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| 02 Apr 2012 - 14:00hrshrs

What do stars foretell?


Ajay Jain |

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karanagarwal198: hi sir stocks 2 buy for this week
Ajay Jain: Karan ji Hope yo mush have enjoyed previous week recommendation of Hpcl and Sintex. Now banking stocks are looking good for short term investment Keep eyes on SBI, Yes bank
31abrar: sir i have shares of Bharti airtel @ 348 ????? Can you tell the views about this stock????
Ajay Jain: Abrar khan sahib This stock is world leader in his feild . you may trust on it
31abrar: sir i have 2000 shares of jain irrigation @ 105 ??? should i hold ???
Ajay Jain: good stock for trading and investment
amartiwari1982: SIR I HAVE IFCI @ 55 WHAT TO DO?
Ajay Jain: Mr Amar Tiwari Ji At this junction you need to have patience in Ifci for next 40 days . Hopefully you will not regreat
karanagarwal198: can i buy rcom vith 6months time frame.
Ajay Jain: You need to focus on banking , oil marekting companies for mid term trading rather then going for telecommnication for fresh investment
himadri51: Is the market going to be choppy in the near term or bullish?
Ajay Jain: Himandri ji Stock market is likely to see choppy next few sessions
surjit24: When can we expect rally in bullion?
Ajay Jain: Surjit ji right now bullion is highly volatile. go for our daily predictions
jyotibi: can one invest in balrampur chini at 58 for 80 tgt till diwali
Ajay Jain: Avoid sugar stocks since it is higly riskey sectors. Banking and oil marketing companies are ar almost bottom for investment
aditya.p1: Hello Sir, My name is Prashanth TS , DOB is 29 July 1979 , Birth Place :Jamkhandi, Karnataka and time is 3.45 AM. Please tell me will my investments are suits for short term or Long term? and which sector I can focus on. thanks
Ajay Jain: Mr Prashant Right now you may go for Hpcl for 2 months time period
pranshu.bansal: Dear Sir, I have bought Call options in BHEL for April month expiry. I know you do not recommend trading in options but please suggest your views on BHEL for short term and any targets if possible
Ajay Jain: Options trading required hour to hour paln with highest professional knowledge. Time is most important factor. Time to enter and time for exit is most important. without knowing the levels and plan . it is not proper for me to comments on options trading. You need to tell at what levels you have gone BHel options with quantity and risk capicity
jyotibi: can i invest in jeera or wait
Ajay Jain: avoid
pranshu.bansal: Hi Sir, Can we buy IDFC or Renuka Sugar for April expiry. Please suggest
Ajay Jain: Pranshu Bansal ji Idfc will be better choice right now for investment for 30 to 40 days time frame
nikhil.agni12: wat about TCIF?
Ajay Jain: Good stock for trading
s_ssjoshi: SIR, DOB:16/12/77 17.05pm , Kushalgarh (Rajasthan. Please advice stk mkt is suitable for me if us, please suggest sector/ stocks
Ajay Jain: Joshi ji Stock market is for you . You may trade with patience. try to avoid over trading. Greed and panic are the two enemy for traders . keep away from them
satshen: sir, your views on KSB Pumps
Ajay Jain: Satesh ji I donot follow this stock
jyotibi: can i invest in coal india at 240 till diwali for 300 tgt
Ajay Jain: Jyoti ji Thanks for being with me with bunch of questions Caol India is good stock for Investment
jyotibi: is natural gas good at current price 110 or wait
Ajay Jain: avoid this commodity for time being
scorpion.rka: Sir, good after noon, my DOB is 09.12.1969 and time 7 PM place Delhi. I am making loss in stocks. Please advise me for future guidance. How i can get profit. Thanking you in anticipation.
Ajay Jain: Your name is appread says that you are the combination of Fire and water. Follow my day to day recommendation at web site . Hopefully you will make money. follow golden rules of stock market before jump . You have wonderful positions of planets in birthc chart. Only timing is deffective of trade. correct this you will be the winner
tandon375: Sir Can I go short in tata global
Ajay Jain: Tandon ji No
tandon375: Sir wats your call on tech mahindra for 4-5 trading sessions
Ajay Jain: Good stock but not for 4-5 days
Ajay Jain: Ishwar ji Both stocks are very good for one year for good return
amartiwari1982: Hello Sir, My DOB is 21 August 1982 , Birth Place :Mumbai and time is 10.55 PM. Please tell me will my investments are suits for short term or Long term? and which sector I can focus on. thanks
Ajay Jain: You may do 2-3 months time period trading/ investment
Ajay Jain: Thanks every one for being with me in chat room. See you next monday same time same place. keep visiting web site for daily recommendations Happy and safe trading