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 13:21  : Monetary easing not good enough to kick start capex cycle in a fashion that can prompt growth up from 5% to 6.5%: StanChart
 13:19  : Expect food subsidy bill to be around Rs 75,000 cr this fiscal: JP Morgan
 13:17  : Incremental expenditure on food security bill might be around 0.1-0.2% GDP: MK Venu
 13:15  : Expect govt to reduce spending on oil subsidies but increase that in food subsidies: JP Morgan
 13:14  : Food Security Act could add Rs 20,000-30,000 cr to the food subsidy bill: JP Morgan
 13:11  : Hard to see inflation around 6.2-6.8% till December: JP Morgan
 13:10  : Growth is not going to be too divergent from expectations: StanChart
 13:09  : No specific assumption about what will drive this improvement in growth: StanChart
 13:08  : These are difficult times, but India has navigated such times before, and with good policies it will come through stronger: Raghuram
 13:04  : Eco Sur will definitely address the big issues holding back growth: MK Venu
 12:57  : Addressing the key fiscal risk of petroleum subsidies is critical in better fiscal marksmanship.
 12:56  : Not surprised with FinMin used CSO estimate for survey: Montek Singh Ahluwalia
 12:50  : Raising tax to GDP ratio to more than 11% seen critical for sustaining fiscal consolidation.
 12:50  : Prioritisation of expenditure seen as key ingredient of credible medium-term fiscal consolidation plan.
 12:45  : Foreign exchange reserves remain steady at $295.6 billion at December 2012 end.
 12:42  : Railway freight grows by 5.1% in 2012-13.
 12:39  : There is no specific plan to drive growth: StanChart
 12:37  : Growth target a tall expectation: JP Morgan
 12:34  : Monetary policy has limited influence on food prices
 12:33  : Industrial growth likely to improve in FY14
 12:33  : FY13 services growth seen at 6.6%
 12:31  : Fund flows to be influenced by risk perception of investors
 12:31  : Financial sector to be influenced by short-term/long-term factors
 12:30  : Diesel price hike to put upward pressure on inflation
 12:29  : Need to up diesel, LPG prices in-line with global rates
 12:24  : FDI inflows in top 5 services fell by 9.7% to $8.19 bn
 12:24  : Overall FDI inflows in Apr-Nov FY13 fell by 43.3% to $15.85 bn Vs $27.93bn
 12:23  : Expect significant shortfall in FY13 revenue target
 12:22  : Core inflation down on RBI action, fall in global prices
 12:22  : Fiscal deficit slippage of 0.2% likely in FY13
 12:20  : FY14 fiscal deficit seen at 4.8%: Economic Survey
 12:19  : Future shift in RBI policy stance would be desirable
 12:17  : Revival of investment in industry, infra key challenge
 12:16  : Growth downturn more or less over; economy looking up
 12:16  : Indian economy likely to grow at 6.1-6.7% in FY14
 12:15  : FY13 GDP growth seen at 5%: Economic Survey
 12:14  : IIP growth may remain sluggish: Economic Survey
 12:13  : FY13 FII flows need to be targeted to long-term Re instrument
 12:12  : FY13 main focus should be on import curbs on gold & oil
 12:11  : FY13 impact of policy easing may not lead to inflation surge.
 12:10  : FY13 overall global economic environment remains fragile: Eco Sur
 12:09  : April-December data shows 5.3% fiscal gap aim 'achievable'.
 12:08  : Need to curb gold imports to cut current account deficit
 12:07  : FY13 tax mop-up to come in significantly lower than Budget aim.
 12:06  : Economic slowdown a wake-up call for stepping up reforms: Eco Sur
 12:05  : Oil subsidy is key to curb fiscal risk and needs to be addressed.
 12:04  : Indian economy likely to grow at 6.1-6.7% in FY14: Economic Survey
 12:03  : WPI inflation may decline to 6.2-6.6% in March: Economic Survey
 12:03  : Government tables Economic Survey in Parliament
 11:46  : Budget expected to widen coverage area, give tax sops for Health insurance biz
 11:27  : PK Bansal: Budget not populist, just meeting aspirational needs
 11:26  : Won't have direct impact of rail freight hike: Coal India
 11:24  : Need spectacular Budget to reverse mkt mood, trend: Udayan
 11:23  : Budget 2013: FM should not increase import duty on gold says expert
 11:23  : Budget 2013: FM must balance between populist, economist Budget
 11:22  : Budget 2013: Commercial vehicle biz awaits policy fuel for growth race
 11:21  : See Chidambaram stress on GST in pro-market Budget: Ranina
 11:20  : Taxes, fiscal deficit key highlight this Budget: Ambit
 11:20  : Budget 2013-14: Reduce tax burden to boost tourism industry
 11:06  : Economic Survey expected to suggest steps to arrest declining growth.
 10:59  : Investors eye growth-deficit balance, says Ridham Desai
 10:58  : Mkt eyes on fiscal discipline, reform roadmap: Syntel
 10:58  : FM must balance between populist, economist Budget
 10:58  : FM should reduce excise rates on autos says expert
 10:56  : Government borrowing likely at 5.18 trn in FY14 Budget: Report
 10:55  : Economic Survey gains importance ahead of Budget day
 10:54  : Economic Survey likely to focus on accelerating growth
 10:43  : To introduce Food Security Bill In last week of Budget session: KV Thomas
 10:42  : Not worried about additional cost of Food Security Bill: KV Thomas
 10:25  : Expect FY14 govt borrowing at Rs 5.8 - 5.9 lac crores: S Narayan
 10:25  : Expect FY14 fiscal deficit projection at 4.8%: S Narayan
 09:50  : Government to table 2012-13 Economic Survey in Parliament today.
 09:50  : Economic survey may project March WPI inflation at 6.2-6.6%.
 09:49  : Economic survey may project FY14 GDP growth at 6.1-6.7%.
 20:56  : The other major issue would be the fiscal deficit, which is expected to be 5.3% of GDP, higher than 5.1% estimated in Budget.
 20:53  : On the taxation front, the Economic Survey could pitch for early implementation of the GST and the DTC, with a view to expanding tax base and raising tax-GDP ratio.
 20:56  : Issues like surge in gold import and widening CAD too are likely to figure prominently in the Economic Survey.
 20:53  : The major focus of the Economic Survey this year is likely to be on pushing economic growth, which has been projected by CSO at 5% for this fiscal, sharply lower than the original estimate of 7.6%.
 20:52  : The Economic Survey is likely to make a strong case for accelerating economic reforms to neutralise domestic and global factors which have stymied growth.
 20:52  : The Economic Survey is likely to suggest a series of steps to arrest the declining GDP growth, which is estimated to be at the decade-low of 5% in the current fiscal.
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