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16 Jun - 10:00 hrs

Know more about Mutual Funds

Mehrab Irani,

General Manager, Tata Investment Corporation

16 Jun - 11:00 hrs

What kind of fund one should invest now?

Hemant Rustagi,

CEO, Wiseinvest Advisors

16 Jun - 12:00 hrs

Know more about Mutual Funds

Jitendra P.S.Solanki,

Investment Adviser & CFP, JS Financial Advisors

16 Jun - 02:00 hrs

Investing in Mutual Funds in volatile markets

Jiju Vidyadharan,

Director- Funds & Fixed Income, CRISIL

16 Jun - 03:00 hrs

SIP or Lumpsum investments?

Jayant Pai,

CFP & Head Marketing, PPFAS Mutual Fund

16 Jun - 04:00 hrs

How to get a balanced mutual fund portfolio?

Dr Renu Pothen,

Research Head,fundsupermart.com

07 Jul - 10:00 hrs

Are your mutual funds doing good?

Umesh Rathi,

CFPcm, Arihant Capital

07 Jul - 11:00 hrs

Know your money matters better

Kiran Telang,

Director, Dhanayush Capital Advisors

07 Jul - 12:00 hrs

Building mutual fund portfolio - the smart way

Juzer Gabajiwala,

Director, Ventura Securities

07 Jul - 02:00 hrs

Which mutual fund scheme to buy now?

Pankaj Mathpal,

MD, Optima Money Managers

07 Jul - 03:00 hrs

Build wealth with mutual funds

Amit Trivedi,

Author & Founder, Karmayog Knowledge Academy

07 Jul - 04:00 hrs

The best mutual fund schemes to buy right now

Feroze Azeez,

Director- Investment Product, AnandRathi