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02 Dec - 10:00 hrs

Amar Ambani | Head of Research, IIFL


Which sectors look good?

Chat Transcript

Amar Ambani: Good morning friends and welcome to this chat
guest: Dear Sir, Good morning, pl. advice on Reliance industries..this month future series
Amar Ambani: Not seen this month but we are bullish on RIL from long term. Profit will double between FY04 to FY08. Disclaimer: I own in my personal portfolio
Amar Ambani: Andhra looks good on the charts. Can rally to Rs84. Stoploss Rs81. ACC looks expensive on fundamental valuations.
guest: which is best stock to buy for 5 years
Amar Ambani: RIL, L&T, ICICI, NMDC, IndusInd are some good ones in large cap
ashoknrao: Hi Amar, Usually every year, we would see some dip in december around the christmas, should we wait for this dip to buy any stocks or we can buy it even now for long term? Regards, Ashok
Amar Ambani: If you are already heavily invested in equities, then you can wait for a correction to add positions. But for people that dont have much exposure to equities, I recommend to start even today - may be start with large caps.
guest: I am holding 1000 shares of Strtechnology at77 . What is your view . Can hold for a year .
Amar Ambani: We had dropped coverage long ago. Dont have a view on this now.
sanjayarkh: Sir Please give me few stocks which are of around 10- 50Rs price range and have capability of becoming Multibagger In 5 - 10 years period.
Amar Ambani: One stock we like is Tourism Finance Corp (TFCIL). We have been recommending this stock to our clients from around 45 levels.
Amar Ambani: Disclaimer: I may own some or all of the stocks discussed in this chat. We may also have recommended these stocks to our customers, friends and / or relatives.
guest: sir iam holding Infosys 20 stocks why stock price decresing please suggest
Amar Ambani: Infy has run up post announcement of bonus. It goes ex-bonus today
guest: dear sir i have JYOTI STRUCTURE STOCK buying rate : 159 at 150 stock what i do now hold or sell...or howmany times hold
Amar Ambani: Jyoti Structure looks weak on the chart. Not sure when it would return to your level of Rs150
ninadajoshi: Hello, morning, I am planning to invest 500000 rupees in one stock for 5 years, then which stock shall I choose?
Amar Ambani: Look for an attractive mutual fund scheme like HDFC top 200 and the ETF route to invest. Putting in one stock is not recommended because risk goes high due to lack of diversification.
guest: is nmdc good?to buy
Amar Ambani: NMDC has fallen largely due to fall in iron ore prices. Pressure in the near term cannot be ruled out. But if you want to buy for the long term, then its a good company
guest: Sir, I am planning to make SEP (Systemetic Equity Plan) in PNB, ICICI, SBI and HDFC of 2000 each every month for 1 year. Is it Advisable ?
Amar Ambani: Your idea is right but i would suggest you add some more stocks to the list and from non-financial space for better diversification.
guest: which sector good be better to invest? suggest me
Amar Ambani: A stock specific approach is more suited in our view rather than sector wise.
akil_sp1977: Hello sir, I have bought Unitech shares at 17.90. Shall I hold it? What will be the near term target, if it goes up?
Amar Ambani: I am a firm believer of buying property directly rather than thru real estate stocks.
guest: Hi Sir, i am holding ashok leyland @ 32, 10000, should i hpld more.
Amar Ambani: You can hold for the long term.
guest: IIFL CLIENT: Sir, Is there bonus chances to LUPIN, if not, is there any possible for further appreciation?
Amar Ambani: No idea about bonus. We recommend Lupin for the long term. Disclaimer: Please note that I hold this stock in my personal portfolio.
Amar Ambani: Thank you friends. This ends today`s chat. You can also follow me on twitter.com/AmarAmbani