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11 awesome tips to save money you never knew!

How to save that extra buck? That’s the question on everyone’s mind. Kripananda Chidambaram of Fintotal Insights and Resources  suggest "11 awesome tips to save money you never knew!"

The author is a director at Fintotal Insights and Resources.

1. Walk down to the station if it's just 15 minutes. If not, then bus. This can, surprisingly, save you loads of money in long term.

2. Throw away your credit card. The interest charged is more than 30 percent.

3. Buy Non-Perishable Items in bulk with friends.

4. Shop a lot! But only during sale. And look out for discount coupons and codes.

5. Have 3 months contingency fund in your account. Don't touch unless emergency.

6. Educate yourself on Personal Finance basics. It's easy and can have tremendous positive effect in your life.

7. Skip CCD. Hang out at your nearest chaiwala or a dhabha.

8. Have a fixed automatic amount transferred to a mutual fund at the start of every month.

9. Eat lite before going to Fine Dine. Good for your body and wallet.

10. Take less than 5 minutes to write down to your expense every day.

11. Buy Generic Medicines. It costs 10x less than branded medicines.


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