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22 Nov - 10:00 hrs

Get a technical check on commodities.

CP Krishnan,

Whole Time Director, Geojt Comtrade

22 Nov - 11:00 hrs

The hottest commodities to bet on

NS Ramaswamy,

Head Commodities, Ventura Securities

22 Nov - 02:00 hrs

Trends in gold, silver

Kaushal Jaini,

Head- Wealth Management & Research, Dani Investment Services

22 Nov - 03:00 hrs

Where are commodities headed?

Naveen Mathur,

Associate Director- Commodities & Currencies, Angel Commodities

22 Nov - 05:00 hrs

The hottest commodities to bet on

Aurobinda Prasad,

Research Head- Commodities and Currency, Karvy