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Reliance Dynamic Bond Fund (G)

PLAN: Regular OPTIONS: Growth
23.262 0.01 (0.04%)

NAV as on 22 Sep, 2017





  • Principal at moderate risk.
FUND FAMILY : Reliance Mutual Fund FUND CLASS : Debt Long Term
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Portfolio Holdings (Aug 31, 2017)

Others / Unlisted Rating Value %
Cash Margin - CCIL-0.950.02
Debt Rating Value %
Government Securities2,851.5671.15
7.35% Government of IndiaSOVEREIGN569.0914.20
6.79% Government of IndiaSOVEREIGN523.8313.07
7.72% Government of IndiaSOVEREIGN327.138.16
8.17% Government of IndiaSOVEREIGN293.727.33
7.61% Government of IndiaSOVEREIGN215.355.37
7.68% Government of IndiaSOVEREIGN173.874.34
6.62% Government of IndiaSOVEREIGN167.764.19
8.24% Government of IndiaSOVEREIGN135.843.39
8.21% State Government SecuritiesSOVEREIGN104.312.60
7.73% Government of IndiaSOVEREIGN79.581.99
6.79% Government of IndiaSOVEREIGN58.961.47
8.6% Government of IndiaSOVEREIGN56.331.41
8.15% Government of IndiaSOVEREIGN54.101.35
8.13% Government of IndiaSOVEREIGN50.951.27
8.24% Government of IndiaSOVEREIGN38.640.96
8.71% State Government SecuritiesSOVEREIGN2.110.05
Non Convertible Debentures962.0124.01
9.75% Reliance Utilities & Power Pvt Limited CRISIL AAA363.739.08
8.75% Bajaj Finance Limited CARE AAA98.952.47
7.47% ICICI Bank Limited ICRA AAA84.972.12
8% Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services Limited FITCH AAA74.211.85
8.5% Axis Bank Limited CRISIL AAA68.541.71
8.85% Bajaj Finance Limited CARE AAA68.081.70
9% Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited CRISIL AAA53.351.33
8.85% Bajaj Finance Limited CARE AAA52.361.31
8.5% Axis Finance Limited FITCH AAA51.091.27
8.15% Bajaj Finance Limited CRISIL AAA25.110.63
9.17% IDFC Bank Limited ICRA AAA21.620.54
Money Market Rating Value %
Cash / Call Rating Value %
Net Current Assets-36.170.90
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