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02 Sep - 10:00 hrs

Shveta Jain | Director - Residential Services, Cushman & Wakefield


Is the real estate boom over?

Chat Transcript

guest: In last seven years price of property increased 5 times same trend will continue in next 7 years or will it be different?
Shveta Jain: The growth from here on will be gradual and realistic
sriyallaparajua: Hi Madam, is it right time to purchase site in bangalore. Is there any chance of rates will come down Raju
Shveta Jain: This is a good time to enter the market
Shveta Jain: The prices have hit the bottom and areas with good increase are where prices are low and infrastructure is being laid.
guest: It is reported that the real estate prices have become downor at the most stable.Kindly comment.If possible kindfly intimate the area where real estate prices will show goods increase in coming 2 years. Nirmal Sahni
Shveta Jain: The current prices are at low and areas with growth potential are where entry prices are low and infrastructure work is on.
guest: Is Indore a good option for investment now ?
Shveta Jain: yes
guest: Where can I invest in Mumbai suburb (bandra - andheri)below 1.5 cr, where good infrastructure is coming up and sure shot excellent returns expected. Be it resale or new. Please advise.
Shveta Jain: Andheri and beyond would have good options
guest: What is the scope in investing in Chennai? Kindly guide. Regards, CHANDRA
Shveta Jain: Chennai is still going through little price correction and this is a good time to enter.
guest: Hi, what are the key points one should look while buying the New Flats and OLD Flats
Shveta Jain: For new flats points to be kept in mind are builder profile and track record, past projects, approvals in place, which banks are funding it, payment structure, clauses on delay and non deliverability, etc. For old flats one should look at ownership details and clear title, ensure no encumbrances or mortgages, structural damage, etc.
guest: Where to invest in indore for good returns in 5-6 years of time. Please advice.
Shveta Jain: In and around IT set ups and SEZ`s
guest: what is your view on the new Kohinoor property in Dadar, Mumbai? Is it a safe investment option considering the premium demanded and the delay in the project?
Shveta Jain: Good project to enter now as approvals are in place, its a mixed land development with commercial, retail and residential which is not available elsewhere in that location, offers sea view as no high rise around, etc.