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Kunal Bothra

Sr Technical Analyst, LKP

Kunal Bothra is a Head Analyst- Technical at LKP Securities. Prior to this, he worked in Edelweiss Securities, Citifinancial Consumer Finance India. He has completed his CMT (level2), MMS Finance, B.E. and member of MTA, ATMA. His expertise is in mid-cap stocks. He has over 6 years of experience. Kunal has been tracking the Indian Equity markets for more than 6 years as a technical analyst, trader, and a strategist. His focus is Indian Equities and he keenly follows various asset classes such as currencies, commodities and global equity indices. He is a professional who brings multi-faceted holistic perspectives on Indian markets with global inter-market analytics across time spans ranging from intraday to multi-year time fractals. Apart from specializing in conventional technical analysis tools, he is an exponent in giving macro technical view by using several inter-market macro-economic indicators, statistical models and advance technical analysis theories. He is the author of several successful macro/micro technical reports and has worked with leading broking establishments over the years.


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Kunal Bothra,

Sr Technical Analyst, LKP

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Gaurang Shah,

Vice President, Geojit BNP Paribas Financial Services

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