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| 24 Mar - 10:00hrs

What is a good investment right now?


Sharmila Joshi |

guest: Hi Sharmila. I am having a current surplus of Rs 15 lacs and would like to invest into equities with a three year horizon. My expectation is to double this investment in the next three years. Could you please guide on a few large cap opportunities with this potential. Thanks& Regards Sujit Kumar
Sharmila Joshi: Thats a good idea - I don`t know about doubling your money but with you current corpus I recommend that you put 70% in large caps and 30% in good quality madcaps - with large caps I like sbi, hdfc bank, either sun pharma to lupin, larsen, hindalco, maruti or mahindra with madcaps look at motherson sumi, dcb bank, either motors, dabur,
myselfg: Which stocks should a new investor focus on in this present market condition?
Sharmila Joshi: good quality large caps and madcaps - like larsen, sun, thermal, either, dabur, motherson
guest: Dear Joshi Please can you tell me about Ashok leyland for the long term investment Thanks Mubeen
Sharmila Joshi: its run up and a lot of positives are in the price, buy with a 18 month perspective
guest: i want to invest in amara raja batteries and lupin every month through SIP route for the long term. is my choice of stocks reasonable to expect 25% return over a period of 10-15 years?
Sharmila Joshi: yes both are good stocks
prjains: Hi , I have 600 units of Lanco at 5.6 , should i hold or sell?
Sharmila Joshi: I think exit
guest: give some suggestoins on psu banks
Sharmila Joshi: don`t buy now wait for one more quarter
guest: Is it a good decision to Invest in Bank Stock rite Now?
Sharmila Joshi: yes for private banks - like hdfc bank, icici bank, yes bank
guest: Can I buy road related and road construction stocks? Please suggest some stocks to buy and hold for 2-3 years
Sharmila Joshi: irb and ilfs transport
guest: I have Tatat steel 4000 at RS 375, what should I do
Sharmila Joshi: hold, be patient
shubhatushar: I am holding eicher motors and UPL since year,Kindly advice hold or sell
Sharmila Joshi: hold
guest: Madam I have 1000 infosys shares@ 2000 should i keep it for now or book profit
Sharmila Joshi: hold
guest: your views of shree renuka sugars?
Sharmila Joshi: bad outlook for sugar for next 6 months at least
Jaysree: ITC is it a right time to buy or do you anticipate further fall before bounce back?
Sharmila Joshi: in terms of price it is ok to buy itc but overall recovery is going to be very very slow in itc
guest: what view on SBI Stock??
Sharmila Joshi: i like it at this price, its just suffering with the rest of the psu banks
guest: short term and log term view on ptc finance
Sharmila Joshi: long term view is good
ChetanBhangale: Hi madam, I have 500 shares of PTC India Finance @ 29, 100 IDFC @ 168 and 100 Sona Koyo @ 65. your views on this. Should I exit or continue I can wait for couple of years if required.
Sharmila Joshi: hold all are decent stocks
guest: I am currently holding Reliance Industries 1000 shares @ 1030, can you please suggest what should i do??
Sharmila Joshi: hold
guest: mcx stock view
Sharmila Joshi: good, try and buy on declines
guest: hi well where to invest for marraige of daughter after 4yrs
Sharmila Joshi: in large caps - like larsen, thermax, sun pharma, hdfc bank, etc
guest: suggest me two or three stocks to buy for 3 years
Sharmila Joshi: larsen, mahindra and mahindra, sun pharma, yes bank
guest: Madam, whats the prospect of Axis Bank & IDFC pl ?
Sharmila Joshi: good with a 12 month perspective
guest: what about hcc company current level buy or sell pls guide me
Sharmila Joshi: i would rather not buy leveraged stocks
guest: Bought LT 100nos on Rs1766.To book profit I need to hold it for how much time? Pl guide.
Sharmila Joshi: hold with a 12 to 18 month perspective
talk2pavan: Is it beter to accumulate Gruh Finance and Canara Home Finance at current Price ?
Sharmila Joshi: i like gruh and dewan housing