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3 reasons why you should opt for maternity insurance

With soaring costs and expenses piling up, people always try to cut the costs down. One of the most expensive sectors today is healthcare. While you can save money if you are healthy and fit, there are some expenses that you cannot dodge like maternity expenses. However, a lot of people are forced to compromise on their maternity expenses simply because good, high-quality maternity care is quite expensive. As a result, women get admitted in smaller nursing homes and government hospitals to evade the long bills of the bigger, private hospitals. However, if given a choice, no one would want to settle for anything but the best. But is that possible? Of course it is! With the help of maternity insurance, you can get the best possible maternity care. Take a look at the top reasons why you must get yourself a maternity insurance.

1. Hospital and nursery charges - As we all know, getting admitted in a good hospital can be terribly expensive these days and more so when you get admitted in a specialized maternity centre. However, these are the best places for you as well as your baby as they are equipped with the latest and most advanced equipments, have the best doctors and facilities and overall provide the best possible care. Then, if your new-born child requires some medical attention following birth-related complications, you can rest assured he/she will be treated with the highest level of expertise possible. If you have maternity insurance, you can provide these services to yourself as well as your baby without worrying about the finances at all.

2. Doctor' fees - It is no secret that nowadays doctors charge a huge amount of money every time they perform a surgery or even come over for a consultation. As a result, you end up paying a lot of money as the doctors’ fees and more so when you are admitted in the hospital for your delivery. This is because doctors - your gynecologist, RMOs, special consultants (in case of complications), anesthetists, pediatricians – visit you on regular intervals. The maternity insurance pays for all such fees and you are left without a worry.

3. Vaccination of the child - Apart from paying for the child’s medical bills if there is an emergency post-delivery, your maternity insurance also commonly covers the vaccination charges of the child for the 1st year. This proves to be very helpful as vaccination costs are quite high these days. So unless you want to take your child to a government hospital and wait in the long queues for the discounted vaccines get a maternity insurance and provide the little one with the best possible comforts of a healthy life.

So as you can see, getting maternity insurance proves to be beneficial all around. Whether you get it as a part of your group health plan or buy it individually, make sure you have a maternity insurance well in advance. Maternity insurance usually comes with a waiting period of about 3-4 years. As a result, you need to get the policy much before you decide to have the child. A small step can lead to many large-scale advantages for you and your precious little darling.

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