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18 Jun - 10:00 hrs

Kunal Bothra | Sr Technical Analyst, LKP


What are technical indicators suggesting?

Chat Transcript

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guest: i have moil 360 share @ 393 please advise
Kunal Bothra: I think you should average MOIL at current levels till 300, and with an investment horizon of almost a year , you can hold for a target of 450.
patelbharat2210: Can I rely on KFA ?
Kunal Bothra: Well, I think there are far more better trading opportunities available in markets at current point and one should concentrate on them. KFA is still on a long term downtrend, and is still weak. I would not recommend the same at current point.
guest: ongc can buy today
Kunal Bothra: ONGC has given a long term breakout above 350-355. Its a 3-4 year breakout, and I think, one could buy and hold this stock for long term. Targets of 550 could be possible in ONGC in the next 1-2 years.
anuraghurria22: i have buy idbi bank for Rs. 112, 1000 shares hold it or sell it...
Kunal Bothra: Hi, from a short term view IDBI is facing resistance around 115 zone. That is now a crucial level. If it crosses above that then it could see levels of 140. I think if the stock corrects 10-15% you could look to average your holdings in the same.
guest: relcap karid sak tay hay kay sir is ka target kay hay
Kunal Bothra: Reliance Capital is extremely attractive from a technical view. I think you should be buy it on dips till 580 levels and expect a target of 700-750 in the next 1-2 years.
guest: shall I buy idfc at current level or wait for a dip
Kunal Bothra: IDFC on daily chart is forming a larger traingular consolidation pattern with a ragen of 129-135. Only if it breaks 135 you can look to buy this stock for target of 165 and stop loss at 125.
guest: I have Edelweiss 100 shares shall i hold it?
Kunal Bothra: Yes.
sharmaak1: i am holding sesa sterlite @208 what to do now
Kunal Bothra: Excellent level to enter, and appreciate that you were able to hold it even now. I think, you can continue to hold with a target of 400-450 in the next 1-2 years.
guest: Is MACD is strong indicator for any share`s movement ?
Kunal Bothra: MACD is basically the Convergence and Divergence of Moving Averages. Since moving averages are considered strong trending indicators, the indicator could give strong signals in a trending market. However, the lagging effect of a moving average could be a concern. In a sideways markets, the signals could provide many whipsaws.
guest: I hv emco 300 shares @ 30/- can I hold or sell it
Kunal Bothra: EMCO is one of the few stocks, which are rising with strong volume as well as price action. I think, the stock has strong potential to scale up further in the next 1-2 years. I think, it could potentially double in the next 1-2 years.
guest: i buy ril at 1104 july f&o. can i exit now,or hold it
Kunal Bothra: I think you should hold it. I expect the stock to be closer to 1150 in the short term. SUpport is at 1065 on closing basis.
guest: nifty level
Kunal Bothra: 7680-7580 intraday is a critical range for Nifty spot levels.
guest: Hi Kunal, I bought TATA Motors Futures @ 449.5. Do i need to hold or sell it off? Please let me know. - Sudha
Kunal Bothra: Hi Sudha, I think keep a trailing stop loss of 430 and hold.
mahadevan1971: Edelweiss will go upto which extent in near further? what is the Target?
Kunal Bothra: Edelweiss has a resistance around 60 -65 zone. If it breaks this it could potentially cross 100 mark pretty soon. Volumes are very strong along with momentum. I think, you can stay invested.
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