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Indian millennial homebuyers: The times are changing


Anil Pharande , 


Pharande Spaces

Things to keep in mind while buying a home

It is really important that we do think of the financial implications the house will have on other a ...

Shweta Jain , 

Chief Operating Officer, 

International Money Matters

How to invest in a rental property?

You should begin hunting for your rental investment property with an unbiased approach to areas and ...

Kishor Pate , 


Amit Enterprises

Six major trends for Indian real estate in 2017

Post demonetization and regulatory changes the industry is all set to change in a different orbit of ...

Ramesh Nair , 

COO- Business, 

JLL India

Superlative support services ensure a mall's success

Almost all the Grade A malls in India provide excellent support services and facilities for their vi ...

Pankaj Renjhen , 

MD - Retail Services, 

JLL India

Budget or luxury property: Which is a better investment?

Luxury housing caters to the wealthy who have a predilection for first-class amenities and facilitie ...

Anil Pharande , 


Pharande Spaces

Affordable housing emerges as a major beneficiary of Budget 2017

Granting industry status to affordable housing will help developers in accessing funds.

Rubi Arya , 

Executive Vice Chairman, 

Milestone Capital Advisors

Real estate law: Cracking down on dodgy developers

The law is coming down heavily on unreliable builders is very positive, as it prevents the entire co ...

Ramesh Nair , 

COO- Business, 

JLL India

What real estate investment trusts mean for Indian real estate

The REIT platform has already been approved by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) and ...

Kishor Pate , 


Amit Enterprises

Planning to buy a home? Here’s what to expect from Budget 2017

Union Budget 2017 should offer additional tax benefits to home buyers.

Archit Gupta , 

Founder & CEO, 


What makes a real estate investment location lucrative?

When it comes to residential real estate investment, it pays to remember that speculative investment ...

Kishor Pate , 


Amit Enterprises

Why you should opt for pre-approved home loan?

An important advantage of a pre-approved loan is that you know your spending limit. It also helps in ...

Kishor Pate , 


Amit Enterprises

Real estate: Taking the ‘Demon’ out of demonetisation

The Indian real estate sector has been facing significant challenges in the past few years when it c ...

Ashwinder Raj Singh , 

CEO – Residential Services, 

JLL India

Guidelines for cherry-picking real estate investments in 2017

In residential projects, the most important factor will continue to be the developer branding. This ...

Anuj Puri , 

Chairman & Country Head, 

JLL India

Plug and play home buying: A new era?

You have heard of bareshell, warmshell & P&P office spaces. Hence, it is not difficult to assume wha ...

Sukanya Kumar , 

Founder & Director, 



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Switching home loan a real money-saver?

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Sukanya Kumar, Founder & Director, Retail Lending.com

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How to save Tax with Home Loan

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Founder & CEO

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