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All Budget Expectations

  • Vinod Dasari
    MD | Ashok Leyland

    There is something called a national calamity contingency duty (NCCD), it is my pet peeve. 1% or 0.5%, I do not even know exactly how much it is but it is very low. I suggest combine this with excise duty, and get rid of this

    • Arun Jaitley
      Finance Minister | GoI

      GST has been supported by most political parties and I am sure others will also see reason and this law will become a reality very soon.

      • M Venkaiah Naidu
        Parliamentary Affairs Minister | GoI

        I am always optimistic. I am not pessimistic like others ...I am optimistic that GST, real estate development bill and bankruptcy bill will be passed during this session

        • Arun Jaitley
          Finance Minister | GoI

          Unpredictability and volatility have become the new global norm. In these circumstances, it is extremely important for India to emerge and emerge out of the crisis even stronger.

          • Kim Ki Wan
            MD | LG India

            For the consumer to improve their purchasing power consumer income taxes should be lowered and the excise duty range should be lowered. Dividend tax even 20 percent, it should be removed because already we pay a lot of taxes.

            • Ashni Biyani
              Biyani | Future Group

              The GST is something that everyone is looking forward to. It can be a key step in the way forward from the ease of doing business standpoint. We work in multiple states. Our distribution of our products, brands, our retail stores are all over the cou

              • Uday Kotak
                Executive Vice-Chairman & MD | Kotak Mahindra Bank

                The banking sector would be key; looking at what the capital commitment is that the government will be making for the public sector banks. At the same time, we want to make sure that the fiscal deficit is in control.

                • Neeraj Gupta
                  Divestment Secretary | GoI

                  The government is set to provide greater clarity on strategic sales

                  • Arun Jaitley
                    Finance Minister | GoI

                    India needs to aspire to economic growth rates of 8-9 percent if it is to lift its legion poor out of poverty

                    • Arun Jaitley
                      Finance Minister | GoI

                      I hope they are flexible and see the rationale behind passing GST.

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