Everyone wants the show-stealer iPhoneX, reveals survey
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At the Steve Jobs Theatre at Apple’s swanky new spaceship headquarters yesterday, the company presented four new products to its loyal fans and to the world.

With three new iPhones available this fall in the US, and also a new Apple Watch and a 4K Apple TV, consumers are left with the big question of which one to lay their hands on first, but after the event, the results are obvious.

Despite a series of leaks a day ahead of the launch that took away most of the surprises from the event, announcements about the ten-year anniversary edition of the iPhone excited the world.

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In fact, as per a survey conducted by 9to5 Mac, most people were excited to buy the iPhone X, considering its disruptive features.

Of the people across the world who voted on the poll around 35 percent said that they wanted the iPhone X.

Infographic: iPhone X Steals the Show | Statista

The survey also points out that the iPhone X completely overshadowed all the other products that were on display at yesterday’s launch. This includes two other iPhone models.

A similar poll conducted by 9 to 5 ahead of the Apple event also found that a whopping 63 percent were most excited for the iPhone X. Distantly following were the Apple Watch series 3, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus at 5 percent.

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Compared to this, only 3 and 4 percent said that they wanted the other launched iPhones, the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus, respectively.



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The disruptive new features that are drawing in fans towards iPhone X can be attributed to the tech giant's sincere hard work to stress on innovation after a lean phase.

The same was also reflected in a dwindling share of iPhone's revenue for Apple from its peak of 69 percent in early 2015 to a drop to near-half in the beginning of 2017.

Infographic: The iPhone's Importance to Apple | Statista

The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus mostly follow the predecessor iPhone 7’s design pattern but have gone through significant internal specs upgrades.

Another survey done before the launch by Creative Strategies and SurveyMonkey had said 21 percent consumers would buy the costlier iPhone regardless of the price.

And we have no doubt either.