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How to avail double indexation benefits

Indexation benefit is provided for capital gains on asset held for long term- 1 year or 3 year accor ...

Jitendra P.S.Solanki , 

Investment Adviser & CFP, 

JS Financial Advisors

Which fund is best for you

Funds can be dividend based on liquidity - open and close ended or on the basis of asset allocation ...

Mehrab Irani , 


Tata Investment Corporation

Three must have mutual funds in your portfolio

Before investing in any investment product, investors should be aware of the risk return aspect of t ...

Manikaran Singal , 



What are ratios to measure mutual fund risks

For a mutual fund, it becomes more difficult when it entails investment in equity instruments in gen ...

Juzer Gabajiwala , 


Ventura Securities

Should sector funds be a part of investor portfolios?

My column is aimed at making investors understand if they really need to include sector funds in the ...

Dr.Renu Pothen , 

Research Head, 


Looking for fixed maturity plans? Think again

Most fund houses too know this investor tendency to invest at the maximum rate possible. Many fixed ...

Rajiv Raj , 

Founder & Director, 


How ELSS Mutual funds can grow your money & save tax too

By investing in ELSS Mutual funds, you can get tax saving u/s 80C along with capital appreciation.

Suresh KP , 



Top 5 reasons why people avoid investing in mutual funds

On most occasions, potential investors stay away from mutual funds due to the lack of awareness abou ...

Ramalingam K , 

Director & Chief Financial Planner , 


Stocks v/s equity MFs: Who is your friend?

Investing into equity is not gambling, nor is it about crystal gazing or astrology. Equity investmen ...

Kiran Telang , 

Founder , 

ABT Capital Advisors

The story of Mr Mutual Fund

So you are thinking that Equities have not given good returns in last few years. Well, you seem to l ...

Rohit Shah , 



Side effects of being a fund manager

Is the Fund Manager really able to beat the markets, year after year? Is the Fund Manager’s perfor ...

Mehrab Irani , 


Tata Investment Corporation

Investing in equity MF: Are you interested?

A mutual fund is an investment avenue for small and large investors alike, wherein the investors' mo ...

Anil Rego , 

CEO & Founder, 

Right Horizons

Is CPSE ETF NFO a worthy investment opportunity?

CPSE ETF will invest the corpus in the above companies as per the given weightage. Hence, subject to ...

Sanjay Matai , 

Author & Promoter, 

The Wealth Architects

Changing funds regularly may not benefit you

With so much information and data at our disposal today, it’s very important to note how we treat ...

Steven Fernandes , 


Proficient Financial Planners

Are you timing market perfectly well for good returns?

What is market timing? It is an act of shifting from one investment option to another with a view th ...

Amit Trivedi , 

Author & Founder, 

Karmayog Knowledge Academy


Chat Transcript

22 Nov - 11:00 hrs

Investing in Mutual Funds in volatile markets

Jiju Vidyadharan,

Director- Funds & Fixed Income, CRISIL

22 Nov - 01:00 hrs

How to have a balanced mutual fund portfolio?

Dr Renu Pothen,

Research Head, fundsupermart.com

22 Nov - 02:00 hrs

SIP or Lumpsum Investments?

Suresh Sadagopan,

Founder, Ladder7 Financial Advisories

22 Nov - 03:00 hrs

SIP or lumpsum investments?

Jayant Pai,


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