Global Natural Resources Conclave (GNRC)
  • Betting Big on Vedanta and India to Drive Growth - Anil Agarwal
  • Removing red tape and laying out the red carpet - Gina Rinehart
  • Reducing import dependency through local extraction and manufacturing - Sajjan Jindal
  • Time ripe for exploration of India’s Natural Wealth - Piyush Goyal

About the Initiative

Natural resources are at the heart of any country’s economic progress. India is well positioned for a major economic lift-off and the coming months and years will see it produce and consume natural resources at a scale not seen in the past. So it is imperative that as a nation, India thinks deeply and strategically on its overall approach to natural resources.

Network 18 & The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) will be organizing the first ‘Global Natural Resources Conclave’, a platform that aims to create awareness and spell out the ground realities, in terms of issues, opportunities and drawing the natural resources dividend.

The Conclave will see proactive collaboration from industry leaders as well as the most influential Indian and global names in the natural resources space spanning all sub-sectors including oil & natural gas, mining & minerals, power, metals - aluminium, copper and zinc, etc.

This initiative will seek to position India as a formidable global player in the natural resources landscape. It will, therefore, enable an opportunity for global business to partake of the untapped opportunity in India.

Lending support to the Conclave will be leading domain experts, country partners and global think tanks active in the space. These include The Energy and Resources Institute, World Economic Forum & World Business Council for Sustainable Development, International Council on Mining and Metals, Federation of Indian Petroleum Industry, among others. The two-day Conclave will also build scale and gravitas through collaboration with Canada that will share ‘Country Perspective’ at the Conclave.

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The event is scheduled to be held in New Delhi, the date for which will be announced shortly

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