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Chat Transcript

18 Jun - 12:00 hrs

Anuj Puri | Chairman & Country Head, Jones Lang LaSalle India


Prime properties in the making

Chat Transcript

moderator: Dear Moneycontrol user, welcome to the Master Your Money chat session with Mr. Puri, who will answer your queries relating to real estate. So fire away your questions!
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guest: Is it possible, upto 13,000/- monthly base salaries people can take property like flat or land
Anuj Puri: It depends on where you live and what options are available in your local property market. As such, there are many micro-finance institutions that do offer loans to people from less-than-privileged financial backgrounds who want to buy homes in the budget range of Rs. 6-12 lakh
guest: Ghanshyam from ahmedabad Buy nila infra ltd 20000 @ 4.50 now what to do with this stock (hold or sell)
Anuj Puri: Suggest you wait till the upcoming budget announcement to see what new provisions are made. Construction companies may benefit from new policies and the stock could go up
guest: pls advise the prospects in noida 79 sector the project like lotus green, is it worth to buy at 4700 BSP
Anuj Puri: The current price range in Noida sector 79 is Rs. 4436-4533/sq.ft. Suggest you negotiate
manishmjasani: hello i want to buy in applewood project ahmedabad 20 80 scheme pl suggest the project and they offer 20 per down payment with emi i am intrested and already made payment pl suggest
Anuj Puri: The project is in Bopal, which has seen a consistent 10-15% growth in property rates over the past two years. Good investment if it is at the right price point
guest: How is the project Prateek grand city in siddarth vihar Gaziabad
Anuj Puri: The project is located on the NH24 Expressway near to Indirapuram. The location is excellent for future appreciation. Maximum returns would be possible if you get the right entry point (price tag)
guest: I have invested two years ago in Gurgaon Sector 107. The property value is down to the original price (4600/sq ft) I paid. It was up to 5250 last year. Should I exit and reinvest in another location?
Anuj Puri: Your investment horizon is too short. Gurgaon is a good market, but you need to have patience and wait for at least 5-6 years for good returns in any market.
manishmjasani: pl let me know about the builder and his project applewood builder and the project name is satyesh residency is geneuine and offer is genuine project name satyesh residency builder applewood
Anuj Puri: The developer is Sandesh Group, and the project is a large township. Townships take a long time to complete, so do not expect instant appreciation.
guest: What are your thoughts on M3M as a builder in Gurgaon? Are they on par with DLF?
Anuj Puri: I would hesitate to compare developers, but M#M is a large and well-capitalized development firm with excellent projects
guest: what is the appreciation you see in the property prices? Is expecting a 10-13% appreciation a fair expectation. Or do you see a higher appreciation ? ( City in Pune/Indore )
Anuj Puri: Appreciation is very specific to micro-location. Both Pune and Indore have pockets which can see consistent 10-15% appreciation per annum, and even areas that can go as high as 20% per annum
bhushancp: I am considering investing in property in mulund west or thane cadbury area. Which one you think will give me better returns in 5 years time
Anuj Puri: The price points are very different for Mulund and Thane. However, given the overall growth and appreciation trends, Thane is a more vibrant market which offers a broader range of entry points
manishmjasani: can you pl suggest me some 80 20 scheme in ahmedabad indore rajkot surat and baroda
Anuj Puri: Apologies, but I cannot suggest projects offering such schemes
guest: how the issue of NGT for 10 km of okhla bird is likely to solve
Anuj Puri: It is a issue which will take some more time to resolve
moderator: This chat has now ended. Thank you Mr Anuj Puri for sharing your views, and thank you viewers for your participation.
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