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Key points to look at while purchasing a motor insurance policy

A standard motor insurance policy only pays the claim amount after deduction of depreciation on the ...


Five must-dos before investing in ULIPs

ULIPs are expected to maintain the uptrend, with more and more insurers innovating and finding the b ...


Buying health insurance? First check if your policy meets these 9 criteria

One of the biggest mistake people make when it comes to buying a health insurance policy is purchasi ...


Top 4 myths about ULIPs that need to be busted this financial year

Most investors tend to identify ULIPs as synonymous with traditional endowment plans.


5 simple tips to refresh finances easily and make most of FY19

Here are five things you should do put your finances in better condition.


Family floater vs personal cover: How to pick the best health insurance cover

The insurance benefits are shared among the group members, and the total cost of a floater plan is t ...

Adhil Shetty , 



Here is how to buy a health insurance policy that suits your needs in FY19

The health insurance plan that is most apt for you should be determined by your and your family' ...

Mahavir Chopra , 

Head - Health, 


This five-step guide can help you choose the best life insurance cover

Two individuals with the same income but with different personal and household circumstances may nee ...


Top 5 health insurance plans in India you may consider

Following are the five best health insurance policies in India that you can consider for yourself or ...

Naval Goel , 



How technological advancements are transforming the future of auto insurance

As internet adoption continues to rise in the country, it has become vital for insurers to embrace t ...

Varun Dua , 


ACKO General Insurance

Should you include your parents in employer’s group health insurance?

The best way to buy health insurance for parents, is by including them in the group health insurance ...

Mahavir Chopra , 

Head - Health, 


Say ‘I Do!’ to wedding insurance

While insuring a joyous occasion is still an afterthought, the youth of India is at the cusp of chan ...

KG Krishnamoorthy Rao , 


Future Generali India Insurance

Mutual fund Vs Ulip: Does LTCG on equities and MF make Ulips a better investment bet?

Long-term capital gains were tax free in the hands of the investor before Budget 2018.

Harjot Singh Narula , 



Here are 15 things you should know while filing a house or office fire claim with insurance company

Before we understand how to file a claim post a fire incident, it is essential to understand the pol ...


5 factors that can help you choose the right ULIP

While the purpose and benefits of purchasing a ULIP are known to most people, the choice of investin ...



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