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Reliance Dynamic Bond Fund (G)

PLAN: Regular OPTIONS: Growth
20.380 0.02 (0.10%)

NAV as on 23 May, 2016





  • Principal at moderate risk.
FUND FAMILY : Reliance Mutual Fund FUND CLASS : Debt Long Term
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Portfolio Holdings (Apr 29, 2016)

Debt Rating Value %
Government Securities4,726.1986.74
7.68% Government of IndiaSOVEREIGN1,322.1024.26
7.16% Government of IndiaSOVEREIGN501.919.21
8.17% Government of IndiaSOVEREIGN476.338.74
8.08% Government of IndiaSOVEREIGN475.798.73
7.59% Government of IndiaSOVEREIGN350.336.43
8.83% Government of IndiaSOVEREIGN233.864.29
7.88% Government of IndiaSOVEREIGN229.294.21
7.72% Government of IndiaSOVEREIGN151.002.77
8.13% Government of IndiaSOVEREIGN148.632.73
8.56% State Government SecuritiesSOVEREIGN143.772.64
8.53% State Government SecuritiesSOVEREIGN128.192.35
8.5% State Government SecuritiesSOVEREIGN81.541.50
7.35% Government of IndiaSOVEREIGN78.781.45
8.5% State Government SecuritiesSOVEREIGN50.850.93
8.45% State Government SecuritiesSOVEREIGN50.700.93
8.22% State Government SecuritiesSOVEREIGN50.100.92
8.13% Government of IndiaSOVEREIGN46.510.85
7.5% Government of IndiaSOVEREIGN29.250.54
8.54% State Government SecuritiesSOVEREIGN25.610.47
8.53% State Government SecuritiesSOVEREIGN25.520.47
8.83% Government of IndiaSOVEREIGN21.970.40
8.72% State Government SecuritiesSOVEREIGN15.640.29
8.5% State Government SecuritiesSOVEREIGN15.290.28
8.45% State Government SecuritiesSOVEREIGN15.250.28
8.53% State Government SecuritiesSOVEREIGN15.230.28
8.67% State Government SecuritiesSOVEREIGN12.630.23
8.48% State Government SecuritiesSOVEREIGN10.210.19
8.53% State Government SecuritiesSOVEREIGN5.080.09
8.22% State Government SecuritiesSOVEREIGN5.010.09
8.3% Government of IndiaSOVEREIGN4.700.09
7.8% Government of IndiaSOVEREIGN3.050.06
8.71% State Government SecuritiesSOVEREIGN2.060.04
Non Convertible Debentures522.659.59
8.4% Canara BankCRISIL AAA200.763.68
9.75% Reliance Utilities & Power Pvt LtdCRISIL AAA147.872.71
8.45% Reliance Ports and Terminals LtdCRISIL AAA89.261.64
8.95% Reliance Utilities & Power Pvt LtdCRISIL AAA33.010.61
9.25% Reliance Jio Infocomm LimitedCRISIL AAA25.760.47
8.12% Export Import Bank of IndiaCRISIL AAA24.980.46
9.38% Rural Electrification Corporation LimitedCRISIL AAA0.500.01
8.12% National Housing BankCRISIL AAA0.500.01
Zero Coupon Bonds35.810.66
LIC Housing Finance LimitedCRISIL AAA35.810.66
Money Market Rating Value %
Money Market Instruments / CD-0.380.01
Corporation Bank-0.380.01
Money Market Instruments-43.540.80
Reverse Repo-42.530.78
Cash / Call Rating Value %
Net Current Assets-121.162.19
Cash Margin - CCIL-0.770.01
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