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Relative valuation of equity and debt: What the market is telling you

Markets have run up in anticipation. In the bond market, there is expectation of rate cut by the RBI ...

Joydeep Sen , 

Independent Financial Advisor and Author, 

Three behavioural biases that can ruin your portfolios

Awareness & consciousness of the biases would prevent one from stepping on the banana peel of wr ...

Suresh Sadagopan , 


Ladder7 Financial Advisories

Do you liquidate your savings to buy a home or take out a loan? Answers here

Buying a house requires you to make far more complex decisions beyond merely selecting the house.


How should you use rollover data while trading in derivatives

Rollover percentage actually indicates whether the traders are willing to carry forward their existi ...

Sneha Seth , 

Derivative Research Analyst, 

Angel Broking

Why commodity trading can be an attractive asset class for retail investors

Given the strong trending nature of commodities it makes more sense for traders and retail investors ...

Vikas Singhania , 

Executive Director, 

Trade Smart Online

Here is how to avoid a financial titanic

The underlying reason for successful financial outcomes is financial planning.


Qualitative versus quantitative method of investing: Which one works for you?

It is difficult to pinpoint one method that would be best in all circumstances. But most fund manage ...

Vikas Singhania , 

Executive Director, 

Trade Smart Online

How to develop a trading strategy for every occasion


Vikas Singhania , 

Executive Director, 

Trade Smart Online

How to deal with a rising market and position your portfolio

Equity markets need much more attention than just clicking the button to complete the transaction.

Jitendra P.S.Solanki , 

Investment Adviser, 

JS Financial Advisors

How an investor should go about thematic investing

The primary focus of thematic investing is to invest in concepts that can evolve relatively independ ...


Why you should close your surplus bank accounts

If you have multiple unused accounts and you maintain the minimum balance in each of them, you are p ...

Adhil Shetty , 



Seven common mistakes that investors should avoid

Many investors, irrespective of their experience, will try to their best efforts to stay away from m ...

Naval Goel , 



5 ways to remain committed to your savings goal

It’s important to not get overwhelmed by your ambition to create wealth and cut back on necessitie ...

Adhil Shetty , 



Have unattended complaints against your bank? Go to a banking ombudsman

Before lodging your complaint against any bank to BO, you are required to file the complaint with th ...

Balwant Jain , 

Company Secretary, 

Bombay Oxygen

How investing strategies should change with age

As one closes in towards retirement age, defensive and frontline stocks at reasonable valuations alo ...

Vikas Singhania , 

Executive Director, 

Trade Smart Online


Chat Transcript

03 May - 10:00 hrs

Will Nifty touch new highs?

Shrikant Chouhan,

Sr. Vice President- Technical Research, Kotak Securities

03 May - 11:00 hrs

What is a good investment right now?

Prakash Gaba,

Technical Analyst, prakashgaba.com

03 May - 12:00 hrs

Which sector one should bet on?

Rahul Shah,

VP-Equity, Motilal Oswal Financial Services

03 May - 02:00 hrs

Where do markets stand technically?

Ajay Jain,

CEO, www.astromoneyguru.com

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