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Time : Tue-Sat 12:30am

Street Signs

Street Signs covers the top stories of the day, live from CNBC's global headquarters, offering detailed analysis of everything from mergers and acquisitions to trends in online advertising.

Time : Tue- Sat 1:30am & 6:00am

US Closing Bell

CNBC's Closing Bell guides viewers through the most important hour of the trading day. Anchored by Maria Bartiromo and Bill Griffeth at CNBC's Global Headquarters, Closing Bell takes a close-up look at how the markets are moving, what's driving them and how investors are reacting. Features include in-depth interviews with top analysts, money managers and CEOs who join Maria to provide an inside perspective on breaking news stories that are impacting the markets.

Time : Weekdays 3:30am

Asia Squawk Box

Anchored by Martin Soong, Lisa Oake, and Bernie Lo, the new "Squawk Box" continues to be the jumpstart on the business day for the corporate and financial communities. CNBC's signature show is better than ever, providing viewers with the edge to stay ahead: breaking news, connecting with newsmakers and chasing the hottest stories, as well as the ones that aren't hot... yet.

Time : Weekdays - 7:00am

Power Breakfast

Equip yourself with all the decision-making tools and information as Power Breakfast analyses and forecasts trends going into the business day and the markets. Dealing room calls and voices from market experts give you that extra-edge just to help you make a profitable decision. On Power Breakfast on CNBC-TV18, our reporters put all newsbreaks into context and de-jargonize crucial information for your use.

Time : Weekdays 8am

Bazaar Morning Call

Bazaar is the benchmark market opening show in the country. Widely acclaimed and winner of leading industry awards, Bazaar sets the tone for the trading day for millions of Indian investors.

Time : Weekdays 10:00 am

Bazaar Corporate Radar

This show is your window into the minds of top CEOs, Boardrooms, global economists, fund managers and sector analysts.

Time : Weekdays 11 am – 12 pm


The essence of the show is to literally talk about street signs of the day so far. The show takes stocks of all the movers and shakers with the entire research team of CNBC-TV18 and punctuates it with top derivative ideas for the rest of the day.

Time : Weekdays 10:30am

Traders Only

For some people, markets are all about trading. Fastest finger first wins. For these winners, comes CNBC-TV18's TRADERS ONLY. Hosted by Sonia Shenoy, this show is packed with short- term profit making ideas from India's best trading experts, so that you can make money, everyday.

Time : Weekdays 12 pm – 1 pm


As the name suggests, this show takes stock of the market internals at the half point of the day. On top of the hour, viewers get a recap of all the stocks that have moved and then get the trading strategies for the second half of the day. The show also focuses on the moves in the big world of currencies and commodities and gets some strategies to play those markets.

Time : Weekday 1:00 pm

Business Lunch

Business Lunch on CNBC-TV18 covers the market moving corporate, market and political news. With story highlights, comments & reactions, Business Lunch is the ideal show to be in sync with the news of the day. The show is hosted by Elan Dutta.

Time : Weekdays 1:30pm

Midcap Radar

As the name suggests, this is a show that focuses exclusively on Mid Cap Stocks. Executed through a diverse format – from viewer feedback to studio discussions with experts and analysts, Mid Cap Radar is the ultimate resource to hunt for value and spot the long term winners in the markets. Mid Cap Radar is hosted by Latha Venkatesh and Anuj Singhal.

Time : Weekdays 2:00 pm

Your Stocks

CNBC-TV18’s Your Stocks helps you make the right investment decision. Send in your query and get the definitive stock analysis to help you make your next move.

Time : Weekdays 2:30pm

NSE Closing Bell

To find out the real reasons behind the day's developments and to get the scoop on what's in store for you tomorrow, Closing Bell, is the show that kicks off when the markets shut shop.

Time : Weekdays 4pm

After the Bell

The show focuses on analyzing the day's trends, expectations and perspectives. A daily dose to ensure the Indian investors are ready for the next day. After the Bell is hosted by Nayantara Rai and Elan Dutta.

Time : Weekdays 5:00 pm & 6:00 pm

Reporter's Diary

The Reporter’s Diary sets the agenda for the primetime news bulletins with special focus on exclusive reports from CNBC-TV18 reporters, across the country. We take an in-depth look into the big national and international stories of the day.

Time : Weekdays 5:30 pm, 8:30 pm & 10:30 pm

Markets Today

Markets Today gives a daily wrap up of the Indian stock market action to give you the edge for your investing decisions.

Time : Weekdays 8:00pm

What's Hot

In times where you are bombarded by news all day, accessing credible in-depth analysis of the most important news could turn into a daunting task. CNBC-TV18 brings you What's Hot, a show that analyses 3 stories that made the biggest impact during the day. Join Shereen Bhan & Nayantara Rai as they discuss the day's top 3 stories to give you views and analysis that keeps you ahead.

Time : Weeknights 9:00pm

India Business Hour

India’s benchmark primetime business & current affairs show, India Business Hour on CNBC-TV18 leads from the front in decoding the top stories of the day, showcasing the biggest names and giving a holistic perspective on the Indian business environment. Hosted by Shereen Bhan and Elan Dutta, catch India Business Hour on CNBC-TV18.

Time : Weeknights at 10:00 pm

Your World at 10

Hosted by Menaka Doshi, it gives the viewer a comprehensive look at the day's global market action, the newsmakers’ view on the day’s big stories, as well as a quick update on the top political stories and events of national importance. After the comprehensive market coverage, Your World logs in to quiz the day’s newsmakers.

Time : Weekdays 7 pm

US Squawk Box

Squawk Box" is the ultimate "pre-market" morning news and talk program, where the biggest names in business and politics bring their most important stories. Anchored by CNBC's Joe Kernen and Becky Quick, the team is now joined by co-host Andrew Ross Sorkin. "Squawk"'s unique sense of street smarts and wit, mix business news with an unscripted and fast-paced exchange of banter.

22.00 PM


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