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Four important factors to look at before buying a term plan

You should compare pure term plans, decide on a low premium, long term plan, and then buy add-ons to ...


Why you should opt for riders in life insurance policy

While a rider is just as good as buying a new policy, it usually is a very economical addition to ge ...


How to make the most of your health insurance

Policyholder needs to call the helpline number or check the website of the insurer and have a check ...

Naval Goel , 



Should you opt for fixed benefit health insurance plans

To combat the gigantic costs of health treatments there is need to have a financial arrangement in t ...

Harjot Singh Narula , 



Has your insurance policy lapsed? Here's what you should do

If the grace period is over and no premium has been paid to make it active again, the policy will la ...


Don’t skip these ‘financial ratios’ before you buy an insurance plan

The financial health of an insurance company can be assessed by the policyholder by reviewing the co ...

Harjot Singh Narula , 



Guarding your properties when nature has its own say

General insurance firms provide coverage against damage and theft to property. Protection is against ...


You may consider switching your car insurance under these 3 scenarios

There are 22 companies in India providing a variety of motor insurance plans. So, spend some time on ...


Insure yourself to ensure your financial freedom

Insurance is the small price one pays for his peace of mind. With right insurance in place, even a ...

Naval Goel , 



Financial freedom: Not unachievable

Financial freedom may sound like a dream come true. However, it is not the case. Follow these simple ...

Abhinav Angirish , 

Managing Director, 


Insurance is the gateway to financial freedom

No matter how good you are with your investment management, your plan to financial freedom will be i ...

Varun Dua , 



Little known facts about auto insurance and how premium rates are determined

Insurance providers today may claim to be the best, but it is important that you find your perfect c ...

Naval Goel , 



What you should know before you opt for a global health insurance cover

Getting a treatment abroad can be a costly affair. Having a policy that covers your overseas medical ...

Vivek Rege , 


V R Wealth Advisors

Thinking of buying health insurance? Choose the right plan for you!

Ensure that you buy your own health insurance policy. Otherwise, you may not have the cover when you ...

Pankaj Mathpal , 

Managing Director, 

Optima Money Managers

Don't ignore! It is very important to insure income that your earn

What is our greatest asset? Not our house, new car or investments - our ability to earn an income is ...

Anil Rego , 


Right Horizons


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11 Oct - 10:00 hrs

Know more about Insurance

Yashish Dahiya,

CEO, Policybazaar.com

11 Oct - 11:00 hrs

How to decide which insurance scheme one should go for

Anil Rego,

Anil Rego, Founder & CEO, Right Horizons

11 Oct - 12:00 hrs

Find out all you want to know about Insurance

Lovaii Navlakhi,

MD & Chief Financial Planner, International Money Matters

11 Oct - 02:00 hrs

All you want to know about health insurance

Ramalingam K,

Director and Chief Financial Planner

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