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Cloud will enable 'As-a-service' technologies

A Forrester report outlines that by 2020, the rise of “as-a-service” technologies, empowered workers, and a radically more complex business environment will challenge IT infrastructure and operations (I&O) leaders to deliver higher levels of value.

Ship is safe in harbour, but it is made to sail in the sea

Cloud computing is one of the key investments for many organisations. Though cost efficiency still rules the roost for deploying a cloud environment, it is not the only advantage enterprises are banking on.

The public private debate over cloud technology

Enterprises across verticals have recognised the value in cloud adoption but the question that the decision makers still keep deliberating on is whether to go private, public or hybrid.

Cloud computing to dominate SME's ICT spend

At a time when overall business growth in India has slowed significantly and the national GDP shows only a marginal rise the India small and medium business segment (SMEs, 1-999 employees) can be viewed as a beacon of hope.

Cloud delivering business value

Earlier cloud was looked at as a cost saving premise and not really looked at as a strategic investment for better business opportunity. Now we're seeing cloud used to shift competitive landscapes by providing a new platform for creating and delivering business value.