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Should you buy distressed properties through bank auction

Buyers must read the bid document carefully to understand the status of unpaid dues or other liabili ...

Anuj Puri , 

Chairman & Country Head, 

JLL India

Biggest real estate opportunity in 2015: Your home loan

Though real estate prices may not move up and are expected to remain stagnant, interest rates are go ...

Manish Shah , 

Co-Founder & CEO, 


Checklist for NRI buyers before buying a home in India

A curtain raiser on the entire process of home buying in India- this note can be helpful to non-resi ...

Sukanya Kumar , 

Founder & Director, 


NRI Guide: Repatriation of funds post realty sale in India

Selling a property in India and taking money out of India is a grey area for many non resident India ...

Sukanya Kumar , 

Founder & Director, 


What makes `By Invitation Only` residences coveted homes

This is a range of offering for ultra high networth individuals. And it offers some sense of privacy ...

Ashwinder Raj Singh , 

CEO – Residential Services, 

JLL India

Colours at home directly influence colours in your life

One can use some colours and combination of colours at home to ensure that his home offers him growt ...

Vastushastri Khushdeep Bansal , 



How to bridge the affordable housing gap in India

Builders and government can walk together on this major issue. It requires focused efforts on the re ...

Anil Pharande , 


Pharande Spaces

Home automation: At the beginning of a long term trend

Home automation has been a differentiated offering for the luxury homes. However, the extent of auto ...

Arvind Jain , 


Pride Group

How to buy the right house for consumption?

People buy their house from their hard earned money and generally they buy a house once in a 10-15 y ...

Naushad Panjwani , 

Sr ED, 

Knight Frank India

What is commencement certificate?

A builder cannot begin construction without commencement certificate.

Naushad Panjwani , 

Sr ED, 

Knight Frank India

What is the occupancy certificate?

It defines if the builder has built the building as per approved plans and has all the necessary app ...

Naushad Panjwani , 

Sr ED, 

Knight Frank India

How good is a `Teaser Home Loan` for you?

Teaser loans allow borrowers to enjoy a fixed rate of interest for initial years. After the stipulat ...

Adhil Shetty , 



Getting real about selling property online

Slow real estate market has made both developers and real estate investors try all possible solution ...

Ashwinder Raj Singh , 

CEO – Residential Services, 

JLL India

Six home loan hiccups you must know about!

Getting a home loan to fund property purchase appears to be an easy act. However, it requires some p ...

Rajiv Raj , 

Founder & Director, 


Myth of increased house sales during Indian festive season

It is believed that Indians prefer to buy homes in festive season. However, it is not true, says rec ...

Akshit Shah , 

AVP- Capital Market Research, 

JLL India


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01 Sep - 11:00 hrs

Return on investments on new and re-sale properties

Naushad Panjwani,

Sr Executive Director, Knight Frank India

01 Sep - 12:00 hrs

Prime properties in the making

Anuj Puri,

Chairman & Country Head, Jones Lang LaSalle India

15 Sep - 02:00 hrs

Basics of property purchase

Diipesh Bhagtani,

Executive Director, Jaycee Homes

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