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16 Jun - 10:00 hrs

Are gold prices set for a crash

NS Ramaswamy,

Head Commodities, Ventura Securities

16 Jun - 11:00 hrs

The hottest commodities to bet on

Aurobinda Prasad,

Research Head- Commodities and Currency, Kotak Securities

16 Jun - 12:00 hrs

Commodities that you should buy or sell

Veeresh Hiremath,

Head- Commodities, Karvy Comtrade

16 Jun - 02:00 hrs

Commodities that you should buy or sell

Gnanasekar T,

Director, CommTrendz

16 Jun - 03:00 hrs

Get a technical check on commodities

CP Krishnan,

Whole Time Director, Geofin Comtrade

16 Jun - 04:00 hrs

The hottest commodities to bet on

Kunal Shah,

Head of Commodity Research, Nirmal Bang

07 Jul - 10:00 hrs

Which commodity you should bet on?

Kishore Narne,

Associate Director, Motilal Oswal

07 Jul - 11:00 hrs

Know the trends in gold and silver

Kaushal Jaini,

AVP Research, Dani Investment

07 Jul - 12:00 hrs

Where are commodities headed?

Naveen Mathur,

Associate Director- Commodities & Currencies, Angel Commodities

07 Jul - 03:00 hrs

Will commodities make big buck for you?

Ashish Shah,

Head Commodities, Sushil Finance

07 Jul - 04:00 hrs

The prices, charts and the trades in commodities

Jayant Manglik,

President- Retail Distribution, Religare Securities