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How millennials have redefined the Indian residential market

To say that Indian millennials prefer to rent homes would be a senseless generalization.

Anuj Puri , 


ANAROCK Property Consultants

How apartment funding found itself irrelevant after RERA came into the picture

In 2016, the Government of India cleared the Real Estate Regulation and Development Act (RERA).


Affordable housing set for growth in 2017

The government is now collaborating with private builders and developers under a public-private part ...

Ashwinder Raj Singh , 


ANAROCK Property Consultants

How to strike the best deal when buying a house

This article covers some dos and don'ts related to buying two types of apartments – a new one ...


Dream home or nightmare? Buyers beware

It is relevant to reflect on WHY people wind up making home purchase decisions that invite regret la ...

Anil Pharande , 


Pharande Spaces

Eight global investment destinations for Indian real estate investors

The most important reason for investments continues to be capital appreciation, followed by more imm ...


10 actions that can make developers live long and prosper in a post-RERA world

Some of these suggestions require financial investment, which is currently a very scarce resource. T ...

Vivek Dahiya , 

Founder and CEO, 


13 things you must check before buying a house

Using this checklist you can find your dream home easily.


How to buy a home that works for your children

Purchasing a home which works well for children is one of the most important long-term decisions a f ...

Kishor Pate , 


Amit Enterprises

The 10 things RERA must keep in mind to secure consumer confidence

There is significant scope for providing further clarity and guidance even now.

Vivek Dahiya , 

Founder and CEO, 


What to keep in mind when buying a house

After identifying the property to purchase, and the cost of the same, most first time home-buyers wo ...


RERA allottees: With great power comes little responsibility

The smallest chapter of RERA is titled “Rights and Duties of Allottee” and the first five of a t ...

Vivek Dahiya , 

Founder and CEO, 


What is the Impact of RERA on NRIs investing in India property market

For NRIs, the investment sentiment is greatly boosted by the RERA, GST, Benami Act, REIT and governm ...


RERA: Here are few gaps in the real estate Act that demands urgent attention

The act surely increases the scrutiny and pressure on the developers however several issues that wer ...

Vivek Dahiya , 

Founder and CEO, 


Low property valuations may spoil your home-buying dream

Home loans have an important factor called loan to value. Banks lend up to 75% to 80% of the value o ...

Sukanya Kumar , 




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03 May - 10:00 hrs

How to save tax on home loans

Balwant Jain,

CA & CS, Bombay Oxygen

03 May - 11:00 hrs

Should you buy your dream home now?

Surabhi Arora,

Associate Director, Colliers International

03 May - 12:00 hrs

What to look for while finalizing the house purchase?

Narasimha Jayakumar ,

Narasimha_Jayakumar , Chief Business Officer, 99acres.com

03 May - 02:00 hrs

Switching home loan a real money-saver?

Sukanya Kumar,

Founder & Director, Retail Lending.com

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