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Bulk Deals by Mutual Funds

Get a list of bulk deals reported to the BSE and NSE at the end of the day by mutual funds. You can view the company name as well as the fund for whom the deal was done. This enables you to see who is buying and selling stocks. You also get the rate and quantity of the bulk deal.
Bulk Deals in February '13
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EXC Date Company Client Tran Qty Traded Price Close Price
BSE 27-Feb-2013 Safari Ind HDFC MUTUAL FUND A/C HDFC MULTIPLE YIELD FUND PLAN Buy 30000 270.00 276.20
NSE 12-Feb-2013 State B Bikaner HDFC EQUITY FUND Buy 2427947 451.00 454.75
BSE 07-Feb-2013 Greenply Ind HDFC MUTUAL FUND Buy 365000 408.00 408.05
NSE 07-Feb-2013 Greenply Ind HDFC GROWTH FUND Buy 275000 408.00 408.10
BSE 07-Feb-2013 Shanthi Gears HDFC MUTUAL FUND Sell 409000 63.00 62.85
NSE 07-Feb-2013 Shanthi Gears HDFC TRUSTEE CO LTD A/C HDFC MIDCAP OPP FUND Sell 831188 63.00 62.25
NSE 06-Feb-2013 Carborundum HDFC ASSET MANAGEMENT CO LTD A/C HDFC PRUDENCE FUND Sell 1531326 145.81 145.00
NSE 05-Feb-2013 Commercial Eng CANARA ROBECO MUTUAL FUND A/C CANARA ROBECO BALANCE Sell 460994 50.15 49.25
NSE 01-Feb-2013 Triveni Turbine L&T EQUITY FUND Buy 3350000 59.74 57.60

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