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Congratulations to 1st Prize Winners
Team Findians : Rohit Kondapalli, Sonika Malloth, Ramana Venkat, Vinod Reddy G, Aditya Prasad N
Congratulations to 1st Runners Up
Team Hackeneurs: Darsh Bijoor, Sanket Dedhia, Aishwarya Bhangale, Prerak Shah, Anand Ganesh


*Please go through the Rules & Instructions for the Event.


Think Big, Think Disruption

The Union Budget is amongst the most important events for citizens and the government alike. It affects each one of us directly or indirectly in some way or the other. Yet, each year the budget is beyond the comprehension of many of us. We are unable to cut through the chaff and understand what impact it has on our day to day life.

The nation’s premier financial destination – Moneycontrol is throwing open a challenge to you. Build something that simplifies the budget. Not just that there are a bunch of other challenges around making personal finance interesting. So, take your pick from these challenges and build something that impacts the lives of millions across India.

{Problem Statements}

Problem Statement #1 Budget Bot: The challenge is to build a first of its kind interactive bot that simplifies the budget for consumers by answering queries posted by users in natural English language. For responses, the bot needs to answer from the knowledge base repository of 600+ articles prepared by the moneycontrol editorial team which we shared with you in the email. The email contains a link to all the articles published by the moneycontrol editorial team on the topic of budget 2017. Each individual article is placed in a separate XML file with the file name budget-2017-<article id>.xml. The XML file format is as below:

<URL/> – the url of the news article on moneycontrol
<Heading/> – the heading of the news article
<Summary/> – general summary of the news article
<Body/> – the news content
<Image/> – image associated with the news article
<Entry_Date> – article creation date
<Category> – the news category on moneycontrol

Queries can range from simple keyword queries to complex natural language ones (samples below). The candidate can use the programming language, libraries and trained models of his/her choice to build the query processing and execution engine. The candidate needs to demo his working solution using a web based UI.

The evaluation will be done manually by a moneycontrol panel. There will be extra marks granted for:
* Demonstration of contextual query or conversational ability by the bot
* Effective/Innovative representation of results

Input Format

Each question will be maximum 64 characters.

Output Format

The output format expected is:
* link to the article page
* relevant snippet from the article extract
NOTE: this is the bare minimum output expected for successful evaluation.

Test cases (samples only):

1. Sample Input
"What does the budget have in for a shopkeeper?"

Sample Output
The finance ministry came out with a clarification after reports suggested that some unscrupulous elements posing as GST officers have tried to fleece shopkeepers and customers in the name of GST……
For more info, go to

2. Sample Input
"Money allocated for education in this budget"

Sample Output
The Budget Estimates for the education sector have been pegged at Rs 79,685 crore for 2017-18……
For more info, go to

3. Sample Input
"What is the budget deficit"

Sample Output
In 2015-16 banks lent Rs 72 lakh crore (about half of India’s GDP). Of this about Rs 4.40 lakh crore accounted were lent to the Centre……
For more info, go to

4. Sample Input
"Who is presenting the budget in parliament"

Sample Output
On Tuesday, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley will address Parliament and table the Economic Survey, which will feature economic growth forecasts, suggest policy changes and set the tone for the Union Budget to be presented on Wednesday……
For more info, go to

5. Sample Input
"What are the benefits for entrepreneurs in this new budget?"

Sample Output
The Finance Minister has extended the window for claiming a tax benefit from five years to seven years now. Now, your venture can claim a tax holiday on any three years starting April 2016 onwards. But if your startup was incorporated prior to year 2016 - too bad. There will be no tax holiday for you……

For more info, go to

Problem Statement #2 Gamification for Personal Finance: Come up with an interesting tool that demonstrates the risks and rewards of different investment and asset classes. The tool/solution needs to be fun and easy to use. This will act as a way for users to learn about new investment options and take decisions. The users will range from beginners to regular investors. Any open/freely available data source can be used to build the tool which will suggest suitable investment options to the user. For the scope of this problem statement, asset classes to be considered can be restricted to stocks and/or mutual funds. The horizon for prediction will range between 1 month to 1 year depending on the asset class in question (mutual funds are obviously evaluated over a longer time frame).


- How innovative is the solution?
- What is the value proposition served to consumers and investors?
- Ease of onboarding the users to the tool
- Ease and efficacy of learning for users about various investment options
- Increase in engagement for users on the platform
- Accuracy of predicting risk and return for various investment options available to consumers
- HTML/UI usage

*Test cases will be prepared basis the tools submitted for evaluation.

Sample Solution:

Part 1 of the problem (Gamification)

A tool that interacts with users to take their questions and give informative answers.

Part 2 of the problem

Any modeling, for example, regression analysis on a training set of 6 months with variables like market risk, country risk, industry variables etc can be used to build the tool. Testing will be done on the same variables but over a different time frame and the predictor tool needs to give the buy/sell advice for the next 1 month. Overall, the tool that is validated to identify the stocks delivering better returns scores higher.


Moneycontrol is at the forefront in engaging audiences with our budget coverage. And this year it’s your opportunity to be part of our Budget 2018 story. Take on a challenge to collaborate and create a novel prototype in each of these segments.

Spend an entire weekend innovating and collaborating. Hear from and network with some of the best minds in Fintech. And most importantly, the winning team can see their output come alive on Moneycontrol. Ofcourse there is a prize money of INR 4 lakhs for first place and INR 2 lakhs for the runner-up up for grabs. Plus loads of other goodies!

Both winning teams will have access to WeWork offices throughout India for 6 months post the announcement of the National Budget.

A distinguished jury comprising of Moneycontrol’s internal decision makers as well as industry leaders will evaluate the products built by the teams. 2 teams will be shortlisted and move to the post Hackathon phase.
The criteria for selection: The product should be a cutting-edge information dissemination and decision-making tool for customers around the budget. Once the shortlists are announced, the Moneycontrol product team will collaborate extensively with these 2 teams further for the next 45 days and then one product will be launched on Moneycontrol on budget day.

{Registration form}

Registration has ended.


Join us on 16th and 17th December 2017 at WeWork BKC, Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai

Getting there

About the Location

With a hard to beat location in the Bandra Kurla Complex - Mumbai's sophisticated new business district - this workspace couldn't be better situated for working professionals. From the city's corporate headquarters and the National Stock Exchange to trendy restaurants, and marquee live venues - BKC is where business of all kinds converge to create a vibrant work culture. WeWork BKC is spread over 16 floors and features beautifully designed shared workspaces, private offices, and conference rooms - the ideal environment to grow your business.

Recharge with our facilities

- Food & beverages will be provided at the venue. (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)

- Participants and guests will be given coupons at the venue

- Multiple optional breakout events during the course of the hackathon to keep you charged up

- Networking session at the end of the hackathon to meet mentors and industry leaders


- All participants are expected to be present at the venue by 9:00 am on 16th Dec
- Registrations will be closed at 9:45 am sharp
- Get original and photo-copy of your Government ID proof
- Registration counter will be available at the ground floor of the venue
- Main event to take place on the 4th floor
- Participants will not be allowed to access any other workspaces within the building


- Meals and beverages during the course of the event (Food coupons will be provided to every participant at the time of registration)
- High-speed Internet
- Sleeping Bags


- Bring your own Devices like - Spike busters, keyboards, mouse, pen-drive, hard-drive, etc.
- No travel reimbursements will be provided for out-station participants
- No special accommodation facilities will be provided besides the event duration

Submission Guidelines:

- Code submission will be at 2:00 pm on 17th Dec, Sunday
- All teams to submit a Powerpoint presentation comprising of maximum 15 slides. It should include Product Concept and Feature description.
- Shortlisted Teams will have to present their working prototype along with the PPT. Each team will be given maximum 10 minutes to present.
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