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Invest direct, but the financial planning way

While the direct route helps you to save on the costs, the financial planning helps you to stick to ...

Manikaran Singal , 



Why investors need to track share pledging by promoters

Promoters pledge their own stake in the company to raise money. It connotes a lot to smart investors ...

Vikas Singhania , 

Executive Director, 

Trade Smart Online

How important is financial compatibility with your spouse?

Many couples do not have any idea of money matters of each others. However, in a nuclear family it i ...

Sukanya Kumar , 

Founder & Director, 


How smart investors make the most of market turmoil?

The smart investor loves Turmoil; because Turmoil is usually accompanied with Uncertainty. Uncertai ...

Vikas Gupta , 

EVP-Traded Markets & Investment Research, 


Disciplined approach to investing can make you wealthier

By the end of the first month, most new year resolutions disappear. It is the right time to decide o ...

Juzer Gabajiwala , 


Ventura Securities

Do you really want to buy that iPhone?

Dream gadgets are the in thing for many youngsters. However, should one spend money on these gadgets ...

Kiran Telang , 


Dhanayush Capital Advisors

Data Analytics is redefining trading. Are you ready for it?

It allows reading and interpreting large quantity of data in a few seconds. The traders need to be a ...

Vikas Singhania , 

Executive Director, 

Trade Smart Online

Should you invest in equity or buy real estate

It is less cumbersome to buy equity given the handholding offered by mutual funds.

Anil Rego , 

CEO & Founder, 

Right Horizons

Travel cards: Why they are good for you while travelling abroad

Travel cards are one of the better means to carry foreign exchange when you are going overseas.


Start saving & investing early to achieve financial freedom

Compounding for long term can help you build large corpus with the help of small savings.

Vikas Singhania , 

Executive Director, 

Trade Smart Online

Do you know your investments’ worst enemy?

If you are a fan of product approach and believe in reacting to each micro development, there is a h ...

Yogin Sabnis , 


VSK Financial Consultancy Services

Imitating successful investors and how to gain from it

It pays to follow great investors and promoters of good companies. However, the strategy comes with ...

Vikas Singhania , 

Executive Director, 

Trade Smart Online

Five investment mistakes you must avoid in 2016

This time of the year, many individuals want to begin with their financial plans. Sometimes it pays ...


This is how CY2016 will pan out

Many experts attempt to predict future course of action in financial markets. However, seldom one ge ...

Amit Trivedi , 

Author & Founder, 

Karmayog Knowledge Academy

How to do better with our financial resolutions in 2016

It is better to start with precise measurable goals. To achieve them in prescribed timelines, one ha ...

Nitin Vyakaranam , 

Founder & CEO, 



Chat Transcript

20 Oct - 10:00 hrs

Which sectors look good?

Amar Ambani,

Head of Research, IndiaInfoline

20 Oct - 11:00 hrs

What is a good investment right now?

Sharmila Joshi,


20 Oct - 12:00 hrs

Which sector one should bet on?

Rahul Shah,

VP- Group Leader-Equity Advisory Group, Motilal Oswal

20 Oct - 02:00 hrs

Will Nifty make it to 9000 again?

Sameet Chavan,

Technical Analyst -Equity, Angel Broking

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