The stock has a good base formation between 45 and 55 and has crossed the longer term 200 dma . It is heading for 80-90 levels in the next 1 year with stop loss at 45.
guest: your view on crompton greeves ltd i bought it on 105
Parag Doctor: Hold crompton for longer term target of 130 to 140 with stop loss of 85 as the stock has a good accumulation pattern
guest: what should i do in mcdowell sell or buy??????
Parag Doctor: Buy Mcdowell for investment with stop loss of 2275 and target of 2810 which is the 52 week high for the stock. The long term 200 dma for the stock is at 2300.
guest: I have 50,000 shares of suzlong bought @ 9.95. What short term target I can look at ?
Parag Doctor: Suzlon can move to 11.5 which is the 200 dma with stop loss at 8.25
mohank_1010: Every expert is talking high about Tata Global but Why it is not moving high
Parag Doctor: Tata Global sold off recently due to an impending merger
guest: can i buy hcl tech,infosys,tcs at current market price
Parag Doctor: IT stocks are in a sideways trend and will underperform the markets for some time. Buy only on dips.
mohank_1010: Did we miss the bus for Pharma & IT sector & we must wait for descent correction. Is there any thing left to bet for long term. Pl. suggest
Parag Doctor: For longer term it is advisable to be in a diversified portfolio of large cap index stocks or mutual funds as sectoral bets are always risky. The markets are not going anywhere and you will never miss the bus as new oppoortunities will always be there.
guest: sir i want to do pair in trading in nifty and bank nifty. what would be the strategy ans sir please suggest stocks for pair trading also.
Parag Doctor: Bank Nifty always outperforms the Nifty in bull markets so once 6350 is crossed in the Nifty you should be long Bank Nifty and short Nifty. Use standard deviation models to pick your trades. In stocks always trade stocks from the same sector.
Parag Doctor: HDIL is facing resistance at 50 and immediate support at 40. Avoid realty stocks for long term investment as the fundamentals for the sector are not good.
guest: sbin bought 600@ 1860, lt 200 @ 920, yesbank 3200 @ 425. when cost to be recovered and if these be kept for 5 years, what are prospects?
Parag Doctor: All the three stocks are large caps and will do well with a 5 year horizon in mind.
Parag Doctor: Dont trade for short term without proper advise. Be a longer term investor after studying the fundamentals and technicals of each stock in detail. It is best you concentrate on your studies first.
moderator: Thank you Mr.Parag for sharing your views. Thank you to all the participants for posting their queries. If you have any suggestions about this chat you can send an e-mail to feedback@moneycontrol.com

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