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Why smart cities need smart citizens

Without smart citizens, the Smart City proposals will hold good only for documentation - not impleme ...

A. Shankar , 

Head – Strategic Consulting , 

JLL India

10 Less known conditions which eat your home loan eligibility

Sometimes small issues can pull down home loan eligibility for Individual home loan applicants. Here ...

Sukanya Kumar , 

Founder & Director, 


Do not agree on this while buying under construction property

Developers have been inserting clauses that can led to monetary loss and stress to buyers of under c ...

Sukanya Kumar , 

Founder & Director, 


What should a 'Shippie' do to get home loan easily in India

Getting a home loan in India is a tough task for those who work in ships in international waters. He ...

Sukanya Kumar , 

Founder & Director, 


New home loan schemes to fuel your home ownership dream

Home loan companies and banks have launched schemes that would make buying your dream home a reality ...

Rajiv Raj , 

Founder & Director, 


Buying ready property? Collect these 12 documents from builder

At the time of buying a property, they may not be ‘the thing to do’ on your list. However, they ...

Sukanya Kumar , 

Founder & Director, 


It is right time to buy! BUT not anything or everything

If you are positive of India’s economic outlook, buying for the right reasons, checked the credent ...

Joe Verghese , 

Managing Director, 

Colliers International

The real estate bill – Only half battle is won

The bill definitely puts up a step ahead to protect the consumer interest, however a lot depends on ...


How to make the most of your property with a LAP

Loan against property can help you unlock the hidden value of your property by granting access to ch ...

Vineet Jain , 



Are you ready for a home loan?

Answering these five questions will help you to assess if you are ready for a home loan.

Rajiv Raj , 

Founder & Director, 


Making specialty malls work in India

Proper research and a structured approach is needed to develop specialty malls, as their success dep ...

Pankaj Renjhen , 

MD - Retail Services, 

JLL India

Buying a luxury apartment? Here are some tips

Buying a luxury apartment is the ‘in thing’ in the town. However, there is no one definition of ...

Surabhi Arora , 

Associate Director, 

Colliers International

Why you should buy a flat in a township?

Most integrated townships today are planned in such a way that they self-sustaining, eco-friendly an ...


How Real Estate Regulatory Bill can help revive property sector

Changes which have been made in the original draft of the Real Estate Regulatory Bill over time are ...

Anil Pharande , 


Pharande Spaces

Real estate private equity funds: Means to make money in realty

As the sector turns around over next two years, these funds are best placed to make money for invest ...

Rubi Arya , 

Executive Vice Chairman, 

Milestone Capital Advisors


Chat Transcript

08 Mar - 10:00 hrs

Return on investments on new and re-sale properties

Naushad Panjwani,

Naushad Panjwani, Sr. Executive Director, Knight Frank India

08 Mar - 11:00 hrs

Should you buy your dream home now?

Surabhi Arora,

Surabhi Arora , Associate Director, Colliers International

08 Mar - 12:00 hrs

What to look for while finalizing the house purchase?


Narasimha Jayakumar , Chief Business Officer, 99acres.com

08 Mar - 02:00 hrs

Switching home loan a real money-saver?

Sukanya Kumar,

Sukanya Kumar, Founder & Director, Retail Lending.com

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