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Chat Transcript

02 Dec - 10:00 hrs

Sharmila Joshi | sharmilajoshi.com


What is a good investment right now?

Chat Transcript

guest: i have position on Eicher Motors,UPL and torrent power,Kindly advice.
Sharmila Joshi: i like all - hold
guest: Kindly let me know the stock where i can invest... Looking for small cap & mid cap.
Sharmila Joshi: century ply, ska micro
guest: Hello, Good Morning... My question is on morepen laboratories? It will go up or continues lower circuit?
Sharmila Joshi: Would not like to comment on penny stocks - avoid
guest: नमस्‍कार जी MMTC के बारे मे कुछ राय दिजीए
Sharmila Joshi: MMTC is fairly priced - don`t think it will go up in a hurry
guest: HI I would like advise on some pharma shares I could hold for six months
Sharmila Joshi: cipla - buy with a one year view
guest: Would you advice to invest in stocks when the market is volatile or rather invest in gold during dips..
Sharmila Joshi: At this point in time equity seems a better option
guest: Can I buy Persistent systems now?
Sharmila Joshi: yes - try and buy on dips
ajitjaidka: What to do with SML Isuzu formerly Swaraj Mzda bought at 979 trading today at 870/- ??????????
Sharmila Joshi: hold
Sharmila Joshi: both are good - but try and buy on dips
avdhesh1977: i hold 1000 Gmr @ 20 what is your call? and jain irrigation 200 @ 105 whats your view add hold or sell?
Sharmila Joshi: hold, gmr tgt 28 jain tgt 130
guest: Good Morning, Pls advise on Vijaya Bank & Andhra Bank
Sharmila Joshi: if you have them hold, but don`t make fresh purchase till we start getting rate cuts
arjunsett: Should I hold Britannia?
Sharmila Joshi: yes
guest: pl. advice on reliance industries
Sharmila Joshi: buy tgt 1500
guest: Good Morning. Can you please advise which stocks can be bought for long term & short term at current market conditions ?
Sharmila Joshi: for long term buy sib, larsen, sun pharma, tech mahindra
guest: What is view on infosys
Sharmila Joshi: hold
guest: IOC target for long term
Sharmila Joshi: tgt 460
guest: mirza international target for long term
Sharmila Joshi: tgt 60
guest: What is your take on Jindal saw
Sharmila Joshi: good, hold
guest: what do the bhel madm idont know english
Sharmila Joshi: hold BHEL
kota1969: Hi I am holding 10000 shares of RCF at 70 and willing to hold for 2 to 3 yrs. Pls suggest whether to hold or shift to some other good scrip?
Sharmila Joshi: you should shift - buy a bank like icici or cipla instead
guest: Indiabulls Real Estate Ltd and Dena Bank good investment..madam?
Sharmila Joshi: you will need to have a long term view on both and try and buy them on dips, both are not on my buy list but are ok stocks
avdhesh1977: Holding Camline fine science 200 @ 62 what`s your view ?
Sharmila Joshi: hold
guest: Madam,can I buy dcb bank at the present level
Sharmila Joshi: try and buy on dips
avdhesh1977: Mam can i enter Dolphin offshore at cmp ?
Sharmila Joshi: try and buy on dips tgt 200