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Stocks | 01 Sep - 10:00hrs

What is a good investment right now?


Sharmila Joshi |

empower701: Is Ashok leyland and Eicher motors are good buy now
Sharmila Joshi: yes i like both, but because both have gone up quite a bit you need to keep the investment horizon about 12 to 18 months
guest: Is axis bank ,hcl tech okay to invest right right now..
Sharmila Joshi: yes both are good stocks
guest: with 3-4 years view which is better - DHFL or IndiaBulls Hsg Fin.?
Sharmila Joshi: I prefer DHFL
sunitha8844: Hi This is Sunitha Please can u let me know about Crude mcx intraday levels
Sharmila Joshi: sorry don`t cover commodities
hmtgniet8275: I want to invest 2 lakh now for long term min 5 year....Please suggest me good stock
Sharmila Joshi: will suggest 4 stocks - put equally - sun pharma, larsen, motherson sumi and biocon
guest: Should we put more money in stocks or in Mutual funds to get better gain from market?
Sharmila Joshi: you should ideally have both - its a good idea to do an sip in some select mutual funds and churn the funds every two three years. but its a good idea to have some money in direct equity as well especially if you have the risk profile for it
guest: I hold BOB at the rate of Rs.180/- Further I want 100 shares of BOB for one year investment. Is it proper? Also I want to purchase ICICI for the same period.
Sharmila Joshi: yes hold BOB and you can buy at ICICI at current level
guest: Good Morning Madam! In your previous chatI have asked regarding TATA steel cost at 350 after i have average it to 302. still going down how much time i have to give and what to do.
Sharmila Joshi: yes its unfortunate that how metals have been hit because of the yuan situation, don`t do anything for now but maybe 3-4 months later we can look to average tata steel if the situation starts improving
guest: your call on Cadila and Tata Elaxi? with 2 years hold
Sharmila Joshi: I like Tata Elxsi - with a 2 year view you should get decent returns
guest: costrol buy 495
Sharmila Joshi: yes you can buy castrol with a 12 month view
chiragik: For Bombay dyeing / NHPC -- what`s your recommendation. Should i hold or buy? I have Bombay dyeing at 90 rs/share and NHPC at 25 rs/share. Making huge losses in this two shares. Please advise
Sharmila Joshi: You should look to exit but not at current levels, but when market recovers exit both
guest: Is Siemens have chance to regain its glory this month?
Sharmila Joshi: not this month but results were good so you can hold if you have the stock
guest: Kindly suggest 5-7 stocks sector wise for long term to buy at current market rates.
Sharmila Joshi: sun pharma, larsen, icici bank, tech mahindra, tata motor dvr, hindalco
guest: your one year target on Dishman Pharma after good june qtrly result? shall i buy century ply at this rate?
Sharmila Joshi: I like century ply buy with a target of Rs 180
guest: shall I buy Granules India and Sintex at this rate with 1 year view?
Sharmila Joshi: Yes for granules
guest: good morning Sharmila, can u pls share yr views on Bharat Forge - both short term and long term
Sharmila Joshi: Long term great stock, near term could be choppy because that is how markets going to be
soorajva: hii, What is your take on SBI and Axis bank?
Sharmila Joshi: I like both at current levels, but buy with a long term view and buy incrementally
guest: Hi Sharmila, wht do u suggest on buying infy shares for a mim of 2years?
Sharmila Joshi: yes go ahead
Sharmila Joshi: I like berger paints, its my preferred play from the lower crude price outlook.
guest: MADAM should I buy cipla and sbi at this level for I year period
Sharmila Joshi: yes
guest: i have already invested 50% of my money in equity stocks. Do you feel this is the right time to up it by 10 -20%
Sharmila Joshi: yes good idea
kank20: hello good morning!! pls advice on following: HPCL, JBM, Gabriele, TVS ,Tata motors that I am holding, should I continue these? Thanks
Sharmila Joshi: yes you can hold the stocks, I would convert tata motors to tata motors dvd
tasnimfatima: I Bought SBI 178 @ 285.540, I can buy more or Sell ?
Sharmila Joshi: you can buy more
ramanihiren: Hi mam, how about vedanta for an year ????
Sharmila Joshi: i would avoid
guest: Can I buy Hexaware at current levels or should I wait for a dip
Sharmila Joshi: yes but about 30% of what you want to now
guest: I have voltas @320 can hold 6 month 0r long can i get some profit
Sharmila Joshi: yes you can hold volts but time period needs to be longer than 6 months
rajendra_karite: Is there any midcap stock where i can invest for 1 year
Sharmila Joshi: dabur
guest: how far AL and TVS srichakra can go up ?
Sharmila Joshi: ashok leyland target rs 115 with a 12 month view
guest: which sectors is good for 1-2 year horizon
Sharmila Joshi: pharma it fmcg
guest: Good Morning Ma`am.. I want to invest Rs 15000/- for 1-2 years which stock should i buy....? Idea, IDFC, Edelwise financial,icici and tech mahindra iahve sorted these stock.. please suggest me
Sharmila Joshi: i like all - so pick 3 - maybe idfc, tech mahindra and icici
guest: What is the future of M/s Clariant Chemicals at Rs.740 bought at Rs. 875 with buy back offer @Rs.950
Sharmila Joshi: you can continue to hold
guest: I am interested in investing Federal Bank and Aban Offshore at current level with a time horizon of 5-6 months. Your advice will be appreciated.
Sharmila Joshi: I would not buy either
guest: Your thoughts on nalco long term?
Sharmila Joshi: would advise you to switch to hindalco
guest: i want to buy ongs. Is it good bet ?
Sharmila Joshi: would not buy ongc just yet
guest: icici 1000 shares @ 300 hold or sell
Sharmila Joshi: hold
guest: I have 100 united bank and 100 tata power. should I hold/
Sharmila Joshi: don`t like either
guest: How do you rate DHFL, Hyderabad Industries and SpiceJet as buys....short term or medium term or long term?
Sharmila Joshi: dhfl for long term
guest: which sectors will do well now
Sharmila Joshi: pharma it
guest: Your view on dish tv and titaan?
Sharmila Joshi: i like dish tv
harishbv2014: Good Morning , i would like to know if i could buy Gati at this current level or should i wait for some more time
Sharmila Joshi: buy 30% of what you want to now