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Four instances when you should revisit your term plan needs

Additional dependents, an increase in liabilities, a change in career and earning capacity and chang ...

Smitha Hari , 


This is how your auto insurance premium is ascertained

Car insurance is a must in India. However, there are multiple factors that influence the car insuran ...

Adhil Shetty , 



Dealing with home loan insurance in case of loan takeover

Home loan insurance is a must given the size of the liability. When you are changing the financier f ...

Adhil Shetty , 



Should you review your insurance after home purchase?

Borrowing for your home changes the asset liability mix of an individual. Home loan also changes the ...

Dilshad Billimoria , 

Certified Financial Planner and Director, 

Dilzer Consultants

Got your first job? These three policies you must buy

First job means a sense of achievement. However, one must also look at shouldering new achievements. ...

Saroj Satapathy , 


Ideal Insurance

Do not forget to buy personal accident insurance cover

Personal accident insurance offers coverage from death, disability arising out of accident. At a ver ...

Deepak Yohannan , 



Five things a first-time insurance buyer must know

Decide your financial goals first and identify your needs. It is best to compare the policies and id ...

Yashish Dahiya , 

CEO & Co-Founder, 


Organ donation and insurance cover: At your own risk

While some policies do cover the hospitalisation expenses incurred by the organ donor, many do not. ...

Saji George , 



Should you rely on insurance provided by your employer?

Insurance offered by the employers do come with some disadvantages. That makes a policy for oneself ...

Saroj Satapathy , 


Ideal Insurance

Insurance that you may want to avoid to cut costs

Buying right insurance policies to cover yourself is a must. However, most of us have to deal with t ...

Adhil Shetty , 



Secure ‘study-abroad’ experience with student insurance

Overseas student insurance policies offer wide bouquet of benefits to insurance buyers. These polici ...

Anuj Gulati , 

MD & CEO, 

Religare Health Insurance

Can delayed health insurance claims be settled by insurer?

Health insurance buyer is expected to inform the insurance company within stipulated period of time. ...

Naval Goel , 

Founder & CEO, 


Differently abled should know this before buying insurance

There are many options for disabled insurance buyers. One should carefully study his needs before bu ...

Adhil Shetty , 



Why one should buy a family floater health insurance

Though it saves on the premium, one should also take due care while buying one for his family.

Saroj Satapathy , 


Ideal Insurance

Customize motor insurance to suit your needs

Modern day motor insurance policies come with many add on covers as compared to traditional motor in ...

Subrahmanyam B. , 

Senior Vice President, 

Bharti AXA General Insurance


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How to decide which insurance scheme one should go for

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