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Company History - NIIT
 - The company was incorporated on December 2, under the name of Pace
 Education Private Limited.  The company was promoted by Shri S.S.
 Nadar, Shri. V.K. Thadani, Shri. R.S. Pawar and Smt. Kiran Nadar. 
 company began its operation by developing, marketing and
 technical know-how packages for Education/Training.  Consultancy and
 data processing in the field of Information Technology.  
 - The first Computer Education Centre was set up at Mumbai and later
 the same year another centre was opened in Delhi.
 - On 27th October company became a Public Limited company.
 - On 16th November, the name of the Company was changed to NIIT
 - A contract was signed with Software Publishing Corporation (SPC)
 developing an enhanced version of one of the SPC's own' products.
 - The Company successfully introduced two new facilities in the form
 `Computerdromes' and the `Carry Home PC', which were received very
 - The Company developed curicula for professional sales and
 which are offered through the National Institute of Sales (NIS) at
 Delhi and Chennai.
 1993 - 135,71,224 share allotted to promoters, relatives, friends
 36,07,500 No. of equity shares of Rs 10 each were issued at a
 of Rs 40 per share of which 1,71,700 shares reserved for allotment on
 preferential basis to employees (all were taken up.) Balance
 shares issued to the public. (all were taken up).
 - The Company received the international quality certification, ISO
 9001, for its Instructional Software Exports Division (ISX) from
 Veritas Quality International, UK.
 - The Company has also set up state-of-the-art software factories as
 per the project plan for offshore development of Instructional
 software, Application software and System software.
 - The new curriculum has been designed to aid the creative and
 solving ability of the student through a `MindRoom' concept, which
 special emphasis on application development and on projects that
 simulate real-life industry applications in a multi-media
 - The Company launched the GNIIT (Software Exports) curriculum
 the year.
 - The Company launched its new 2 1/2 year career programme in sales
 more than doubled its growth and expanded its reach five-fold.
 - The company undertook to set up six software factories at New
 Mumbai and Chennai.  The company also undertook to set up additional
 automated learning centres at Mumbai, Calcutta, Delhi and Chennai.
 - The company proposed to modernise the career education product
 with main thrust on the provision of additional computering
 in two forms.
 - 85,88,662 bonus equity shares issued in prop. 1:2.  750 shares
 in abeyance.
 - The company is the only non-US company certified as an independent
 coursework vendor by Microsoft.
 - 13,00,000 Pref. shares issued of which 2,00,000 shares redeemed
 during the year.  1,400 shares forfeited.
 - During the year company undertook to set up its operations in the
 Multimedia Super Corridor.
 - The company has developed further state-of-art methods for
 adapting and effectively deploying new technologies.
 - Issued Share Capital includes 22,039,896 Equity Shares of Rs.10/-
 each allotted as fully paid-up Bonus Shares by way of capitalisation
 General Reserve/Share Premium Account in 1994-95, in 1992-93 and in
 - 700,000; 10.5% Redeemable Preference Shares of Rs. 100/- each are
 redeemable at par on 24th January, 1999.  However, the Company and
 preference shareholders have Put and Call Option after 24th August,
 - 1,100,000 13.5% Redeemable Preference Shares of Rs.100/- each have
 been redeemed during the year as per terms of redemption at par,
 creating capital redemption reserve of Rs.110,000,000.
 - The year saw the Company emerge as a Global IT Services
 Ranked as the No.3 software provider for global markets from India
 NASSCOM, the Company has received recognition through a number of
 prestigious awards, both for its R&D in computer software, software
 exports and quality of products, services and solutions, from
 government and business organisations.
 - During the year, NIIT's software facilities achieved SEI-CMM Level
 certification making it one among go companies world-wide to achieve
 this status.
 - The Company introduced a computer plus quality management
 called C+QM Curriculum as an integral part of its four year GNIIT
 programme in June.
 - The Company further enhanced its on-line learning facility on the
 internet, NIIT NetVarsity TM (, which
 uses Skillettes TM as the atoms of learning.  The NetVarsity's
 Interactive courses are also available on Oracle Corporation's
 Oracle Learning Architecture (OLA) web site.  Besides, the year saw
 Company move into electronic commerce by setting up the NIIT CBT
 on the Internet.
 - The Company became the first company in India to implement the
 renowned performance measure, EVA, as a key management strategy to
 ensure single-minded focus on enhancing shareholder value.
 - NIIT will be working on setting up its operations in the
 Super Corridor (MSC) in the current year.
 - The National Institute of Information Technology (NIIT) has signed
 license agreement with Compulab Act, a computer education software
 organisation from Philippines to open a computer education centre in
 Manila, Philippines.
 - The company, is the sixth largest multimedia educational software
 provider in the world.
 - The company has introduced schemes like dating allowance, holiday
 gifts on birthdays, wedding anniversary gifts and also the parental
 leave for the male and female employees to look after their children
 below one year.  The company also has the state-of-the-art facility
 its software export complexes which contain all facilities for the
 - NIIT has emerged as a specialized solution provider to the
 in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, and the US.
 - NIIT has launched its redevelopment technologies curriculum by
 offering post-graduate programmes for the year 2000 problem.
 - NIIT Ltd, the global software and training organisation, has been
 conferred an award for outstanding export performance in computer
 software and for research and development in electronics by the
 Department of Electronics (DoE).  The DoE instituted these awards in
 1990 to encourage and recognise excellence in the various sectors of
 - NIIT is setting up its third computerdome in Delhi, Computerdome is
 library of hardware and software facilities to be used by students
 enrolled with NIIT.
 - NIIT Ltd has bagged the Software Technology Parks of India (STPI)
 award for the top software exporter, Noida Centre.
 - NIIT has also developed CD-ROMs on Crosby concepts such as
 quality management and problem solving tools.
 - NIIT Ltd, the computer training and software services company, has
 introduced a quality management programme as an integral part of its
 three-year GNIFT scheme aimed at creating software professionals.
 - NIIT has entered into a joint venture agreement with the Chinese
 government to launch its educational programme in China.
 - NIIT is launching NIIT BOOT IT!, a computer literacy programme, on
 Doordarshan on July 19.  The programme will be presented by Dr.
 Mitra, head of NIIT's R&D, who also conceptualised the programme.
 - NIIT Ltd, the global software and training organisation has been
 awarded the international quality certificate ISO 9002 for it's
 software products group by the prestigious Bureau Veritas Quality
 International (BVQI) of Britain.
 - NIIT has entered into an agreement with Oracle Corp., under which
 Oracle's Education Division will distribute NIIT's Web-playable
 Skillettes and other computer based training products through the
 Internet via Oracle's Oracle Learning Architecture (OLA).
 - NIIT Ltd has entered into a partnership with Silicon Graphics
 leader in visual computing and web-based solutions, for creating the
 Webmaster programme, a new Internet-based programme of studies.
 - NIIT is the first company in India to adopt the EVA concept and
 implement it in the company and also use it as a performance
 measurement tool.
 - The domestic software training and development major NIIT Ltd is
 entering into a strategic alliance with the US-based visual
 expert Engineering Animation Inc (EAI).
 - NIIT Limited, a HCL group company, has signed a joint venture
 agreement with CSK Corporation, a  billion Japanese company.
 - NIIT Ltd, in co-operation with the Hong Kong-based TVE Group and
 Pudong Continuing Education Centre of the Shanghai Higher Education
 (PCEC), has launched an IT education and training centre in
 - NIIT has also introduced Spirit Funds for employees to take up
 courses for their personal effectiveness, public speaking, or
 in foreign languages.
 - NIIT Ltd has signed an agreement with Malaysia's first `Virtual
 University' to share technology and design and prepare the course
 - NIIT, the leading computer trading institute, has introduced the
 Technology Edge, a path-breaking method in Internet-based education
 - IT services corporation, NIIT Ltd, has announced the worldwide
 of India's first learning facility on the Internet for preparing
 computer professionals for certification in Microsoft technologies.
 - NIIT has launched the Swift accountant programme to train
 professionals and commerce students gain proficiency in computerised
 financial accounting.
 - NIIT has emerged the No. 1 company in the packaged software sales
 - NIIT has launched an integrated enterprise-wide information
 technology training solution called eMPOWER-IT.
 - NIIT has entered into an alliance with Microsoft Corporation to
 launch the Microsoft Sales Specialist Programs.
 - NIIT Ltd is launching a one-stop shop solution for schools wishing
 impart training through computers.
 - The company also bagged a letter of intent from the Malaysian
 government to develop the science curriculum for the Smart Schools
 project.  Malaysia is NIIT's largest overseas market for computer
 training with over 14 NIIT education centres.
 - NIIT and Structural Engineering Research Centre (SERC) have signed
 memorandum of understanding (MoU) to offer finite element analysis
 (FEA) software solutions, and engineering services and consultancy.
 - NIIT, a leading software training company in India with extensive
 operations abroad, has launched Project Platypus a technology
 initiative that will enhance the content and delivery mechanism of
 - NIIT Ltd, the software and training major in the country, has
 launched a new technology initiative in computer education, which
 includes online classroom learning environment, abundant Internet
 access and Web-centric curriculum (WCC).
 - NIIT, a software and training major, has said it has launched a
 of path-breaking technology initiatives to revolutionise computer
 - NIIT has launched Web Centric Curriculum (WCC) for its students to
 function in online class room learning environment with abundant
 internet access.
 - Information technology major NIIT Ltd, Institute of Quality Ltd
 and AFL Ltd have entered into a strategic alliance forming the
 Chain Consultancy Service (SCCS) to provide consultancy services in
 this segment in India.
 - Education and training major NIIT will offer free computer
 to 10,000 school teachers across the country.
 - Citibank India has entered into an exclusive tie-up with computer
 training institute NIIT to offer an unique seven-year Citibank
 loan to students who quality for the newly-launched GNIIT programme.
 - NIIT Ltd, the training and software services major, has launched
 i-GNIIT programme.
 - The Company has launched its corporate virtual university
 in the US and made it available from a single vendor.
 - Credit rating agency Crisil has assigned the highest safety rating
 triple A (AAA) to software and IT training company, NIIT Ltd, for
 debenture programme.
 - The Company launch Linux Software in India.
 - NIIT has launched a series of programmes to help learners gain an
 edge in e-commerce and convergence applications skills.
 - NIIT is to set up a separate subsidiary, NIIT Online Learning Ltd.
 - NIIT Ltd is poised to set up a subsidiary in China through a joint
 venture with TVE International.
 - The Company has entered a strategic alliance with Sun Microsystems
 jointly develop technical strategies for dot coms.
 - IT education major, NIIT has tied up with to
 provide technology courses for the real estate industry and
 professionals connected with it like builders, brokers, consultants
 industry suppliers.
 - Computer education and software services firm, NIIT had tied up
 the Information and Industrial Systems & Services division of
 Corp to offer e-business solutions to a Japanese auto maker.
 - At the joint initiative of NIIT and its subsidiary Accolade
 the first fully export-oriented software development unit of Assam
 formally inaugurated on 7th August.
 - The Company has bagged a .6 million e-knowledge solutions order
 from Macmillan USA, Inc.
 - NIIT has opened its third Computer Education Centre in Guwahati.
 - The Company has joined NETg@Custom Developer Alliance program.
 - The Company has signed a memorandum of understanding with the
 Government to set up 30 computers in resettlement and slum areas of
 Delhi so as to reach to the grass root level.
 - NIIT, the major e-business solutions corporation, was assigned to
 create a business-to-consumer communication portal by Japanese
 integrator NTT Data.
 - The Delhi-based NIIT Ltd. and Apollo Hospitals Group are jointing
 hands to create `MeDVarsity', an Internet-based virtual medical
 university to cater to the medical fraternity.
 - NIIT has entered into a global strategic alliance with
 Inc, a leading provider of technology solutions for the 0-billion
 automotive aftermarket industry for over 22 years.
 - NIIT, has signed a 'Partnership for development' agreement with
 Commonwealth of Australia.
 - NIIT has tied up with US-based wireless platform and solutions
 provider, Veriprise Wireless to offer mobile solutions.
 - Citibank, International Finance Corporation and NIIT have together
 signed an agreement to start a Rs 400 crore student loan programme
 high-tech education provided by NIIT.
 -NIIT has tied up with Alcatel to address large enteprise accounts
 India and global markets in banking, financial and insurance
 NIIT will also partner Alcatel in domestic projects like the Rs
 550-crore Delhi Metro Rail and VSNL project.
 - NIIT Ltd has been awarded a multi-million software maintenance,
 support and enhancement contract by Victorian Government of
 -The Board of Directors of NIIT Ltd appointed Mr K K Darbha as the
 Company Secretary and Compliance Officer of the company.
 - NIIT Software ties-up with SunGard Planning Solutions, USA for
 disaster recovery solutions.
 -NIIT, a leading global IT solutions provider on March 27, 2002
 announced the acquisition of Osprey Systems, a privately held full
 life cycle SAP solutions and SAP Services and Channel Partner
 headquartered in Charlotte USA.
 -To give a distinct identity to its software operations, NIIT has
 re-named its Global Software Business, NIIT Technologies.
 - Dr B R Ambedkar Open University and India's first IT training
 organisation, NIIT Ltd have joined hands to offer quality computer
 education to over 50,000 students pursuing undergraduate programs in
 Andhra Pradesh. A Memorandum of Understanding to this effect was
 exchanged at a function held here today (July 12, 2002).
 -NIIT Ltd has signed a Memorandum of Understanding to form an
 academic alliance with the US based ITT Educational Services Inc.
 (ITT/ESI) As part of this MOU the ITT Technical Institute in
 Indianapolis, USA will offer ITT/ESI's 4 year bachelor's degree in IT
 with specialization in Information Systems Security (BS- ISS) program
 to NIIT students in India.
 -NIIT Ltd and Indonesia's University of Atma Jaya conclude a
 strategic initiative of
 setting up high-tech computer Education centre at the University
 campus in Yogyakarta
 in Indonesia.
 -NIIT launches redesigned curriculum for Swift Jyoti for women.
 -NIIT Ltd acquires e-Gurukul, a provider of e-learning in schools for
 -NIIT launches the first of the series of programmes at the school
 level for class IX
 and X.
 -NIIT ties up with Karnataka State Open University and New-Delhi
 based Virtual
 Education Trust.
 -NIIT bags the export award for Excellence in Exports,in recognition
 of its
 innovative training and technical services.
 -Computer Education Centre NIIT launches a GNIIT scholarship
 programme for 
 the acedemic year 2003-04.
 -NIIT Franchise Association charges NIIT for shifting its base to
 China and also
 for winding up 1000 centres.
 -NIIT join hands with Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogic Vishwavidyalaya, based
 in MP 
 provides 4year B-Tech courses.
 -NIIT says that it was now part of the 'Superbrands' from India
 -NIIT Ltd enters into an agreement with SNDT Women's
 University,Mumbai to offer
 Swift Jyoti for women.
 -New company by carving out the Global Solutions Business out of the
 Company after appropriate segregation of the Knowledge Solutions
 Business and authorized the preparation of a Scheme of Arrangement.
 -NIIT Technologies, the Global Solutions business of NIIT, opened a
 new Software Development Center at New Delh.
 -NIIT board approves spin-off scheme
 - IT training and education major NIIT has entered into an exclusive
 agreement with Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) to
 train its members and students on personal computing skills and
 specially designed tasks.
 - Announces `Swift Jyoti', with a curriculum specially tailored to
 meet women needs
 -Introduces a new post-graduate diploma in the .Net technology
 - NIIT has joined hands with IIT Delhi to create an intensive
 learning programme for the sunrise bioinformatics field. 
 - NIIT inks pact with Microsoft to launch IT programmes for faculty
 -NIIT ties up with Reliance Info for call centre training
 -- NIIT has introduced a new 'industry endorsed' multiple track GNIIT
 programme for career aspirants in IT
 -Mr Arvind Thakur, Whole-time Director of the Company, has resigned
 from the Board of NIIT Ltd and has been appointed as the CEO and
 whole time Director of NIIT Technologies Ltd at the Board meeting of
 the respective company held on June 12, 2004
 -NIIT launches 2nd national aptitude test
 -NIIT - CM Dr Raman Singh launches Computer Education' in 1200
 Chhattisgarh schools
 -NIIT & INTEL India collaborates on joint training programs
 -NIIT to collaborate in field of Textile Dyes & Intermediate for
 manufacturing, packaging & supply.
 -NIIT & UK's Open University forge academic alliance
 -NIIT partners with ICICI Bank on 26, September, 2006 to enter
 Financial Services Training.
 -The Company has issued Bonus Shares in the Ratio of 1:2.
 - The Company has splits its face value from Rs10/- to Rs2/-.
 -NIIT Ltd has announced that Educational Testing Service (ETS), the
 world's leading educational measurement and research organization,
 and NIIT have entered into a strategic alliance to offer ETS suite of
 products in India.
 - NIIT Ltd has tied up with Adobe to launch first ever state-of-art
 Web & Multimedia curriculum for Schools in India.
 -NIIT - NDMC partners with NIIT for ICT Education in 29 Municipal
 -NIIT, leading Global Talent Development Corporation and Asia's
 largest IT Trainer, announced that it has been selected as a Z009
 Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference Awards finalize in Learning
 Solutions, Innovative Partner of the Year.
 -NIIT receives Dataquest Top IT Training Company Award 2009
 --Registered Office of the Company has been shifted from C-125, Okhla
 Industrial Area Phase - I, New Delhi-110 020 to B-234, Okhla
 Industrial Area, Phase - I, New Delhi - 110020 
 -MDI & NIIT Imperia sign MoU to deliver Executive Management
 -GNOU & NIIT bring together education and Skill Building to enhance
 Employable Talent Pool
 -NIIT launches specialized training programs to develop human capital
 in Malaysia
 -NIIT Wins Cisco Global Learning Partner of the Year Award at Cisco
 -NIIT launches 'NIIT eGuru Math Lab' at Ryan International School,
 -Ministry of Agriculture Ties Up with NIIT to promote IT usage for
 Livestock Management.
 -NIIT Unveils the first 'NIIT One World' Centre in Coimbatore
 -NIIT offers India's first Cloud Campus.
 -NIIT IFBI Launches Preparatory courses for PSU banks' Probationary
 Officers and Clerical Recruitment Exams
 -NIIT and NSDL form joint venture to fuel growth in Skills &
 Employability for your across India
 -KPMG and NIIT Imperia launch pioneering tax training programs for
 corporate and aspiring professionals
 -NIIT unveils 'The Turning Point’: an all-new Cloud Centric
 Curriculum to develop future-ready IT professionals
 -NIIT and Department of Income Tax strengthen partnership to create a
 certified pool of - Tax Return Preparers (TRPs).
 -Google introduces 'Google Web Academy' in India in alliance with
 -NIIT forays into Bangladesh; launches Bangladesh's first Cloud
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