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ICICI Prudential Banking & PSU Debt Fund (G)

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NAV as on 23 Nov, 2017


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  • Principal at moderate risk.
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Portfolio Holdings (OCt 31, 2017)

Debt Rating Value %
Government Securities4,083.9449.35
Government SecuritiesSOV679.978.22
Government SecuritiesSOV539.446.52
Government SecuritiesSOV438.785.30
Government SecuritiesSOV343.264.15
State Government of RajasthanSOV244.942.96
Government SecuritiesSOV202.902.45
Government SecuritiesSOV187.632.27
State Government of MaharashtraSOV158.761.92
Government SecuritiesSOV132.591.60
State Government of MaharashtraSOV125.121.51
State Government of MaharashtraSOV95.141.15
State Government of MaharashtraSOV84.531.02
State Government of RajasthanSOV78.440.95
State Government of RajasthanSOV69.050.83
Government SecuritiesSOV63.120.76
State Government of Andhra PradeshSOV53.010.64
State Government of MaharashtraSOV52.180.63
State Government of GujaratSOV51.470.62
State Government of OdishaSOV46.900.57
State Government of MaharashtraSOV42.280.51
State Government of Tamil NaduSOV42.160.51
State Government of PunjabSOV37.000.45
State Government of Tamil NaduSOV26.580.32
State Government of Uttar PradeshSOV26.270.32
State Government of Tamil NaduSOV21.130.26
State Government of RajasthanSOV17.080.21
State Government of RajasthanSOV17.020.21
State Government of Tamil NaduSOV15.850.19
State Government of Andhra PradeshSOV15.810.19
Government SecuritiesSOV14.880.18
State Government of Jammu & KashmirSOV10.830.13
State Government of Andhra PradeshSOV10.580.13
State Government of Tamil NaduSOV10.540.13
Government SecuritiesSOV10.480.13
State Government of RajasthanSOV10.390.13
State Government of Tamil NaduSOV10.160.12
State Government of Tamil NaduSOV10.160.12
State Government of Himachal pradeshSOV10.100.12
State Government of Tamil NaduSOV10.090.12
State Government of Tamil NaduSOV10.080.12
State Government of Tamil NaduSOV10.080.12
State Government of Himachal pradeshSOV10.070.12
State Government of Tamil NaduSOV6.620.08
State Government of Tamil NaduSOV6.590.08
State Government of TelanganaSOV5.100.06
State Government of Madhya PradeshSOV5.090.06
State Government of TelanganaSOV5.080.06
State Government of Madhya PradeshSOV5.070.06
State Government of Tamil NaduSOV1.540.02
State Government of Tamil NaduSOV1.060.01
State Government of GujaratSOV0.650.01
Government SecuritiesSOV0.320.00
Non-Convertible debentures / Bonds2,759.5533.34
State Bank Of IndiaCRISIL AA+500.616.05
Axis Bank Ltd.CRISIL AAA325.023.93
HDFC Ltd.CRISIL AAA230.702.79
HDFC Ltd.CRISIL AAA195.352.36
ONGC Mangalore Petro Chemicals Ltd.FITCH AAA152.251.84
ICICI Home Finance Company Ltd.ICRA AAA104.711.27
ICICI Bank Ltd.ICRA AA+102.351.24
HDFC Ltd.CRISIL AAA100.891.22
Indiabulls Housing Finance Ltd.CARE AAA95.901.16
Toyota Financial Services IndiaCRISIL AAA65.590.79
HDFC Ltd.CRISIL AAA60.250.73
Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd.CRISIL AAA52.330.63
HDFC Ltd.CRISIL AAA51.630.62
Power Finance Corporation Ltd.CRISIL AAA51.540.62
Volkswagen Finance Pvt. Ltd.FITCH AAA50.560.61
Volkswagen Finance Pvt. Ltd.FITCH AAA50.410.61
Power Finance Corporation Ltd.CRISIL AAA50.290.61
HDFC Ltd.CRISIL AAA50.100.61
The Great Eastern Shipping Company Ltd.BWR AAA50.000.60
Reliance Gas Transporation Infrastructure Ltd.CRISIL AAA48.360.58
Power Finance Corporation Ltd.CRISIL AAA29.920.36
LIC Housing Finance Ltd.CRISIL AAA25.780.31
LIC Housing Finance Ltd.CRISIL AAA25.660.31
HDFC Ltd.CRISIL AAA25.400.31
Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd.CRISIL AAA25.380.31
Volkswagen Finance Pvt. Ltd.FITCH AAA25.190.30
Volkswagen Finance Pvt. Ltd.FITCH AAA25.120.30
Volkswagen Finance Pvt. Ltd.FITCH AAA25.080.30
Rural Electrification Corporation Ltd.CRISIL AAA21.770.26
HDFC Ltd.CRISIL AAA19.270.23
SP Jammu Udhampur Highway Ltd.ICRA AAA17.160.21
SP Jammu Udhampur Highway Ltd.ICRA AAA16.080.19
HDFC Ltd.CRISIL AAA11.790.14
NHPC Ltd.FITCH AAA10.540.13
NHPC Ltd.FITCH AAA10.450.13
Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd.CRISIL AAA10.440.13
Power Finance Corporation Ltd.CRISIL AAA10.320.12
Power Finance Corporation Ltd.CRISIL AAA5.330.06
Power Finance Corporation Ltd.CRISIL AAA5.190.06
Power Finance Corporation Ltd.CRISIL AAA5.030.06
Power Finance Corporation Ltd.CRISIL AAA3.080.04
Non-Convertible debentures / Bonds / Unlisted801.869.69
Vodafone Mobile Services Ltd.FITCH AA+519.426.28
Tata Sons Ltd.CRISIL AAA115.091.39
Tata Sons Ltd.CRISIL AAA99.301.20
Vodafone Mobile Services Ltd.FITCH AA+25.330.31
Tata Sons Ltd.CRISIL AAA22.580.27
Daimler Financial Services India Pvt. Ltd.FITCH AAA20.140.24
Money Market Rating Value %
Money Market Instruments - CPs,CDs-142.401.72
Indiabulls Housing Finance Ltd.-142.401.72
Cash / Call Rating Value %
Net Current Assets-486.555.88
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