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02 Dec - 11:00 hrs

Kartik Mehta | AVP- Institutional Equity Research, Sushil Finance


What's a good strategy in the current market senioro this market?

Chat Transcript

qureshi96: i am invested in sundram @120 and ITC @ 353 what is your view for 1 year in this stock
Kartik Mehta: ITC is very good stock to hold for medium term target of 400-420. Any weakness till 330 should be captured to go long.
guest: i have shor arvind 3lot@285 can i hold or wait still exp any sl?
Kartik Mehta: Hold with SL of 280
lathavid: I have wipro 50 shares. Though i am in 10% profit, the movement is not big. Hold it? I have Biocon 50 shares. 5% profit now. Hold it?
Kartik Mehta: Wipro you should hold for target of 650. Do not worry for its slow movement. There are many examples, which did not perform for long time and then gave fantastic movement in just few days. Classic example is Cipla.
guest: I can bye L&TFH above 68 sl 66
Kartik Mehta: yes
guest: can i guy jp associates @ 48
Kartik Mehta: Yes but with pinch of salt. it is high risk high return play.
guest: I am having 786 NBCC shares @ avg price of 110 rs. Should i book profit or hold it?
Kartik Mehta: Excellent pick. I must congratulate you. Suggest hold on to it for further smart gain.
guest: guest: will bank shares remain positive as yesterday? do you suggest buying bank shares today axis/ icici at current market price??
Kartik Mehta: Stock to watch out for is hdfc bank. if closes above 855 then it can scale upto 900.
guest: I can bye Tata steel in this level?
Kartik Mehta: if you are investor with 15-24 months horizen then yes you can buy.
guest: Short time Bhel Tgt
Kartik Mehta: Better look at AIL as its better play than BHEL.
guest: Sir, I am a first time investors. Which stocks are good to start with.
Kartik Mehta: Go with good large caps like RIL, L&T, ACC, Hero Moto, ITC, Cipla, Wipro, Indusind Bank.
Kartik Mehta: Better wait till 3200
lathavid: I have biocon 50 shares. 5% profit till date. Can I hold it.
Kartik Mehta: Hold for 530
amanpandey1992: Whats your view on suzlon energy and Biocom??/
Kartik Mehta: Suzlon Avoid. Biocon buy on dips till 460
guest: I want to invest in few stocks through SIP. Please suggest few picks that can provide good return after year or two through SIP investment.
Kartik Mehta: RIL, L&T, ACC, Hero Moto, ITC, Cipla, Wipro, Indusind Bank, Coal India, Bosch, Blue dart, Rallis India, Godrej Industries, Aditya Birla Nuvo.
guest: jswsteel hold or sale
Kartik Mehta: Hold
guest: Views on Inox leisure? target?
Kartik Mehta: Looking good for investment. Best is yet to come.
amanpandey1992: Whats your view on Dena Bank and Bank of Maharastra??
Kartik Mehta: avoid
lathavid: Thank you for answering to two of my querries on WIPRO and BIOCON. Please suggest some evergreen stocks from large and midcaps. 20% annualized returns.
Kartik Mehta: Cipla, Wipro, Tech Mahindra, ITC, Britannia, Blue Dart, Bosch, Maruti, Hero Motocorp, Indusind Bank, Godrej Industries, RIL, L&T.
guest: Which is best pick in cement sector ACC, Ambuja, JK Laksmi, Ultra tech
Kartik Mehta: Ultratech and ACC in largecap and JK Cement in midcap