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Rahul Shah

VP- Group Leader-Equity Advisory Group, Motilal Oswal

Rahul is a Bachelor in commerce from the University of Mumbai with a Masters in Management Studies(Finance) from the K.J. Somaiya Institute of Management, Mumbai. He is also Post graduate in Securities law from Government Law College, Mumbai He has over 12 years of rich experience in managing and building up the clients' portfolio. He started his career as an Equity Advisor with Motilal Oswal and has been well-regarded in the industry for his work. Besides, Rahul is also a Visiting faculty member with reputed Management institutes in Mumbai. He is also submitted research papers on Index futures to University of Mumbai. He has spent the first 10 years of his career with Motilal Oswal Equity Advisory Group Soliciting Clients in Restructuring & Redesigning all their holdings in Equities & Derivatives Products. At Motilal Oswal, in his capacity as Group leader -Equity Advisory Group., he has led the active equity investment team since 2007.


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