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Low property valuations may spoil your home-buying dream

Home loans have an important factor called loan to value. Banks lend up to 75% to 80% of the value o ...

Sukanya Kumar , 



Decoding the Indian luxury housing story

Luxury housing in India refers to the category of homes which are bought by people who do not necess ...

Anuj Puri , 


JLL India

Registration of projects: A double-edged sword under RERA

If the provisions regarding registrations of projects are not implemented properly, here is how it c ...


How to sell your home quickly at the right price

A combination of right pricing and right positioning in front of serious buyers can help you sell yo ...

Kishor Pate , 


Amit Enterprises

Should heads of government development bodies become RERA regulators?

It is one of the fundamental principles of justice that no person should judge a matter in which he ...


RERA: It's not a panacea for all evils

This act is not a panacea for all evils. It’s a good start but we should hope and expect more clar ...


Home rentals: How India fares against other countries on the globe

Here are some interesting contrasts and similarities with China, USA and UAE rental markets.

Ashwinder Raj Singh , 

CEO – Residential Services, 

JLL India

Purchasing home can reduce your tax liability — here's how

Both interest and principal repayment of home loan fetches you tax shelter.


How to buy a home that ensures peace of mind

Buyers should be judicious while evaluating offers and schemes and base their purchase decisions sol ...

Kishor Pate , 


Amit Enterprises

Millennials driving down home sizes; want compact, convenient homes

Long term trends of rising real estate prices also tend to motivate a shift towards smaller or more ...


This is how the Indian second home market got impacted due to demonetization

Demonetization affected the entire real estate sector negatively, and for a short while, all activit ...

Ashwinder Raj Singh , 

CEO – Residential Services, 

JLL India

Government subsidy on home loans: How to evaluate options on lenders?

This scheme is on the home loan subsidy, and hence let us be careful as to which lenders are authori ...

Sukanya Kumar , 



How to save taxes on a home loan

Starting FY 2017-18, maximum loss set off from a rented house property against remaining income is l ...

Archit Gupta , 



Blind men and an elephant: Need for consensus in Indian commercial real estate

Gaps in the Indian real estate research are highlighted in this write up.


Ten things to check before buying your dream home

Here is a list of factors that make your home a dream home



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03 May - 10:00 hrs

How to save tax on home loans

Balwant Jain,

CA & CS, Bombay Oxygen

03 May - 11:00 hrs

Should you buy your dream home now?

Surabhi Arora,

Associate Director, Colliers International

03 May - 12:00 hrs

What to look for while finalizing the house purchase?

Narasimha Jayakumar ,

Narasimha_Jayakumar , Chief Business Officer, 99acres.com

03 May - 02:00 hrs

Switching home loan a real money-saver?

Sukanya Kumar,

Founder & Director, Retail Lending.com

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