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Earn regular income from mutual funds, the Systematic Withdrawal Plan way

The SWP enables investors to withdraw a specified amount regularly, thus addressing two shortcomings ...

Juzer Gabajiwala , 


Ventura Securities

Confused about which fund to invest in? Mutual funds just got easy

All mutual fund schemes within a fund house will need to be appropriately distinct from each other i ...


Can mutual funds help you generate tax efficient monthly fixed income?

For regular returns, investors opt for fixed deposit, company deposit or small saving schemes. These ...


Want to increase your monthly investments? Go for mutual fund SIP top-up

Your SIP investment must go up as your income rises.

Adhil Shetty , 



With lower returns on savings bank account, what are your options?

These funds invest in highly liquid government instruments. You can invest even for a day and get yo ...

Juzer Gabajiwala , 


Ventura Securities

Why mutual funds should opt for total return index as benchmark

Total return index captures dividends and show true picture of fund manager’s performance.

Jitendra P.S.Solanki , 

Investment Adviser, 

JS Financial Advisors

Investing strategies: Why SIP is an all-season investment

SIP work irrespective of market sentiment. Marry the SIP with your financial goal and you are home.

Shweta Jain , 

Chief Operating Officer, 

International Money Matters

Mutual fund scheme consolidation: Finding middle path may benefit investors

Only a fund with a relatively smaller corpus size can be quickly repositioned; a large fund will hav ...

Joydeep Sen , 

Independent Financial Advisor and Author, 

How investing in Equity Linked Savings Schemes (ELSS) could add to your wealth

Unlike other instruments like PPF, NSC and Long term deposits, an ELSS is a long-term wealth creator ...

Vaibhav Agrawal , 

VP Research, Banking, 

Angel Broking

What you should focus on while deciding your SIP allocation

The average SIP size is Rs 3,250 and the month-wise collection through SIPs is just under Rs 5,000 c ...

Joydeep Sen , 

Independent Financial Advisor and Author, 

Mutual funds in India register sharp growth since 2014 thanks to retail investors

In a passively managed fund, the investment strategy is to track the benchmark of the asset class an ...

Nikhil Kamath , 



Explained: You should invest in following debt mutual funds based on your risk profile

While debt funds, unlike fixed deposits and small saving schemes are also subject to market risk, th ...


RBI has room to cut policy rates by 25 bps; here’s how to play your bond portfolio

Existing duration fund investors may continue with their current investments and not rush to exit at ...

Lakshmi Iyer , 

Head of Fixed Income, 

Kotak AMC

Why you should make a balanced mutual fund a part of your portfolio

If the investor takes position in equity through balanced funds, they get to realise equity growth p ...


Here is how to switch MF investments from regular plan to direct plan

We will explain not only how, but also why and when it is wise to switch your investments from regul ...



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11 Oct - 10:00 hrs

What kind of fund one should invest now?

Hemant Rustagi,

CEO,Wiseinvest Advisors

11 Oct - 11:00 hrs

Know more about Mutual Funds

Mehrab Irani,

General Manager, Tata Investment Corporation

11 Oct - 12:00 hrs

Should you bet on mid cap funds now?

Jitendra Solanki,

Jitendra Solanki,CFP & Founder, JS Financial Advisors

11 Oct - 02:00 hrs

Investing in Mutual Funds in volatile markets

Jiju Vidyadharan,

Director- Funds & Fixed Income, CRISIL

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