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Encourage your parents not to ignore health: Here's how

The awareness that health insurance is crucial has gained traction only in recent years, fuelled lar ...

Deepak Yohannan , 



When is best time to take a life insurance policy?

Most insurance companies offer life insurance up to 60 or 65 years of age but if your family is stil ...

Adhil Shetty , 



Top 10 life insurance myths

Many people buy life insurance simply as a tax saving instrument. While it is true that life insuran ...

Adhil Shetty , 



Are multiple health insurances beneficial?

Buying multiple health insurance plans not only bring a more comprehensive cover to the individual, ...

Adhil Shetty , 



Health insurance policies: Reviews & analysis

All policies cover the spouse and the dependent children of the policy holder. Oriental Insurance po ...

Smitha Hari , 


How to choose right term insurance for you?

Over the last few years, term insurance has been gaining huge amount of popularity. With the insuran ...

Ramalingam K , 

Director & Chief Financial Planner , 


Check out: e-insurance accounts & benefits

At a time when everything is going digital, the introduction of the e-insurance accounts proves to b ...

Deepak Yohannan , 



Why women need insurance as much as men do?

It is as critical for working women to be adequately insured against any eventuality as it is for me ...

Yateesh Srivastava , 


AEGON Religare Life Insurance

Quit smoking to save your health & your wealth

Life insurance companies classify smokers as high risk customers who are more susceptible to illness ...

Deepak Yohannan , 



Two wheeler insurance: Things to know

The majority of people owning two wheeler vehicles are not renewing their vehicle insurance making t ...

Yashish Dahiya , 

CEO & Co-Founder, 


Looking to buy an insurance cover? Here's help

Watch the interview of Gajendra Kothari, MD & CEO, Etica Wealth with Ekta Batra & Sonia Shenoy on CN ...

Gajendra Kothari , 

MD & CEO, 

Etica Wealth Management

Why do working couples need life insurance?

Is it necessary for both partners in a marriage to have life insurance? The answer is 'Yes', especia ...

Deepak Yohannan , 



Why is online term plan so much cheaper?

The cost of distribution is much lower on account of there being no commissions payable. This has an ...

Yateesh Srivastava , 


AEGON Religare Life Insurance

Life Insurance: Not just tax saving!

Among the many misunderstood concepts in personal finance is insurance. It has not just been confuse ...

Feroze Azeez , 

Director- Investment Product, 


LIC online term plan: How is it different?

Online term plans will help people separating insurance and investment which always benefits investo ...

Pankaaj Maalde , 

Head - Financial Planning, 



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Should I insure my home?

Arnav Pandya ,

Financial Planner

18 Jun - 11:00 hrs

Find out all you want to know about Insurance

Pankaj Mathpal,

MD, Optima Money Managers

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Know more about Insurance

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ULIPs or Term Plans?

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CEO, MyInsuranceClub.com

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