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How does High Frequency Trading work?

HFT, smart programs driven trading, adds volumes on the stock exchange and reduces impact costs for ...

Vikas Singhania , 

Executive Director, 

Trade Smart Online

What do Yoga and Financial Planning have in common?

They both require patience, discipline and regular practice. Yoga and Financial Planning teach us to ...

Vidya Kumar , 


What defines a good financial advisor?

Check the qualifications of the advisor, the quality of service, the time spent, his confidence, his ...

Smitha Hari , 


Avoid unforced errors: winning mantra in amateur investing

While a professional investor makes money basis his superior investment skills, amateur investors ca ...

Amit Trivedi , 

Author & Founder, 

Karmayog Knowledge Academy

Seven triggers that make one engage a financial planner

Be it first job or marriage, these life events make individuals aware of their financial responsibil ...

Nitin Vyakaranam , 

Founder & CEO, 


Why management commentaries count over earnings numbers

Management commentaries offer valuable insights to investors, not only for the company but also for ...

Vikas Singhania , 

Executive Director, 

Trade Smart Online

5 investment secrets from Warren Buffett you can`t miss

Buffett is arguably the most successful value investor of all time. Investing principles that he has ...

Amit Kukreja , 


WealthBeing Advisors

Newly married? Here are some money tips you can`t miss

Getting married is an important milestone. One must start planning his finances if he has not done y ...

Anil Rego , 

CEO & Founder, 

Right Horizons

Seven biggest financial worries & how to overcome them

Be it loss of job or a loss in stock market there are many worries an individual is subject to. Fina ...

Ramalingam K , 

Director & Chief Financial Planner , 


Two mistakes in financial planning that can cost you dear

Creation of contingency fund is a sure prescription by a financial planner. But what if you misuse t ...

Sridevi Ganesh , 

Investment Advisor , 

Three secret keys to achieve success with saving money

These secrets are known to most of us and we have to decide if we want to use them.

Ramalingam K , 

Director & Chief Financial Planner , 


Why you should invest in MF schemes investing overseas?

Investors must understand the associated risks before investing into them. An allocation of 10% to t ...

Rajesh Saluja , 

MD & CEO, 

ASK Wealth Advisors

5 benefits of regular financial plan review & rebalancing

Regular review and rebalancing allow investors to identify gaps, pin down the under performers and p ...

Nitin Vyakaranam , 

Founder & CEO, 


Six money tips that a student cannot afford to miss

Student life is usually related to independence. However, this is also the time when an individual s ...

Smitha Hari , 


Nomination - an ignored but important aspect of investment

Ensure nomination wherever possible. Also make your own will. This ensures that the assets are trans ...

Juzer Gabajiwala , 


Ventura Securities


Chat Transcript

16 Jun - 10:00 hrs

What is a good investment right now?

Sharmila Joshi,


16 Jun - 10:00 hrs

What is the outlook on equities?

Dipen Shah,

Head of Private Client Group Research, Kotak Securities

16 Jun - 11:00 hrs

What are technical indicators suggesting ?

Ranak Merchant,

Technical Analyst - Strategies, Sushil Finance

16 Jun - 12:00 hrs

Which sector one should bet on?

Rahul Shah,

VP- Group Leader-Equity Advisory Group, Motilal Oswal

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